How to Manifest Money Quickly and Easily

how to manifest money quickly and easily

I watched the secret when it first came out because I wanted to learn how to manifest money quickly and easily.  However, when I watched that movie, there seemed to be something missing.  I tried many of the techniques they suggested but nothing worked.

I recently discovered a money manifesting technique that is so easy, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen this before.

I had heard of similar practices, but they weren’t completely effective for me.

OK, what is this practice and how can I manifest money quickly and easily?

To manifest money fast you must incorporate appreciation every time that you spend money.  No matter how much or how little you are spending, each day, you say to yourself, “I appreciate having the money to purchase this item.” Then take the next step to amplify this technique.

Sounds easy.  It is.  When I combined appreciation with my daily spending activities, I couldn’t believe the difference and the inflow of money into my life. 

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Let’s explore this in more detail.

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How to manifest money effortlessly

Each day there is an opportunity for me to buy something.  There is a lot of research done regarding consumer behavior, purchasing and impulse buying.  The thing I noticed is that I have an opportunity to purchase something from 20 to 50 times each day.

When I realized this, I decided to use these opportunities to activate the law of attraction for me around money and start manifesting more.  I decided to appreciate every penny that I was spending.

There are a few things to remember and some very important things to do.

First, you must feel the appreciation.  The more you practice this, the easier it will be.  But, when you start this process, make sure you are feeling appreciation. 

When you spend a dollar on a chocolate bar ad the local corner store, feel the appreciation for having money in your pocket to purchase that chocolate bar.

When I started, I decided to purchase everything with cash.  For a month, I would only spend cash and I would look at the money as I pulled it from my wallet.  I would say to myself, “I appreciate this money that I have so that I can purchase this chocolate bar (for example).”

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I talked about how to amplify this technique…  Let’s review that now.

How to Manifest Money out of thin air

Once I was getting used to appreciating every purchase.  I was feeling good.  I was seeing more money in my life.  I had more clients being referred to me.  I had more business and I appreciated having money in my wallet.

I then remembered a technique that Abraham Hicks mentioned.  Abraham suggests that you can keep a $100 bill in your wallet and practice spending that money every day.

So that’s what I did.  I had been keeping money in my wallet because I had decided to purchase everything with cash only.  I added more money, another $100 bill and kept it in a separate section of my wallet.

When I was out shopping or just heading to the corner store or coffee shop.  I would do the things I normally did.  I would order a coffee, then when I purchased the coffee with cash, I would say to myself, “I appreciate having this money to purchase this coffee.”

Now, I would also add some extra activities in the coffee shop.  As I’m waiting in line for my coffee, I would look at different items in the shop. 

I would see a coffee mug for sale and I would say to myself, “I appreciate having money to purchase this coffee mug.”

I wouldn’t purchase it, but I would appreciate having the money in my wallet.  I have a nice new $100 bill in my wallet.  I could purchase this coffee mug if I wanted to.  I appreciated having the cash in my wallet.  With purpose, I felt the appreciation.

I would look at another item.  I would see the warm muffin in the display case.  I would say to myself, “I appreciate having money to be able to buy that muffin.” 

Again, I wouldn’t buy it, but I would feel the appreciation for having the money to buy this item if I wanted to.

If the lineup was long, then I would spend that $100 bill in my mind, with gratitude and appreciation 5 or 10 or even 20 times over.

By the time I was ordering my coffee and opening my wallet, I was filled with appreciation for having the cash to purchase the coffee I wanted.

Manifest Money Mantra

My mantra is simple, each time I pay for something, I say to myself, “I appreciate the money that I have to purchase this item.”

When I buy coffee in the morning, I say, “I appreciate the money that I have to purchase this coffee.”

When I purchase gas for my vehicle, I say, “I appreciate the money that I have to buy the gas for my car.”

When I pay my cell phone bill, I say, “I appreciate the money that I have to pay for my cell phone.”

When I pay my electricity bill, I say, “I appreciate the money that I have to pay for the electricity to light my home.”

I have some bills that come out of my account automatically.  I look at my bank account every morning and I say to myself, “I appreciate the money that I have in my bank account to pay for “X” that came out of my bank account last night.”

I would say this about every single item that came out of my bank account.

The thing that makes this mantra work is that I am feeling appreciation each time I say this mantra.

I am taking action. I open my wallet and take out the money.  I feel the appreciation for the money in my hand.  I appreciate giving the money to the cashier.  I appreciate the item that I just purchased.

How to Manifest Money Effortlessly

This technique has been the most effortless practice that I have ever done and the results have been remarkable.

I love going out to the grocery store every week.  I spend the money in my mind as I’m walking down the aisles.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t have a lot of money.  I had to be careful how much I was buying at the grocery store because I only had so much money.  I would go to the cashier with worry and trepidation.

I realize now that these feelings were working against me and not activating the abundance that I wanted the law of attraction to activate.

Now, I’m excited to go to the grocery store.  I don’t spend more than I did in the past, but my “vibration” is different.  My vibration is now in alignment with abundance.  That’s because I’m appreciating the money that I have.  I appreciate my ability to buy the things that feed me and my family.

I also play a fun game as I walk through the grocery store.  I look at items and purchase them in my mind.

As I walk down every aisle, I pick items and say to myself, ”I appreciate having the money to buy this item.”  I choose not to buy the item, but I’m still feeling the appreciation.  Sometimes, I will open my wallet, look inside at the cash. 

I will think to myself; I appreciate having this money to spend in this grocery store.

Manifesting Money Conclusion

If you want to manifest money into your life, I suggest that you try this simple technique.  Go to your bank and take out some cash and add it to your wallet.  Take out an extra $100 and keep that in your wallet for your “fantasy purchases”.  Don’t spend that $100.

If you can’t afford to take out $100, then take out $50 for now and upgrade once the money starts to flow to you.

Starting right now, appreciate the money that you have.  For your next purchase, appreciate the money that you have to purchase the next item that you are going to purchase.

Say the mantra, “I appreciate the money that I have to purchase this item.”  You can change “this item” to the actual name of the item you are purchasing… (I assume you already realized this, but I thought I should say so more clearly… lol)

Feel the appreciation for the money that you do have.  Feel the appreciation. (yes, I did say this twice) Feel the appreciation, enjoy it.  Enjoy the manifestation of money into your life.

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