Can You Solve These Brainteasers In Under 27 Seconds?

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If you are looking for a little fun, then you’ve come to the right place. These xyz brainteasers have left some baffled. Can you solve them in time?

Let’s start off with a fairly easy one. Some of these can be very difficult.

In this image we highlight the zodiac. Each sign is represented here. Cancer, Leo, Aries, etc.. Hidden within this image is a snake. Can you find it?

Find the hidden snake!

Were you able to find the snake? This was an easy one. When I first tried, I found the snake in under 10 seconds. Did you beat me? Here is the solution.

Find the snake - Answer

This next brainteaser is inspired by romance and compatibility… On the left side there are 8 couples, can you find each couple in the group on the right?

Find the 8 Couples in this little brainteaser…

Find the eight couples...

That was a little tougher than the first one, wasn’t it? Were you able to find all eight couples in under 27 seconds? Scroll down to see the answer.

Find the eight couples... (answer)

OK. That was tougher, wasn’t it? This next one is easier. In this image there are a group of guys camping. Among all the campers there is a girl. Can you find her?

Where is the girl, camping with the boys?

What did I tell you, that wasn’t so tough? I was luck with this one. I spotted her right away. Did you? Here is the solution…

Where is the girl, camping with the boys? (answer)

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Can you find the 24 singles in this group?

The last brainteaser was pretty easy. Now for a tougher one. This took me almost a minute to complete. You may recognize the image from before, but the people have been shuffled a little. There are 8 couples shown on the left side, but 40 people on the right side. Can you find the 24 singles that are not on the left?

Find the 24 singles...

This was much tougher… I found it hard to keep track. I ended up finding the couples first and by process of elimination, I found all the singles. How did you find them all? Here is the solution!

Find the 24 singles (answer)

This next puzzle is again inspired by love and romance. With cupid in the air, let’s find the cupid who doesn’t have a pair… (nice rhyme, that was accidental). Have you wondered why you are compatible with some people but not with others? Read about how each zodiac sign is compatible with the others here.

Find the cupid without a twin!

This one was a little trickier than first expected. When I tried this brainteaser first, I thought I had the answer and was about to check when I noticed the one I found had a pair. Did you find the cupid without a twin right away?

Here is the solution.

Find the Cherub without a twin - Answer!

To keep with the same love and romance theme. In this image we have a busy apartment building. Many singles and couples are living their lives. Can you find the couple who are in love?

Find the couple in love!

Wasn’t that fun? I as initially fooled by the girl in the blue dress, I thought she was in love holding hands with the guy in the green coat. Then I did a second scan of the building and found the couple who were definitely in love. Were you fooled by any of the images?

Here is the answer.

Find the couple in love - Answer

Find the Angel without a pair

In this image we have a bunch of angels hanging out in the clouds. Each angel has a pair except one. Can you find the one angel without a pair?

Find the angel without a pair

The thing I like about this image is that many of the pairs are in different positions, so it makes finding the single angel a little tricky. This one took me 27 seconds, what about you? Did you find the angel in under 27 seconds?

Here is the answer

Find the angel without a pair (answer)

I hope you found this fun. I really enjoyed creating this for you. I want to thank Petya Karadzhova & Ludmila Beklemesheva, my graphic artists, for creating these images for me. I think they did a great job!

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