How To Tell If A Sagittarius Woman Is Lying

Because a Sagittarius woman tries to be honest as much as she can, hiding the truth is something that she cannot do well. If you want to know the signs when a Sagittarius woman is lying, you have come to the right place.

A Sagittarius woman is lying to you if you notice that she is starting to ignore your messages and avoids discussing her behavior recently. She will also start to distance herself from you by being rude and making excuses as to why she cannot spend more time with you.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Sagittarius woman is not interested and how to make her fall in love again. Read on!

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Weaknesses Of A Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius woman tends to be overly concerned with the present, which can make her appear irresponsible. She walks the line between being carefree and being irresponsible, frequently behaving impulsively yet disregarding the consequences of her choices. This is also a result of a Sagittarius woman’s tendency to be overly optimistic.

One of a Sagittarius woman’s main weaknesses causes her to occasionally take risks without thinking about the consequences that come with it. She will fail to carefully consider her actions because she becomes too preoccupied with the possibilities. Also, while optimism is typically a positive trait, it can turn out to be a Sagittarius woman’s greatest weakness when overused.

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5 Signs A Sagittarius Woman Is Lying

She avoids discussions

A Sagittarius woman is lying to you because of her lack of desire to talk with you. She usually enjoys conversing with others and one way she receives information and discovers more about the world is through this. A Sagittarius woman will pay attention to you if she is interested in you or what you are discussing. If she has nothing to hide from you, she’ll make an effort to start talking with you as frequently as possible.

Even if you are cordial, a Sagittarius woman who is hiding something from you will stop any form of communication with you. She is not the best at lying, so she knows that she can unintentionally say something that she’ll regret later. If a Sagittarius woman would rather be talking to someone else and she won’t waste his time talking about it with you.

She ignores your messages

A Sagittarius woman may begin ignoring your communications when she is not being completely honest with you. She will simply ignore your messages because she is trying to think of other excuses, or she won’t even attempt to respond to you. Even when you approach a Sagittarius woman with a different subject, she will still try to avoid you.

A Sagittarius woman is hiding something from you if she frequently puts you on read and doesn’t respond for several days or weeks. If she had nothing to hide from you, she would make an effort to reply at least occasionally. If a Sagittarius woman doesn’t need something from you, she won’t bother keeping in touch.

She is rude

If a Sagittarius woman is lying to you, she may start to be rude toward you. Sometimes, she might not even be aware that she is being impolite because she is just attempting to push you away. When a Sagittarius woman appears uninterested in what you have to say, she may act in ways such as walking away while you are talking.

A Sagittarius woman won’t be interested in sticking around if she doesn’t care about you or what you have to say. Even if she has nothing to be worried about, she will naturally act interested around someone who is talking. A Sagittarius woman won’t deliberately try to be rude to you if she feels obligated to be so.

She is distant

Your Sagittarius woman will stop being affectionate with you, so you’ll be able to tell right away if she is behaving differently. She usually loves to spend time with the people close to her heart, so take this as a big sign. A Sagittarius woman will start to distance herself from you because she is either guilty or spending her time with another man.

If she isn’t being sincere in your relationship, a Sagittarius woman will not make physical contact with you. She is trying to give you a hint that she would rather be spending her time with someone else if she does this. Your Sagittarius woman may find this easier as a way to leave the relationship because she cannot think of another lie for her excuses.

She never spends time

A Sagittarius woman doesn’t have a lot of free time yet she will make time for the person she genuinely wants to spend time with. She will refuse to invite you to all of her plans because she may have already asked another person out. A Sagittarius woman may also stop spending time with you because she feels guilty about the lies she has done recently.

If a Sagittarius woman is hiding something from you, she’ll constantly be too busy to hang out and won’t invite you to go places with her. A Sagittarius woman thinks that she won’t get caught if she frequently ignores you and declines to make arrangements with you.

Signs A Sagittarius Woman Is Not Interested

She excludes you

The typical Sagittarius woman seeks to make everyone feel included and a part of the group, and she has a very kind and hospitable demeanor. She will include you in conversations, introduce you to people, and make sure you always have a full drink in your hand if she likes you or thinks of you as a potential partner.

A Sagittarius woman would, however, exclude you if she doesn’t care about you or doesn’t like you. Most of the time, she isolates you unintentionally since she is preoccupied with her family and friends and is not concerned about you. But if a Sagittarius woman deliberately rejects your invitations, turns her back on you, or leaves events when you arrive, that indicates that she doesn’t like you at all.

She ignores you

A Sagittarius woman ignoring you indicates that he has no romantic interest in you. She’s a laid-back extrovert, so she’s not likely attempting to be obnoxious or spiteful. Don’t be irritated if a Sagittarius woman interrupts you when you’re speaking because she tends to do this to all of her friends and talk over people.

A Sagittarius woman just finds it difficult to wait for her turn to speak since she gets so fired up and enthusiastic about the subject. Yet if she purposely avoids your route and ignores you when you speak to her directly, a Sagittarius woman is most likely not interested in you.

She hides you

A Sagittarius woman in love will want to brag about and try to include her lover in her social group. In order to boast about what a catch he is and to find out what her friends think of him, she will be eager to present the man she likes to them.

Yet, if she won’t let you meet her friends and family, which is a sure sign that a Sagittarius woman is either playing you or doesn’t like you. She won’t invite you to occasions where they will be present and will only hang out with you alone. A Sagittarius woman keeps you under wraps and is hesitant to introduce you to the significant individuals in her life.

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How To Make A Sagittarius Woman Fall In Love With You Again

Making a Sagittarius woman laugh, and by laughing, not just a nice little giggle, is the most important rule for attracting her. Jupiter, the god of laughter and joy, rules this sign, which is known for its energetic, somewhat irreverent sense of humor. Hence, a Sagittarius woman primarily seeks a partner who shares her lighthearted outlook on life.

Those who are continually complaining about their issues and worrying about the bad state of the world turn a Sagittarius woman off. Have a positive look on your face at all times, be upbeat and cheery, and maintain your good attitude to increase your chances of making your Sagittarius woman fall in love with you again.

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How to tell if a Sagittarius woman is lying, final thoughts…

If a Sagittarius woman is lying to you:

  • She avoids discussions
  • She ignores your messages
  • She is rude
  • She is distant
  • She never spends time



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