Are Sagittarius Women Loyal Partners?

A Sagittarius woman constantly needs excitement in her life which makes it difficult for her to commit to relationships. If you want to know if a Sagittarius woman is a loyal partner, you have stumbled upon the right article!

A Sagittarius woman is not loyal because she is constantly looking for interesting and new things to do in life due to her free spirit and adventurous side. Committing is not something she is good at because she gets easily bored when staying in one relationship.

Read further to know more about the signs when a Sagittarius woman is cheating on you and the signs when she isn’t being loyal!

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Can You Trust A Sagittarius Woman?

Although it is a good thing that a Sagittarius woman has a hard time hiding the truth, this could also be something negative. You may appreciate her honesty but this doesn’t hide the fact that you can always trust her behavior.

Don’t be surprised to discover that a Sagittarius woman has gone behind your back. Her constant need to try new things and her desire to wander makes her extremely unreliable.

Because a Sagittarius woman is naturally independent, she will cheat because she enjoys exploring new experiences in life. Life is all about being spontaneous for her and she detests being restrained in any circumstance that prevents her from expressing her freedom.

A Sagittarius woman enters a relationship without any emotional attachment. She may take some time before she begins to emotionally connect with the other person but there is no guarantee that she will stay. She desires to experience everything and you can blame it on her impulsive and impatient nature.

Is The Sagittarius Woman A  Loyal Partner?

You don’t frequently see a Sagittarius woman stay from the loyal path in a relationship. The fact that this sign is still human and will eventually give in to certain urges or, in some circumstances, be compelled to do so, is not unusual.

A partner who doesn’t appreciate her need to move freely will immediately turn her off which gives her the urge to cheat. Hence, it is true that a Sagittarius woman tends to cheat more frequently than the other signs of the zodiac.

It’s difficult to blame a Sagittarius woman considering that she is constantly looking for interesting and new things to do in life due to her free spirit and adventurous temperament. One of her main drawbacks is her propensity towards dishonesty even if she has no intention of hurting you.

She simply lives her life in this manner and it makes no difference whether it is physical or emotional. A Sagittarius woman is aware that what she is doing might hurt her partner, but she keeps doing this to keep herself from getting bored.

A Sagittarius woman despises regulations and only abides by her own norms. No matter how much she claims to love you, commitment goes against her primal nature. If she doesn’t have enough freedom in other areas of her life, she can succumb to her desire to wander.

Because she enjoys having a good time and learning new things, the Sagittarius woman cannot maintain a committed relationship. She may enjoy cheating on her partner since she cannot live with one person and would become bored if she attempts to stay in one relationship.

Signs A Sagittarius Woman Is Cheating On You

She avoids intimacy

A Sagittarius woman can abruptly lose interest in getting intimate with you if she’s cheating, or she might avoid your touches altogether. Watch for sudden changes in how often you touch, kiss, and engage in sexual activity.

A Sagittarius woman might not want to be as personal with you, in which case she might resist sex or pull away when you kiss her.

Your Sagittarius woman will probably start to distance herself if she is cheating. She could find it awkward to act like a pair in public because she is seeing someone else.

When you attempt to hold her hand, give her a hug, or kiss her, pay attention if she begins to draw away at any point. You can also try public displays of affection and observe whether your Sagittarius woman shies away from them.

She is secretive

Watch how a Sagittarius woman uses her computer and phone when you’re not looking. Check to see if she attempts to conceal her device’s screen from you while she is using it. She’ll probably use her technological gadgets to speak with her new partner if she’s cheating.

A Sagittarius woman will be unhappy if she thinks you might see these conversations since she’ll want to keep them private.

Don’t assume that your Sagittarius woman is cheating just because she doesn’t want you to check her phone—wanting to keep her phone private is common.

If a Sagittarius woman and you used to share a phone, you can notice that she deletes texts frequently; this could also be a sign of her cheating on you.

She declines your invites

A Sagittarius woman may start to act more irritable, obstinate, and stubborn than normal if she is dissatisfied in a relationship. Although she can occasionally be stubborn, she is frequently receptive to invites for possible date night activities.

If your Sagittarius woman is cheating on you, she will never want to do anything you suggest. Either you two comply with her wishes or you won’t hang out at all.

When a Sagittarius woman is cheating on you, you will more frequently than anybody else witness her obstinate side. When it comes to even the smallest issues, she will not compromise.

She’ll want to decide what the two of you do every time. This is due to the fact that she doesn’t care about your enjoyment and is simply concerned with herself and her pleasure.

Signs A Sagittarius Woman Isn’t Being Loyal To You

She is inconsiderate

Even though emotions might be challenging for her at times, a Sagittarius woman cares about the feelings of the people she loves. If this sign is cheating on you though, she won’t care about how you feel. When a Sagittarius woman doesn’t care about you, she won’t care whether her behavior offends you.

When you express your displeasure to your Sagittarius woman, she doesn’t consider changing her behavior or paying attention. It’s a warning sign if she once cared about your feelings but is now uncaring. A Sagittarius woman will stop caring about your feelings when she is cheating on you.

She ignores you

A Sagittarius woman who is cheating on you would ignore you nonstop because she already got what she wanted with someone else. She will quit talking to you if you tell her that you want to talk about your relationship or do anything with her.

A Sagittarius woman won’t be motivated to accomplish anything else with you.

Your Sagittarius woman may suddenly have to depart to take care of other business or stop responding to texts. She may occasionally neglect you or take a while to respond to a text if she is trying to keep her distance from you.

It’s not uncommon for a Sagittarius woman to ghost someone when she isn’t being loyal. Moreover, she frequently won’t bother to inform you about her whereabouts.

She avoids serious discussions

When she isn’t being loyal to you, your Sagittarius woman will steer clear of any meaningful conversations regarding your relationship. She will generally let you know if she’s not ready to talk and it may take forever.

If a Sagittarius woman has become uncertain about what she wants from the relationship, she’ll let you know.

If a Sagittarius woman is cheating on you, she won’t make an effort to connect with you anymore. She will utterly disregard you if you try to talk to her about your feelings. Even if she isn’t cheating on you, a Sagittarius woman may occasionally pull away.

Although it takes time for a Sagittarius woman to open up, when she’s being unfaithful, she won’t engage in any real conversation.

Are Sagittarius women loyal partners? Final thoughts…

No, they are not because:

  • They seek new things
  • They are free-spirited
  • They are adventurous
  • They have commitment issues
  • They are easily bored