First Date With A Pisces Man

Although a Pisces man usually wears his heart on his sleeves, he also tends to be guarded and sensitive. If you want to know what your first date with a Pisces man would look like, you have stumbled upon the right article!

During your first date with a Pisces man, he will be sneaking glances and will be constantly appreciating you. He will also take the initiative and have a more welcoming body language. After your date, you will see a Pisces man’s nurturing, affectionate, and romantic side.

In this article, you will understand the personality traits of a Pisces man and how he prepares for the first date. Read further!

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Understanding The Pisces Man

A Pisces man is renowned for being extremely giving and is regarded as the giver who constantly prioritizes the needs of others. Since he is a selfless creature who can never offend another person’s feelings or expectations, he will always spread his good fortune to others.

Additionally, a Pisces man can never abandon those in need thanks to his deep compassion.

A Pisces man’s gentle inner self yearns for a considerate companion who can show him love and develop a deeper relationship with him than just sexual gratification.

He dislikes women who are disinterested and preoccupied while he is there, thus when he is expressing his love for her, he requires her undivided attention.

He wants those he confides in to honor his confidence and never violate it. Far from having monetary desires, a Pisces man prefers to stay uncommitted and requires a real heart-to-heart connection.

Preparing The Date

For a Pisces man, romance is everything, and nothing is more romantic than a picnic that has been specially planned for your Pisces date. It won’t be in vain if you take the time to prepare the food yourself or pick it carefully with what he has in mind.

Even if you only went out of your way to find a fun food item he would enjoy, he will be thrilled that you made the effort. The fact that you made such an effort and did it by preparing food will be much appreciated by a Pisces man.

A Pisces man frequently chooses to wear flowing, baggy clothes over fitted ones. Consider donning skirts or dresses that drape and flow all about you if you want to impress him.

You don’t need to overdress to impress him since he likes women who are at ease and aren’t overly glamorous.

A Pisces man likes to talk about things that pique his emotions and imagination or subjects that are, in some way or another, outside of the everyday world, despite the fact that he wants to keep things simple.

During The Date


Despite a Pisces man’s best efforts to be careful and minimize his eye contact with you, if you apply your intuition, you’ll probably be able to see him sneaking glances your way.

You can have the distinct impression that he is gazing into your soul or that you are somehow merging with him. During your first date, a Pisces man would stare at you intently if he likes you.

On the other hand, if you find a Pisces man staring at you, he could glance away suddenly. After all, this sign might be reserved particularly with someone he is still getting to know.

A Pisces man typically chooses a deceptive approach to finding a potential partner. Therefore, early on at least, direct eye contact could make him feel uncomfortable, so he tries to be sneaky.


On your first date, a Pisces man will make an effort to start a discussion with you. He will frequently start talking with you about a variety of subjects and be prepared to talk about other subjects when there is a pause in the conversation.

You nearly have absolute certainty that a Pisces man’s affection for you is growing.

All of this indicates that a Pisces man is interested in making your conversation seem stimulating, which suggests that he likes you and wants to make an impression on you.

These could include inquiries about your family if you live alone, your social life, or even your previous romantic relationships. If a Pisces man frequently asks you questions about these subjects on your first date, he is probably interested in you.


A Pisces man is very sentimental and kind. He is appreciative and likes cheering up everybody around him, especially the person he has eyes on. During your first date, he will make a special effort to flatter you when he likes you.

A Pisces man could say nice things about the way you appear, such as how you dress, how you smile, how your hair looks, etc.

Additionally, a Pisces man could congratulate you on your deeper qualities. such as your spirituality, calmness, mentality, the way you make other people feel around you, etc. The more praises a Pisces man gives you on your first date, the more likely he is to be implying that he likes you.


Because he fears being rejected, a Pisces man may try to hide his interest in you, but his body language still reveals certain clues. 

As previously noted, this sign might be a little reserved and unsure of how to ask a woman out since he finds it difficult to communicate his thoughts openly. Hence, a Pisces man’s body language will be more open and welcoming to you.

If a Pisces man is smiling at you for no apparent reason, especially if it seems sincere and he’s grinning more at you than he is at others, it’s a clear indication that he is onto you. If he likes you, you’ll notice that the space between you two gradually gets narrower.

A Pisces man will make subtle moves that give you a clue about how much he wants you to be in his space.

After The Date


When he is with someone close to him, a Pisces man often exhibits a very soft affection and physical closeness. He could be more overtly physical with you, most likely by starting play fighting or arm wrestling.

During greetings and farewells, a Pisces man can also be more physical and his embraces might last a little longer than usual.

A Pisces man will seek reasonable excuses to invade your personal space.

His prospective interest in you is strongly indicated by any physical interaction with you, especially if it lasts for a while. Because he is careful and tries to avoid creating a bad impression on your first date, a Pisces man will try to make subtle moves to see if you feel comfortable or not.


A Pisces man is incredibly devoted, even if you just started dating. He has a spirit that is extremely sensitive and nurturing, so you can expect that from him. He is probably drawn to you if he is confiding in you enough to begin caring for you and becoming emotionally attached to you.

In an effort to comfort you and be there for you, a Pisces man could truly try to delve into your emotional life.

A Pisces man wants you to know that he is there to be a shoulder for you to cry on whenever you need it. He may even begin to wish to handle many of your requirements and he could go above and above to assist you.

If you appear stressed or agitated, a Pisces man may offer you a massage or rush to get you some ice cream or chocolate.


If your Pisces man is attracted to you, he wants to make you happy. He’ll undoubtedly attempt to make you fall in love with him.

You can feel that you’re in a fairytale relationship because a Pisces man is known for being a daydreamer; he might bring you flowers, sing you a love song, or prepare a candlelit dinner for your second date.

A Pisces man will make arrangements with you after your first date so he may spend more time with you. You’ll discover that he’s always nearby if he likes you. When you don’t see each other in person, he’ll still communicate with you.

Because he wants to be a part of your life, your Pisces man will contact you every day by phone call, text, FaceTime, Snapchat, or other means.

First date with a Pisces man, final thoughts…

During your first date, he will be:

  • Sneaky
  • Initiative
  • Appreciative
  • Welcoming