Does Your Rising Sign Affect Compatibility?

Does Your Rising Sign Affect Compatibility?

According to astrology, certain signs are a match made in heaven while some may not work well together. Gemini is perfect for an Aquarius, but Taurus and Leo? You may have to think twice about that. We usually base our compatibility on the Sun signs, but ever wonder if your Rising sign affects compatibility too?

Your Rising sign plays a part in your compatibility with your partner or potential lover. The Rising sign (also known as the Ascendant) describes how we reveal ourselves to other people and how they initially perceive us. Therefore, our initial attraction toward a romantic partner would be based on our Rising sign.

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OK, let’s take a look at Rising Signs and what they are, then we can dive into the compatibility of the Rising signs.

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What is the Rising Sign?

The Rising sign, or Ascendant, is one sign that we must take note of to understand ourselves. It is part of what is called the ‘big three’, alongside the Sun and Moon signs. It is the sign rising on the eastern horizon during the time an individual is born.

You can calculate your Rising sign if you know your exact birth time and place.

Our Ascendant reveals how we project ourselves to other people and how they initially perceive us. It shows how we react to the environment and describes how we act to get our needs and desires.

Air signs on the Ascendant usually appear interested and forward, while Earth signs want to take things one at a time until they become comfortable in people and situations.

Fire signs, on the other hand, tend to look self-assertive and outgoing, while Water signs on the Ascendant seem emotional and always in need of connection.

Many times, our Ascendant takes over the principal role in our chart. The Sun sign is just one piece of the puzzle, and knowing your Ascendant is another vital part of learning about your entire true self.

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Astrology in Romantic Compatibility

Let us then move forward as to why you are here in this article: to learn about the compatibility of the Rising signs.

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Compatibility between the Rising Signs

Our Ascendant’s role is vital, especially at the beginning of a romance. It is how we show ourselves in the world and reveal our persona to others, so people get to assess us based on their initial impression of us. Our Rising sign does play a role in that initial attraction and connection between potential partners.

If you have already calculated your Rising sign or your partner’s, you can use that along with your Sun signs to read your compatibility.

Note that your Rising sign would likely attract and be attracted to its sister sign. Sister signs are two signs placed opposite to each other on the zodiac. Opposites attract, as they say. Sister signs share modality (cardinal, fixed, or mutable) and are congenial. Congenial elements are air and fire, and earth and water.

The sister signs are the following

Cardinal Signs

  • Aries (fire) and Libra (air)
  • Cancer (water) and Capricorn (earth)

Fixed Signs

  • Aquarius (air) and Leo (fire)
  • Scorpio (water) and Taurus (earth)

Mutable Signs

  • Pisces (water) and Virgo (earth)
  • Gemini (air) and Sagittarius (fire)

Characteristics of each Ascendant

You may wonder, “So what makes my rising sign attracted to certain signs? Why are they attracted to my Rising sign?”

Each sign represents different characteristics, strengths, and vulnerabilities of a person. Below is a short description of how each Rising sign of the zodiac portrays an individual:

Aries Rising

Aries ascendants tend to act quickly in any scenario. Sometimes they jump into a situation without even thinking of the possible consequences of their action. People with Aries Rising are perceived as dynamic and enthusiastic individuals.

Libra gets drawn to Aries because being the cautious individuals that they are, they are in awe of the boldness Aries exhibits.

Taurus Rising

Taurus ascendants take things slow and steadfast. They usually radiate confidence and security. They are very passionate, firm, and rational, but could also be very stubborn.

Scorpio is attracted to Taurus because the latter has a direct and honest nature that the former needs, being the complex and mysterious individuals that they are.

Gemini Rising

Gemini ascendants are always curious about the world. They are very insightful and intelligent. Their weakness is usually their fickle-mindedness.

Sagittarius is attracted to Gemini because of their outgoing personality. Sagittarius is the fire that needs Gemini (the air) to light their passion.

Cancer Rising

Cancer ascendants are usually perceived as caring and kind individuals. They can also be sensitive, which can be their weakness.

Capricorns is attracted to Cancer because they love how caring and nurturing they are. Capricorns could come off as cold individuals, so they need the warmth of the Crab.

Leo Rising

You will notice a Leo ascendant right away because they love the limelight. Their desire for attention can come across as overbearing and egotistic. However, what people like about them is their enthusiastic and friendly personality.

Aquarius is attracted to Leo because they appreciate how the Lion confidently expresses themselves. They are total opposites, but they complement each other’s flaws and vulnerabilities very well.

Virgo Rising

What people first see in Virgo ascendants is their composed and intellectual aura. It takes time for them to warm up to others and are usually demure. Individuals with Virgo Rising in their charts are simple and efficient.

Pisces is a water sign that is easily pulled by Virgo. They are inspired by how hardworking Virgos are. As visionaries, Pisces want to work hard to make their dreams and ideas come true.

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Libra Rising

Libra ascendants are natural charmers. People are easily attracted to their fun and friendly aura. They also tend to have a careless and happy-go-lucky demeanor, which often is their weakness.

The hot-tempered Aries is attracted to Libra because Librans like to bring nothing but peace and fairness.

Scorpio Rising

Scorpio ascendants display a strong personality. They are also very mysterious.

Their weakness comes from being obsessive, complex, and sometimes domineering. Taurus is fascinated by Scorpio’s nature, and they are these two signs in the zodiac that share an extreme sensual attraction.

Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius ascendants love adventure and being spontaneous. They are very eager to see and experience new things. Because of that spontaneity, their weakness comes from being careless at times.

Gemini is attracted to Sagittarius because of their spontaneous and spirited energy that can bring more fun if they ever get into a relationship.

Capricorn Rising

Capricorn ascendants are seen as serious individuals who do not mess around. They are practical and adamant.

Capricorn folks may come across as headstrong and solitary. Being all emotional and warm, Cancer is charmed by Capricorn’s seriousness.

Aquarius Rising

What people first notice with Aquarius ascendants are their uniqueness and individuality. They are very confident, intelligent, and efficient, yet they can get careless and contemptuous.

Nothing intrigues Leo the most other than Aquarius’ authenticity. Leos are very bold and confident, and they need the bluntness of an Aquarian.

Pisces Rising

Pisces ascendants are viewed as artists full of passion. They have a very dreamy personality and are seen as gentle and soft. They can get very emotional, as well as ambivalent and nonsensical.

Because Virgo is usually composed and has an intellectual characteristic, they are intrigued by Pisces’ imagination. They would want to be with the Fish and get lost from reality every once in a while.

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In a Nutshell…

Much of our personality is defined by the position of the sun at birth, so we know our Sun signs tell us a lot about our compatibility with other people. However, our personalities and life experiences are also affected by various aspects of our birth chart. Our Ascendant is one of those aspects.

The Rising Sign, or Ascendant, is an interesting feature of our birth chart. Our Ascendant is like the mask we carry when we meet other people for the first time. It is our Ascendant that shines when people assess us with their initial impression.

Our Rising sign affects why and how we get attracted to others, and vice versa, so it does play a part in our compatibility with other people – be it romantic or platonic. 

Always remember, however, that building a healthy relationship and making it last cannot be dictated solely by our natal charts. It is still up to you to be fully committed and fully respectful of your relationship with your significant other or potential lover to make everything work at its best.

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