Does a Cancer Man Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Cancer men and cheating, we’ll give you all the factual information about whether or not your potential Cancer man is cheating and being sneaky behind your back!

Yes, unfortunately, a Cancer man can cheat if he feels the relationship is lackluster and he cannot give emotional satisfaction from being with his partner, he might also cheat for sex, when he cheats he can be incredibly manipulative and emotionally abusive, wanting to attach and last out his negative emotions to his partner.

The Cancer man is the traditional and fatherly man of the zodiac, because of his emotional ties to his home and family, he can be a great long-term partner, ruled by the Moon, his emotions are ever-changing, and his personality is just like the Moon can be reflective, often mirroring the energy and vibes given to him by other people

In terms of love, he will be delicate and emotional, often at times, clingy and emotionally charged to his partner, he is warm and loving, and his partner will often feel a sense of security because of a Cancer’s comforting energy.

There can be several ways why your Cancer man would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would a Cancer man cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if he’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s dig deep!

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Are Cancer Men More Likely to Cheat?

Cancer men aren’t really known to be cheaters, quite the contrary, they’ve been labeled as one of the most faithful and trustworthy signs, however, they are capable of cheating if they feel a lack of emotional connection to their partner or if the relationship is becoming toxic and abusive (both abusive meaning to both parties).

Cancer men aren’t known to cheat, they’re dedicated to their chosen partners and give every emotional form of love and support in the best possible way they can, they can also be a bit possessive, the lunar aspect of the Cancerian energy gives them a strong emotional attachment to what they perceive as their “home”.

The home they’re referring to can be an actual house or a person they truly love, as such, they can be protective and possessive to the ones they truly love, if their shadow side is more developed than the light side, then they can be extremely clingy to the point of manipulating their loved ones into doing their bidding.

Your Cancer man’s emotional manipulation is terrifying, depending on how developed his intuition is which is most likely innate to him, he can use the bewildering emotions that are beneath the surface of a person and use them to his advantage.

He can also be emotionally expressive, people are forgetting that water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are emotionally charged, they can be explosive when expressing their rage or dismay which can intimidate or irritate others.

The Cancer man will have an easier and harmonious relationship with someone who has water placements (Scorpio, Pisces) and earth placements (Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo).

This is because these signs complement and give the emotional support and mutual understanding the Gemini woman needs Cancer man craves in his relationships, their aspirations and attitude are also in line with each other, therefore less clashing of ideas and sentiments.

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Why Do Cancer Men Cheat?

The Cancer man cheats because he is mentally abusive and seeks emotional stimulation, support, and pleasure from others, he deems his partner as unworthy of love and attention and he justifies it through that, he can also cheat because of the promise of better sex or security.

Unlike other cheating men who seek validation and thrill, the Cancer man solely cheats because of insecurity and the need for emotional fulfillment, he seeks the perceived excitement, and he wants to fill that gaping hole caused by his insecurities.

His insecurities can stem from his trauma and other past experiences, he may probably have problems with control and family so he might seek out more dynamic relationships even if he is in a long-term relationship, or he may be deemed “not man enough” so he seeks ways to fulfill being that Alpha guy the society brands on its men.

Whatever those insecurities can be and wherever they stem from, they can be extremely dangerous as he can project those insecurities onto you, he may not be physically abusive but you can certainly tell he is unhealed from his trauma once he makes snide remarks.

A good Cancer man understands his trauma and pain and becomes a better person because of it, he loves unconditionally because he knows his heart is capable of doing so, he expresses emotions and lets them flow like a river.

A Cancer man who leans on to his shadow self becomes a menace, he can hurt others just to fill a hole in his heart that he wants to seek and heal, often this can be in form of cheating on his partner or spouse.

He can also cheat for the sake of sex or security, often, because of his ever-changing moods, he can be impulsive today and then shy and reserved the next, the moon’s tides are ever-changing and this can make his emotions and libido fluctuate overtime making him easier to succumb in easy and temporary pleasure.

He can also turn on his partner when he’s allowed to experience comfort and security to the next level, whether it’s money or luxury, he can be a sugar baby to the person offering the highest bid.

It can be a terrible truth and he can turn into his partner but he will certainly feel guilty about him, if he ever does cheat on you, expect him to be sleepless at night as his conscience will keep him awake!

All of these things are deadly ingredients that can tempt your Cancer man to replace you, all of these will certainly have an impact as to why he would cheat on you, if you’re suspecting that your Cancer man might be cheating on you there are potential signs to look out for…

How to Find out if your Cancer Man is Cheating on you?

Some potential signs can tell your Cancer man is cheating on you, let’s dig deep into a sequence of how a Cancer man cheats and how can you find a loophole to catch him out.

When a Cancer man cheats he will be extremely dismissive of you and your actions, he will have snide remarks about you or your appearance, just about anything you do, it is a form of manipulation, projection, he is projecting his dismissive thoughts about himself.

When you notice that he’s doing that, check his body language, if he becomes closed-off and incredibly non-sexual to you, it is highly likely he is seeing someone else, the chances are likely if he becomes less and less hard to reach out, often he will be away for a few hours or days and would randomly show up.

Instead of telling you where he’s been the will gaslight you and if it doesn’t work he will do the love-bombing technique – he will basically pour out all his love and affection to you until he feels you’re okay again, beware and be in control of your emotions, keep it cool and let him think he’s manipulating you.

After weeks or months, the physical and emotional intimacy will be different, you may notice that he may seem to show love and affection in an off-putting manner, you’ll feel something doesn’t add up, the sex and romance feel forced and he might get aggressive when you tell him directly about these things.

He acts out of character, he’ll suddenly be more secretive about his usual daily affairs, he will keep things from you and his phone privacy will be at utmost peak, although not a clear indicator of infidelity it is a pretty good tell-tale sign he’s on to something.

If you ever catch the chance to catch him in the act or get physical evidence of him cheating (pictures, videos, phone conversations, or rumors about his whereabouts), be calm-mannered, this will scare him even more rather than throwing a fit.

Assess the status of the relationship by talking out with him, most certainly he will reach out to you if he ever finds out you already know about the infidelity, let him hear his side and let him hear yours, in that way, there is good communication between the both of you.

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Cancer Man’s cheating heart? 

Do not take your intuition for granted! Your gut is your second brain and it tells you information that logic and the five senses cannot see, if you know you’re Cancer man is cheating on you, it is best to confront him directly and sort it out.

But the best advice a friend can ever give you is to never get back with him, no matter how sorry he might be for you catching her, or how he will change for the better, a cheating Cancer man is a man who doesn’t genuinely love you no matter how much he says in his mind that he is.

Move on, live your life to the fullest by spending it with the people who deserve to be in your inner circle, it can be hard to accept the past and therapy may be needed to gain trust but time will heal everything, trust in your power.

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