3 Ways To Choose A Career According To Astrology

What Career To Choose According To Astrology

Everyone has heard the question: “So, what kind of career do you want”, and it’s tough to answer, especially with so many choices! Luckily, astrology has your back.

I’d like to offer three different ways to narrow down you options using astrology and your natal chart, so that you can answer the question: “What career should I choose according to astrology”

The best way to use astrology to find which career you should choose is to look at what planets are in your 9th and 12th house of you natal chart. Your possible careers are based on the planets that fall into those spots! You can also use your midheaven and ruling elements to further narrow your choices. 

Before we jump into the 9th and 12th houses, I want to point to the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page.  I’ve listed a number of articles, that I know you will enjoy.  Make sure you check them out!

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Why are the 9th and 12th houses so important?

In a fascinating study by Michel Gauquelin, who analyzed the correlation between astrological placements and career, found that the planets which fell into your 9th and 12th house had statistically significant implications on your destiny and career interests. (There was a subsequent study to Gauquelin’s completed with 500 US subjects, see details here.)

In Gauquelin’s study, he found that these planets had the following effects:

  • Mars: Athletes, Armymen, and Physicians
  • Jupiter: Actors and Politicians
  • Saturn: Scientists
  • The Moon: Writers

Just to clarify, to help find what career you should go into, if you don’t need to look at what signs occupy the 9th and 12th house, you just need to know what planets are in that sector of the sky.

If you’d like to see a natal chart that can show where the planets were at your time of birth, I would recommend Astro charts! It’s a personal favorite of mine for creating detailed natal charts of myself and others.

Here’s a practical example: If the moon was in the 12th house when you were born, that implies that you likely have some great writing skills!

But this is a relatively newer concept, and it has a couple of downsides. For example,

  • What happens if Uranus, Neptune, or Mercury fill your 12th and 9th houses? Or,
  • What if your houses are simply empty?

Luckily, this doesn’t imply that you’re destined to be unemployed!

More traditional variants of astrology can also help you decide what career is well suited to your personality.

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The Midheaven and Your Career

Western astrologists have traditionally used the Midheaven to find your dream job. The midheaven is not a planet. Rather, it is a spiritual point, a place of spiritual significance. It is literally “the middle of the sky”, but for some odd reason referred to as “MC” on natal charts.

On your natal chart, you’ll find the midheaven on the cusp of the 9th and 10th houses. If you’re having some trouble visualizing this, don’t worry, here’s a visual!

Image Source – Illustration of the MC

Notice the Midheaven is right at the top of the chart. Why? Because it holds our highest aspirations, greatest dreams, and worldly desires. The midheaven describes how we interact with the world and governs our public life.

Think of the midheaven as how the world will remember your legacy. The mission that you sought out, your social status and reputation, and your attitude.

Because of this, the MC is one of the traditional astrology tools for helping you choose your career. While the MC can be more vaguer it can still help you find a general area!

If you want to read more about a current athlete with Mars in his Midheaven, read about LeBron James.

Here are a few pathways for each midheaven sign:

Aries: Aries’ mid-heaven is hot-headed and a bit competitive, so it’s only natural that a fast-paced job is fit for Aries. They aren’t afraid of getting down and dirty, so they aren’t afraid of some manual labor either.

Taurus: The lover of ~the finer things~ in life and wants to surround themselves with beauty. The love of luxury and aesthetics can imply a real estate agent, or perhaps even a gardener.

Gemini: Chatterbox Gemini is curious, has a great imagination, and likes chaos a little too much. Perhaps journalism (only on the most controversial topics!), or something that induces pulse-pounding adrenaline, like day trading.

Cancer: Caring, sympathetic, and nurturing, Cancer needs to choose a career that lets them use their endless empathy and kindness. Caregiving, Hospitality, and teaching come to mind for this sign.

Leo: The lion loves attention and a bit of drama. Anything related to the public sphere, such as singing, acting, or anything creative.

Virgo: Detail-oriented Virgo thrives in any environment that calls for cautiousness and requires an eye for precision: Writers, Librarians, and Researchers are good examples.

Libra: Yearning for justice and aesthetics, Libra thrives in a career where their social skills can shine: The arts, public relations, comedy, or diplomats are good examples. 

Scorpio: Passionate and power-hungry Scorpio wants prestige and recognition for their work. Activism, academia, or detective work are some examples of positions that could synergize with Scorpio’s intense look into everyday life.

Sagittarius: Laid back and wise Sagittarius wants a career where they can bring hope, inspiration, and fun to the world. Writers, musicians, activists, and philosophers are some pathways that Sagittarius may like!

Capricorn: This sign is stoic, money-hungry, and serious about their career. Honestly, anything related to management or handling massive amounts of cash would make a Capricorn MC happy. So Finance sounds like it’s right down their alley.

Aquarius: This altruistic freedom fighter is enormously creative and doesn’t mind taking some risks. With that said, becoming an inventor, entrepreneur, or artist might satisfy this sign’s desire to stick out from the crowd.

Pisces: Last but not least is Pisces. This sign has a strong sense of intuition and desires kindness, and harmony, and can create deep connections with others. Because of this, some careers this sign could consider are therapy, psychics, or art.                        

Using your Ruling Elements

Another more traditional (ie: older) method used by some astrologists is to look at someone’s entire chart, look for what kind of sign pops up the most often, and then predict that a certain career will suit them,

An example of this would be someone with a Pisces sun, Scorpio moon, and Cancer Mars and Venus. Since all of those signs are water signs, they would look into a career that appeals to water signs!

So which sorts of jobs should the elements be keeping an eye out for?

Water signs

If many of your planets are water signs, that means that you are an emotionally driven person whose kindness, empathy, and intuition are unmatched. You connect very well with others and have an uncanny ability to detect what others are feeling. You’re mainly motivated by your heart, not your head.

Water signs feel at home when they are helping others, or peacefully expressing kindness. This desire can manifest itself in different ways. Some water signs might take a preference for nurturing children and becoming teachers, whereas others might want to heal the sick and enter the medical field. 

Since they naturally understand and connect with others, they can also enter psychology, therapy, or charity work. Lastly, the water signs have a creative spark within them, letting them excel at writing and the arts.

Air Signs

If most of your signs are air signs, then you are mainly motivated by intellect. Air signs love mental stimulation in their day-to-day lives and can’t live without it. They enjoy communicating, exchanging new ideas, and even some debate. They don’t mind a little bit of chaos in their lives either, so they can have a wide variety of careers open.

They can be skilled journalists, philosophers, and professors, and surprisingly are very tech-savvy! Computer science, electrician work, engineering, all air sign-friendly jobs.

Earth signs

They have a study head on their shoulders, great work ethics, and are very detail-oriented thinkers who plan and have a knack for solving some tough problems that require some practical knowledge.

They are not so much interested in abstract things (e.g.: Emotional connections, communication) as they are in actualizing real things.

Because of this, they are good financial planners, administrators, librarians, accountants, etc.

Fire signs

Last but not least; fire signs are impulsive, enthusiastic go-getters who are natural-born leaders and do-ers. They aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty or working hard and feed off constant action. They hate standing still! They need some sense of adventure or more importantly, competition satisfied.

Their competitive nature and aggressive style make them well suited for law enforcement, armed forces, sales, reporters, and maybe a career in politics.

Does this mean that I only have a few real career options?

No! This article is by no means a definitive piece, it is to help guide you in the right direction by showing you some basic ways to help you find your calling. It can help a lot to look at the rest of your natal chart too.

You never know what kind of details your chart reveals about you that you may not have known before. There are all sorts of aspects and types of formations in natal charts that can steer your destiny in a different direction.

Lastly of course is learning by doing. There are some things in life that you cannot truly know unless you experience it firsthand, and discovering what career you want is one of those things.

Astrology is there to help you, not dictate to you. You can learn a lot about yourself or get a general sense of where you are heading with it.

Treat Astrology as a navigational tool: You may control where you go, but some navigational tools can help you get to your destination quicker.

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