Is The Pisces Man Controlling?

Although a Pisces man wants to have your attention, being controlling or dominating is something he would never do to get it. If you want to know the signs when a Pisces man is not controlling, you have come to the right place.

A Pisces man is not controlling because he avoids taking control and feels more assured when you take over. Instead, he will want you to take control and let you decide the pace of the relationship. A Pisces man also refuses to take the responsibility that comes with being in control.

It is also important to have a deeper understanding of the red flags of a Pisces man and how to handle them. Read further!

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Red Flags Of A Pisces Man

Although being sensitive is acceptable, a Pisces man occasionally becomes overly emotional and tends to blame his loved ones for his own failings. Because he is unable to deal with reality, he is frequently seen as illogical. Moreover, a Pisces man frequently self-victimizes without considering the other’s opinions.

This can be explained by his behavior having generally apprehensive, timid, and lacking self-assurance.

If a Pisces man doesn’t genuinely enjoy something, he won’t participate in it. He will quickly point the finger at others if he becomes involved and situations become even the least bit difficult.

His tendency to avoid conflict and place the blame on his partner is also evident in his romantic relationships. Even while a Pisces man is known for putting in long days of effort to complete a task, he usually lacks the same drive in other parts of his life.

A Pisces man is easily fooled and lacks critical thinking, which usually works against him. Due to his propensity for seeing the world through transparent lenses, he is prone to accepting even the most heinous lies. This trait of his can be annoying for someone who really cares about a Pisces man.

Is The Pisces Man Controlling?

A Pisces man isn’t normally preoccupied with wanting to be in charge of everything, but he definitely doesn’t want things out of his hands.

He is often quite understanding and may only want to make sure that your relationship is heading in the right direction. A Pisces man is not interested in making decisions for his partner because he wants her to have confidence in her ability to make the best decision.

A Pisces man just doesn’t like being in control of every element of your or his life, and he doesn’t want to be in control of you. He can also feel highly stressed out when forced into a leadership role since he is too busy thinking about everyone around him and doesn’t have the time or energy to focus on himself.

A Pisces man tends to go with the flow more since he has a keen intuition and is frequently highly spiritual. As a result, he is more willing to be adaptable and change with the environment than imposing her own preferences on others.

Occasionally, the Pisces man might be hard to read due to his laid-back temperament, but this doesn’t mean he’s easygoing or clueless about life. He is incredibly brilliant, but he doesn’t appreciate using his intelligence to control people or make decisions for them.

Instead of dishing out commands directly, a Pisces man would prefer conversing and asking questions. The Pisces man prefers to lead relationships through conversation rather than by giving orders.

Signs A Pisces Man Is Not Controlling

He avoids taking control

A Pisces man requires a dominant woman since he resists taking charge in a relationship.

If you take the initiative for him, he’ll feel more secure and relaxed. A Pisces man would rather not take control of a situation and leave things to chance, even if it means giving up some autonomy. He is also afraid that taking control would only ruin the chances of the relationship growing.

A Pisces man avoids having to shoulder responsibility, which is another thing he tries to avoid. To convince this sign to commit, you must first convince him that you have everything under control.

A Pisces man becomes anxious when left in charge. He can’t handle being in charge, so it’s crucial to avoid giving him too many responsibilities in a relationship. You will realize that your relationship with a Pisces man will work well when you take over.

He gives you control

A Pisces man won’t make the first move which is another reason why he avoids taking the lead in relationships.

He’ll pursue you, but you have to offer a clear indication that you’re interested in him first. If not, he will be silent and keep his emotions to himself even if it means losing his chance. A Pisces man also submits to your dominance and expects you to take the initiative.

You might need to set the pace for a Pisces man because he loves to take the easiest route.

He prefers to let you be the one to decide or to provide new ideas because he usually agrees to follow your lead. Very seldom would a Pisces man challenge you even if he doesn’t agree with your decision. He’ll always let you have the last word and will have no problems adjusting to your demands.

He doesn’t take responsibility

A Pisces man is attracted to women who are nurturing and strong leaders because he is not. You should know by now that he is perfectly fine lingering in the background.

He will let you handle the difficult tasks so he may focus on the enjoyable aspects of the relationship. A Pisces man will get disinterested in a relationship if it needs too much work or demands that he shoulder responsibility.

If you’re wondering how to make a Pisces man miss you, this isn’t hard to do. He will give you the reins in your relationship, so he will miss everything you do for him when you step back.

One of the reasons a Pisces man avoids accountability is so that he doesn’t have to face criticism if his schemes fail. Because he also tends to self-destruct so frequently, he will imagine others criticizing him and his ideas or decisions if he causes any annoyance or has any unintended consequences.

How To Handle A Pisces Man

Despite the fact that a Pisces man can be sensitive and even moody, he does have a romantic side.

Given that he has a romantic heart, he is looking for a partner who will be affectionate and romantic towards him as well. The most crucial thing, when it comes to gaining the heart of a Pisces man, is to show him that you’re into him and no one else.

Because of his romantic and loving nature, he will show his partner special care that other guys won’t. But to also feel special, he needs someone to do the same things for him in exchange. A Pisces man will undoubtedly be drawn to you as a result of your efforts, passion, and romanticism.

Because a Pisces man is a water sign, this makes him a very sensitive individual. He only discloses her sentiments with the person he truly loves because he isn’t very skilled at doing so.

Make sure to pay attention to his body language, ask him how he is doing, ask him about his issues, and chat with him about himself. You must act in a consistent, encouraging, and considerate manner towards a Pisces man because the simple things you do for him will mean a lot.

Is the Pisces man controlling? Final thoughts…

No, the Pisces man is not controlling because:

  • He avoids taking control
  • He gives you control
  • He doesn’t take responsibility



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