Six Card Tarot Spread for Manifestation – Create Your Every Desire!

Zix Card Manifestation Tarot Spread

In this post, I want to focus on using tarot cards, and more specifically your tarot cards in a specific spread for manifestation.  If you’ve never considered this before, then you might be in for a treat!

To use a tarot spread for manifestation, you will place six cards in much the same way that you would place the first six cards of a Celtic Cross Spread.

These six cards represent your core desire, reinforced desire, the foundation, the path and support to manifest your desire, the physical action and finally the outcome.

Before I get into more details, let’s go into some background! (if you don’t want to hear the background, then scroll down to the next heading…)

For many, the Tarot is a tool to show us the future and help us to connect our intuition (inner knowing).

There’s a common belief that our fate is something set in stone, something that we have no control over. While there will always be events in our lives that we can’t control, events that forever alter our paths – many aspects are firmly within our grasp.

Unfortunately, most of us are taught from a young age that we can’t have what we desire. That a new car or home or a large savings in the bank is only the stuff dreams are made of.

We’re not taught to follow our desires – we’re taught to do what’s ‘right’ and practical. That reality is defined by the laws of ‘science’ and there’s nothing more to life than what we can see with our eyes.

This low vibration thinking leads us to become constant ‘victims of fate’. We’re left in a permanent state of ‘want’ and the poverty mindset takes hold of us.

But what if there’s more to life? What if reality is actually something we create and not something that happens to us? The truth is that we can manifest the things we desire – and Tarot can help us in so many ways.

This article will focus on a six-card spread designed to map out our dreams and turn them into physical reality.

Since manifestation is all about raising our vibrations – and attracting what we want by repelling what we don’t want – you’ll probably want to start with manifesting something that seems ‘within the realm of possibility’.

This isn’t to say you can’t manifest whatever it is your heart desires – you can. But in the words of Abraham Hicks – ‘sometimes you can’t get to where you want to be from where you are now’.

A lifetime of believing you can’t have what you want negatively impacts your vibration that you can’t undo instantly.

We recommend starting with ‘smaller’ manifestations before moving onto something bigger so that you gain confidence and raise your vibration. Going forward you’ll truly believe you can create anything because of past experiences. And that is the key.

In reality, there’s no such thing as a big or small manifestation. In the eyes of the universe manifesting a sandwich is identical to manifesting a billion dollars. However, your resistance to believing that will get in the way and cause disappointment and continue to lower your vibration.

To begin, let’s start with something you not only want, but you need. Something that is essential. Eventually, you’ll learn that every want is essential. But for now, let’s say you want to manifest the rent – and we’ll show you how using this 6 card Tarot manifestation spread.

You should always give ample time for your manifestation to happen. Once you get the hang of it – you’ll see how naturally it happens with everything. But when it comes to turning your desires into physical reality – skepticism is the enemy.

If you want to get serious about manifesting with your tarot cards, then I suggest that you also read this article: How to use tarot cards for manifestation

In that article, I talk about creating a “Manifestation Altar”, that is, a place you make in your home specifically dedicated to manifestation. Here are some items that you can add to that space (from Amazon):

The Six Card Tarot Spread For Manifestation Explained

This Tarot spread for manifestation is laid out exactly like the cross in the Celtic Cross.

Card 1: Core Desire

Card 2: Reinforce Desire

Card 3: The Foundation

Card 4: The Path and Support to Manifest your Desire

Card 5: The Physical Action  

Card 6: The Outcome

A manifestation tarot spread is different because instead randomly picking card to lay face down you deliberately choose them and lay them face up.

Here’s are two articles about the Celtic Cross spread, for reference:

As with the Celtic Cross, it’s up to you if you want to use a Significator card. If you feel it helps you to connect better and to lower any resistance to the thing you want to manifest (rent, in this example) – then choose a card that represents the ideal that you can easily manifest.

For example – if you would normally choose the Queen of Swords to represent the current you because you’re a hard-nosed skeptical person – you might instead pick the Queen of Pentacles as a Significator.

The Queen of Pentacles is always open to receiving blessings because she knows that she deserves them. She is eternally grateful for everything and everyone she has in her life and lives in a constant state of abundance.

As with all readings shuffle the deck and be mindful of what you want to manifest.  For me, when I want to be present, I focus on my breathing.  I say to myself, “I see myself, I see reality”. 

This phrase brings my attention to this moment.  I become aware of what’s going on around me and I’m also aware that I am having thoughts and feelings internally.  The phrase brings me to an “awareness center” between my thoughts and the world around me. I become awareness itself.

From my awareness center, I can project my desire as I shuffle my tarot deck.

Table of Contents

Card 1: Core Desire

This represents the thing you need to manifest: in this case, the rent money. There are a few cards that would fit here but we’re going with the Six of Pentacles.

Imagine yourself as the person doling out the money. You’re in a position of power and affluence, easily and gratefully giving money to pay your rent. The money comes and goes with no resistance. Paying the bills is easy because you always have enough money.

Card 2: Reinforce Desire

This card should support the desired goal from card one, reinforce it, and show the path to getting what you want. It crosses over the first card.

Do you want to pick up extra work or find employment to help you pay the rent? If so, the 8 of Pentacles is the card of professional mastery and shows a hardworking figure perfecting his craft. The money is piling up as he works hard to achieve what he wants.

Card 3: The Foundation

This card is the foundation of everything and drives home why you absolutely NEED the rent money.

While you may be tempted to pick the 5 of Pentacles – the card with two presumably homeless people down on their luck and without a hope out in the cold – refrain from reinforcing any negative belief patterns in your manifestation spread.

Instead, choose something positive. The Emperor who is always in control and has more than enough to manage not only his home – but his entire kingdom would fit well here.

Card 4: The Path and Support to Manifest your Desire

The support you need to manifest is shown in this card. Who or what will support you in your endeavor to manifest the rent money?

Will you apply for a loan? If so, the Hierophant works because he represents institutions. Everything from the Church to banks is in his domain.

Are you hoping your family and friends can gift you the money? Then the Ace of Pentacles – a helping hand from heaven – is perfect here. If you want to win the money in the lotto or a tournament – I could see using the Seven of Wands to represent that.

Card 5: The Physical Action  

This card represents a physical action you’ve already taken – or soon will – to manifest your rent money.

Taking action to assure the universe that you’re proactive in getting what you need is a crucial step that must not be overlooked. Don’t choose any old card here. Deliberately pick the Tarot card that best represents your physical course of action.

Perhaps you have a great idea for a side business that can quickly generate the cash you need.

Choose the Three of Wands as it has a strong connection with enterprise. One modern-day interpretation can be working online – so the Three of Wands could symbolize that you’ve already started building your new business’s website.

Maybe you want to sell your car to raise the cash you need. If so, the Chariot works perfectly as it represents transportation. If you excel at a sport or activity – the 5 of Wands represents sports and competitions of all kinds.

Card 6: Desired Outcome

What will happen when you achieve your goal? This card should be a snapshot of both the physical manifestation of your dream and how you’ll feel when you achieve it.

The 10 of Pentacles is a perfect representation of the goal of manifesting rent money. A common meaning for the 10 of Pentacles is that it represents wealth – but it also represents the home and physical security. It symbolizes families as well – either those we choose or those that we’re born into.  

I’d recommend it here because of the Pentacles’ connection to money – but the Ten of Cups is a close second.

The 10 of Cups doesn’t necessarily indicate material wealth – though it can – but it shows ‘enough’. There’s a feeling of abundance, a happy family, and a rainbow promising more to come. There’s a celebratory air about it as well.

Once you’ve finished with your six-card manifestation spread, take a picture of it so you can carry it with you and drive home the process. You should also print it out and make a few copies to put in prominent places in your home. Acknowledge it daily. 

Even if manifesting the rent money feels impossible right now, let go of the poverty mindset. Concentrate on the good things in your life even if unrelated to finances to raise your vibration.

You should also keep a daily journal of the progress you’ve made toward your goal. Even if the process feels slow – write as though you’ve achieved your desired outcome – and practice gratitude daily.

Practicing gratitude doesn’t mean superficially thanking the universe, or God, or whatever it is that you believe in because you feel like you’re supposed to – it means being truly grateful for the good that’s in your life. Whether it’s health, a pet, your family, or something as mundane as a job.

If you’ve given ample time for the Tarot manifestation to work and to raise your vibration, you’ll be manifesting your desires in no time. Once that happens, make sure to record it in your journal. Then every time you want to manifest something else, you’ll know for a fact that it works.

Sample 6 Card Manifestation Spread for Love (A Soulmate)

Here is a summary of the cards above, in this example manifestation spread.

Card 1: Core Desire – Eight of Pentacles

Card 2: Reinforce Desire – Six of Pentacles

Card 3: The Foundation – The Emperor

Card 4: The Path and Support to Manifest your Desire – Ace of Pentacles

Card 5: The Physical Action – Three of Wands

Card 6: Outcome – Ten of Cups

Sample Manifestation Spread for Love

Here is a summary of the cards above, from this example manifestation spread.

Card 1: Core Desire – The Lovers

The Lovers card as core desires represents the ideal soulmate relationship.

Card 2: Reinforce Desire – Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups represents divine intervention and the hand of the universe presents you with a soulmate.

Card 3: The Foundation – The Empress

The foundation is the Empress who is ready to love and be loved.

Card 4: The Path and Support to Manifest your Desire – Four of Wands

The path of manifesting love is represented by the Four of Wands – perhaps meeting at a party, celebration or through friends.

Card 5: The Physical Action – Two of Cups

The Two of Cups can be you going on a date as a physical action, perhaps sharing wine.

Card 6: Outcome – Ten of Cups

The outcome is the Ten of Cups – the perfect ending and manifestation of a relationship complete with starting a family.


As you can see from the last 2 examples, you can choose different cards to create a future that you desire. Use your intuition and choose cards that feel right for you, your current situation, and your desired result.

Have fun with it. Working with the cards, looking at the imagery is a part of the process. Delve into your feelings. When you look at the Ten of Cups, feel what it would be like having stood with your love (your soulmate) with kids playing, giggling in the background.

The more fun you have, the more joy and emotions you feel imagining the result the more success you will have manifesting the life of your dreams.

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Create Your Manifestation Space

I’ve identified a couple of items that you can get to create your manifestation space.  It’s important to make this that area that you use for manifesting your desires!

Items to create the right ambience for manifestation!

I love my Asakuki Diffuser, I have this going in my living room or my office with either peppermint or lavender. The diffuser holds more water than other diffusers and lasts longer. It also has a timer so that I doesn’t run dry. The Diffuser adds a nice gentle scent to my home.

I also love having my White Sound Machine and my Asakuki Diffuser running in my living room. Sometimes I will choose the sound of rain or the ocean or even thunder. It depends on my mood.

I’ll fill the diffuser with lavender or peppermint. With the thunder in the background and the smell of peppermint, it’s like being whisked away to a faraway place!

I really love the Himalayan salt Lamp and my Crystal Tree of Life. I have them in my office and they create a “zen” feel for me while I’m working.





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