Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

In the natal chart, the position of the Moon has much more significance than the Sun itself. And some astrologers look at the Moon first because this celestial body shows our true inner traits, our emotional structure, and how we perceive and respond in all situations in life.

Moon in Libra doesn’t feel so good in this sign simply because Libra is the area of partnerships, and Moon essentially needs to express themself individually.

Therefore, the person’s deepest emotions are controlled and adjusted to all people around them, and that can mean that person is “losing self” for mutual benefit.

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Libra Moon Man

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

Libra Moon’s man traits will be seen as his inner need to adjust to everyone and achieve “collective” happiness or harmony as if his own happiness depends heavily on the feelings of the other beings.

This is an interesting situation going in the Zodiac wheel since the Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and this sign is the natural area of the home, motherly figure, roots, and properties. However, looking at Cancer, Libra is the “origin” or the natural area of the home for cancer itself.

But, Libra is the air, meaning a drying sign, and this doesn’t suit the Moon.

The Moon is all about personal expression, sliding down and up on an emotional roller coaster, while Libra is the symbol of diplomacy and harmony. Therefore, Moon in Libra man will have two major psychological issues going on.

First of all, he will always try to remain in control of his feelings, adjusting them to the outer circumstances. And secondly, he will feel fulfilled only when all people around him, or at least his partner, are happy.

The Libra Moon man could even appear as if he is faking, but that won’t be true. He will love mannered behavior, slightly warm emotional expressions, and a good style of life above anything else. He will have bright, lighter eyes, hair, and complexion.

And his body won’t be too muscly, too big, or too thin. And above all other male Zodiac signs, he will take care of his clothes, hygiene, body shape, or health better than the rest of them.

Who is the Moon in Libra man attracted to?

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon in Libra man has a bit strange relationship with his mother or the motherly figure in his life. This person holds some sort of authority over his life, and this can often mean a mix of love and hate, and everything in between.

This is why his emotional base is very complex, and he is surely not the mama’s boy, but he has to “obey” his mother or later his boss, or an older influential woman for sure. And that bond will always have him under certain stress or frustration.

Consequently, this same bond will shape his soul, and all of his emotional relationships will basically carry the same dynamics.

On one side, he will always feel inner frustration, and on the other, he will look for ways how to make life and all conditions pleasurable for all participants. And this “style” of constant negotiation will be his inner formula.

A Libra Moon man will therefore fall for a strong-willed partner, someone he can adjust to and someone he can negotiate all the time. The element of communication will play a major role in their bond, and sometimes it will seem that they talk too much, discuss everything, and do too little actual action.

Libra Moon Woman

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

Libra Moon woman will remain calm and collected in all circumstances. She will have many acquaintances and her social interests will be wide, and after she reaches a certain age, filled with quality and wealthy people.

At one point in her life, she will learn a lesson to keep away from all problematic people and situations, and this selectiveness will immensely help her to achieve success and even an affluent lifestyle.

Her natural diplomatic skills will show her as a trusted friend and co-worker on any occasion, and people will tend to trust her and ask for her opinion. Better than anyone else, she will be capable to see any issue from all perspectives and give the best judgment of it.

Also, she will be able to foresee or predict in some strange way what is going on in the world of investments and markets. And if she can focus just a bit on these themes, she will ensure her financial future, by investing at some point in her life.

A woman with Libra Moon will have a middle stature, and there is no doubt that she will love to indulge in fine foods, especially sweets. However, from an early age, she will quickly realize that any excess of food would bloat her stomach, due to this air element ruling over her natal Moon in Libra.

And consequentially, she will learn or discipline herself to have control over her eating and drinking habits all the time.

She will incline toward lighter hair and skin tones, and there is no need to say that she will have a very neat and elegant appearance.

Who is the Moon in Libra a woman is attracted to?

Libra Moon Sign Compatibility

Libra Moon woman is attracted to a person who has a strong will and appearance and can speak up their mind loudly and clearly. But more than this, this individual will have to be action-oriented, and of course, successful.

She will always fall for someone who emanates that raw masculine energy, no matter what are her sexual preferences. And the ideal partner for a Libra Moon woman will be someone with their natal Sun, Moon, or a rising sign in Aries.

The masculine qualities of her partner will produce some “misunderstandings” as the usual sex-related differences in hormonal, therefore, emotional reactions. However, this dynamic will create the image of her partner as someone strong and decisive, yet a bit unmannered or humiliating in her high social circles.

But on the positive side, she will “profit” from this kind of bond, because she will be seen as a gentle, kind, and above feminine type of woman with an exquisite style. And this is what will keep her satisfied, since the fact that public opinion will mean so much to her.