Who Should A Cancer Man Marry?

The lady who a Cancer man decides to marry will be one lucky girl because he will shower him with a lot of love, affection, and passion. If you are dating one, you may be wondering if you could be that lucky girl. Here are things you need to know about who a Cancer man should marry.

A Cancer man should marry either a Taurus woman, a Scorpio woman, or a Virgo woman.

Both the Cancer Man and Taurus Woman put emphasis on sensuality, affection, and touch. He and a Scorpio woman are both firm believers of faithfulness and fidelity and both intuitive. He and a Virgo woman provide each other with a safe and trusting environment.

Do you want to know more about why these three zodiac signs are the most compatible for your Cancer man? I suggest you continue reading!

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Characteristics A Cancer Man Is Looking For


As a water sign, it given that a Cancer man is definitely one of the most loving and caring zodiac signs out there. Of course, it is only fitting if he looks for someone the same. He prefers a partner who is not very outgoing as him.

He enjoys being with someone who finds comfort in their own home. He gets annoyed if his partner asks too many questions at the same time.

He needs someone who is slow and steady. He looks at romance and love in a more traditional way. He likes to take his time getting to know you before opening up to you and genuinely falling in love with you.

He wants someone who is caring and comforting and one who does not judge. He also wants someone sensitive and someone to be there for him to offer a shoulder.


A Cancer man takes a lot of time before he decides to trust somebody. He is a water sign, and so he gets emotional about things that are close to him. However, if he finally trusts a person, he will not hesitate to open up about things he holds close to his heart.

He slowly and finally takes down his wall and shows his true self.

In a partner, he is also looking for someone vulnerable. Someone who is not afraid to take down her walls when she finally realizes that she can trust a Cancer man. A Cancer man is naturally nurturing, and so he likes to care for you. He likes to discover your weaknesses because of his intention of looking after you.


Because a Cancer man takes a lot of time before trusting somebody else, there are also a lot of times that he gets to discover the different sides of the person. He is taking his time because he wants to know whether or not he will be betrayed or not.

There’s a reason why he puts up his walls too high, and that is because he is afraid of getting hurt.

A Cancer man is naturally sensitive, and the last thing he wants in this world is to get cheated on. He is looking for someone who will remain faithful even if they are not together in one place.

He does not like the promiscuous and flirty types of people because, again, he is too sensitive and emotional for this type of woman.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface of your Cancer man.

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Zodiac Signs A Cancer Man Should Marry

Taurus Woman

The first sign that a Cancer man should marry is a Taurus woman. Now, if you have met a Taurus woman already, you will notice how she is powerful, sensual, and very loving. She is independent and elegant, and she does not require the most luxurious things in life.

Yes, she enjoys them here and there, but her life does not depend on them.

She is very romantic, and just like a Cancer man, she sees love in a traditional way. She also does not like to rush things, especially when it comes to romantic relationships.

She prefers staying friends at first and then escalating to something greater. As a lover, she is concerned for her lover’s interest and would constantly want to satisfy him.

Cancer Man And Taurus Woman Together

As I have mentioned, a Cancer man is a water sign, and a Taurus lady is an earth sign.

Together, they can make something beautiful just like how water makes the earth grows. They develop each other, and the thing that makes them very compatible is the fact that their priority is to make a loving and comfortable home.

They both put a lot of emphasis on sensuality, affection, and touch. Affection is like security for them. They both need security and so best believe that they know how to provide it to one another.

They enjoy each other’s companies that will make their marriage very happy and healthy. Both of them are also very loyal.

Their Fights And How They Fix It

A Cancer man is ruled by the moon; therefore, he can tend to be very moody at times. A Taurus woman is a fixed sign, and when she is feeling a certain way, her mood cannot be changed in a snap.

She is very stubborn when it comes to a lot of areas in her life. The moody nature of a Cancer man can frustrate the stubborn Taurus woman. And a moody Taurus woman can upset the moody Cancer.

However, figuring out how they can communicate effectively will be the easiest solution to this. They just have to adjust to each other once in a while, and they can look past this pretty quickly. They love each other so much to not get this through.

Scorpio Woman

Another sign that is very compatible with a Cancer man is the Scorpio woman. She is the type of woman who knows what she wants. There will be no guessing in this type of pairing, and a very shy Cancer man can be pushed by a Scorpio woman.

If she is ready to settle down, she will let you know. This is actually convenient for a Cancer man because he will know when to let down his walls.

She is also very mysterious and deep, and this actually compliments the creativity of a Cancer man. Together, they can make fantastic stories. She is a free thinker too, and she will always keep you guessing. You will not get bored when you are with a Scorpio woman.

Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman Together

This pairing is probably one of the best compatibilities of the Zodiac. They both share the element of water, so you know how their love can be filled with so much passion and emotions. When these two meet, there is an automatic attraction.

The thing about them is that they both do not trust easily, but for some reason when they meet, they both open up to each other pretty quickly.

It’s as if they can communicate without speaking. It’s like they have intuitiveness in them, and they know what the other one needs without even saying it. Both of them are also firm believers in faithfulness and fidelity. They both also agree on the need for financial security.

Their Fights And How They Fix It

Because both of them are water signs, you can expect them to be emotionally argumentative, and when they do, they can hurt each other’s feelings. A Scorpio woman has a lot of aggression and darkness in her because of her ruling planets, and this can make her say things that are very hurtful to a Cancer man.

Not to mention that they are both manipulative. These actions of a Scorpio woman can deeply wound the sensitive Cancer man.

To avoid this kind of problem, a Scorpio woman should be careful with her words and think before she says the things in her mind. The Cancer man should also try to put on a thick skin to fight the Scorpio woman.

Virgo Woman

The last sign that I think a Cancer man should marry is a Virgo woman. A Virgo woman is very grounded and a practical thinker.

She likes interacting with people, just like how a Cancer man likes being around people. She works within a system and applies pragmatism and logic to almost everything in her life.

The thing about a Virgo woman is that she is naturally very helpful, and she wants her partner to feel comfortable living his life. She devotes herself to fully making her partner happy and being the best version of himself.

Cancer Man And Virgo Woman

When a Cancer man and a Virgo woman get together, it’s as if they understand each other at a glance. This kind of marriage is the type to have a lot of caring and loving because, again, a Virgo woman is naturally helpful, and a Cancer man is very nurturing.

There is a lot of respect that is in this type of relationship.

This marriage has a lot of emotional trusts because both value loyalty and are faithful to one another. So, there will be no cheating issues because both provide a safe and trusting environment to one another. Because of how grounded a Virgo woman is, this enables a Cancer man to trust her easily.

Their Fights And How They Fix It

There will be no issues in this relationship except for the communication between the two. The Cancer man is more like an action kind of guy. He is more like, “I’m going to let her feel that I love her,” rather than saying it.

And a Virgo woman does not get this because she prefers to hear her partner say, “I love you.” So, this is a more logical problem than an emotional one.

To fix this, a Virgo woman should know how to acknowledge what the Cancer man is showing her to make her feel loved and cared for.

And once in a while, she needs to hear a verbal “I love you” from a Cancer man. This is an easy problem to fix and not something that is going to ruin their marriage.

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Zodiac Signs a Cancer man should marry, final thoughts…

The signs that a Cancer man should marry are:

  • Taurus women because both of them put a lot of emphasis on sensuality, affection, and touch.
  • Scorpio women because both of them are firm believers of faithfulness and fidelity, and they can also communicate without speaking.
  • Virgo women because there is a lot of emotional trust between them, and they provide a safe and trusting environment to one another.



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