5 Ways A Pisces Man Handles Divorce

A Pisces man values all of his relationships so much that breaking things off with him may make him feel depressed. If you want to know how a Pisces man handles divorce, you have come to the right place.

A Pisces man handles divorce by letting his emotions hurt, which makes it hard for him to move on. He will continuously check up on you on social media or through your friends because he can’t seem to get you out of his mind.

A Pisces man becomes expressive and won’t hesitate to let you know how much he is hurting.

Before we begin, you should know what a Pisces man needs in a relationship and how to know when he is done with you. Read on!

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What A Pisces Man Needs In A Relationship

A Pisces man needs a partner who recognizes his sensitive and sympathetic nature as being natural; only then will he remain interested in the relationship. He needs the validation of his emotions, the absorption of love and affection, and the acceptance of himself as he is.

A Pisces man has spent his entire life seeking the ideal relationship and the right partner to complete him.

The Pisces man seeks to establish a harmonious partnership based on boundless emotions and spirituality. Though he is frequently unpredictable and changes his mind, you should learn to see this as a benefit because it means he always brings something fresh to the relationship.

The Pisces man wants his partner to encourage him and perhaps follow him as he pursues his idealistic goals.

Pisces Man As A Husband

If you’ve made the decision to marry a Pisces man, things will likely grow quite passionate between you two.

Regardless of how long you spend with him, he will write you poems and bring you a lot of flowers. You might have the most romantic relationship you’ve ever had because a Pisces man will show you love every day.

Along with his capacity for generosity and adaptability, the Pisces man’s capacity for unconditional love and forgiveness will also be highlighted in your marriage. He’ll go to great lengths as your husband to make you happy since, when it comes to his spouse, he doesn’t really care about his own needs.

When A Pisces Man Is Done With You

A Pisces man will start to make unreasonable and false assumptions. He is aware that his behavior is improper, and it’s possible that he will blame you for his own shortcomings.

As a result, when he starts treating you poorly, you should be aware that something is amiss. Until he successfully nurtures a relationship with someone else, a Pisces man may isolate himself.

You may anticipate that despite his decision to end things with you, he will still feel unsure about his actions and remarks due to his inherent insecurities. Additionally, a Pisces man might deliberately try to undermine you in front of your social and emotional connections in an effort to insult or upset you.

2 Ways To Break Up With A Pisces Man

Stay calm

As he is a renowned emotional person, think about ways that you can also employ to maintain his mental state calm. You should keep your composure at this time since one of the worst consequences you can anticipate is that he will try to sabotage you after the breakup.

This doesn’t imply you should stop breaking up with a Pisces man, but you should shift the topic of your conversation.

You’d do well to maintain him in a mature and receptive frame of mind, so utilize your intimate knowledge of his personality to keep you from saying or doing anything that makes him defensive.

Be honest

You’ll see that when bringing up the conversation, it requires a delicate balance between sensitivity and directness. There is no point in trying to hurt a Pisces man emotionally, as that will just make things more difficult.

It’s possible that he will try to play you off against each other by shifting the blame away from himself.

It’s likely that a Pisces man will act in a negative way when you inform him about your choice. Since you may have feelings about what happens, you should make sure that your words are relevant to the facts of the issue.

5 Ways A Pisces Man Handles Divorce

He can’t move on

A Pisces man takes a long time to move on after a breakup, even once he’s done with you. Even though he may start seeing someone else right away, he is still thinking about you and is frantically seeking a new relationship to help him move on from you.

Despite the fact that a Pisces man is the one who dumped you, he still misses you a lot since he develops strong attachments to his love partners.

After your divorce, you might hear that your Pisces man is out having fun with his friends or perhaps going on dates with other women. However, this doesn’t mean that he has emotionally recovered; rather, he is likely using partying and other women as a rebound in an effort to get over you.

He becomes expressive

A Pisces man is highly sensitive, emotional, and in touch with his emotions. You can expect that he will wear his heart on his sleeve and isn’t hesitant to speak his mind. After a divorce, if a Pisces man is hurt, he doesn’t try to hide it.

He feels at ease telling everyone around him that he is having a difficult time rather than trying to be fine when he is not.

A Pisces man doesn’t think it’s essential or helpful to ignore his emotions rather than work through them; it’s not that he seeks sympathy or attention from anyone. He simply thinks that it is pointless to mask his pain and act like the divorce didn’t affect him as much.

A Pisces man would prefer to express his pain than to try to hold it all inside.

He checks up on you

Don’t be embarrassed to let him know that you are struggling after your divorce if you’re wondering how to make a Pisces man feel guilty. He sincerely wants the best for his previous relationships, unlike some signs who are vindictive and desire that their ex-partners never get over their loss.

A Pisces man won’t mind seeing pictures of you living your best life without him since he wants to see you flourish, even without him.

While some signs never look back after a breakup and rarely think about their ex-partners, a Pisces man becomes far too emotionally attached to his loves to behave in such a way.

He becomes depressed

No matter how chaotic or toxic the relationship was, a Pisces man never feels good after getting a divorce. After a romance ends, he may isolate himself to heal and he requires some alone time to absorb his feelings.

When you date a Pisces man, you will always have a particular place in his heart which is why it is hard for him to move on.

Your Pisces man is likely to experience depression following a breakup since his emotions make him inherently more vulnerable to depression than other signs of the zodiac. It may be easy for him to recover physically from a breakup, but it usually doesn’t take him as long to recover emotionally.

He thinks about you

Your Pisces man is still following you on social media, even if he doesn’t communicate with you directly. You were a significant part of his life, after all, so he checks your online accounts to see what you’ve been up to and how you’re doing.

He won’t support you in the same way he did when you were together, but he still has you on his mind occasionally and doesn’t want to hurt you.

Your Pisces man will undoubtedly bring you up to your mutual friends because he is so curious about how you have been doing since the breakup. He will inquire about your mood, recent activities, and current relationships.

A Pisces man wishes you well and hopes you are content, regardless of how difficult the marriage was or how awful the divorce was.

5 ways a Pisces man handles divorce, final thoughts…

  • He can’t move on
  • He becomes expressive
  • He checks up on you
  • He becomes depressed
  • He thinks about you



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