Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Sun Compatibility

In this article, we will discuss the Aquarius-Aquarius romantic relationship! This will be a comprehensive overview of the romantic relationship between Aquarius-Aquarius and how compatible they are in a romantic relationship!

This article will also tell how this Aquarius-Aquarius pairing ranks up the compatibility scale in terms of romance, sex, financial, spiritual, and intellectual aspects of the relationship.

This Aquarius-Aquarius compatibility overview applies to all genders as long as both parties involved in the romantic relationship have their Sun sign in these respective signs.

To get to know more about this couple we will dissect their relationship aspects into parts:

  • Aquarius-Aquarius Emotional Compatibility
  • Aquarius-Aquarius Sexual Compatibility
  • Aquarius-Aquarius Spiritual Compatibility
  • Aquarius-Aquarius Financial Compatibility
  • Aquarius-Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility

Table of Contents

Aquarius Sun – Aquarius Sun Romantic Relationships Overview

Aquarius-Aquarius romantic pairing is a strong and unbreakable match! Aquarius-Aquarius couples often have stealth love that is characterized by rational and commitment. Aquarius-Aquarius couples often start as friends and as they progress their relationship romance blooms.

Aquarius-Aquarius relationships often favor friends to lovers tropes. Aquarius is a generally romantically dry sign that is often more concerned about humanitarian and logical pursuits. Nevertheless, Aquarius-Aquarius couples often start their relationships in a very erratic and abrupt way.

Aquarius-Aquarius romantic couples are unproblematic and unbothered. They started as platonic friends and turned into passionate lovers. This means they already have strong foundations within the relationship and that they’re highly trusting of each other.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples are truly unmatched and unfazed! They tend to have a healthy and progressive relationship!

Alongside that, unlike other couples who go for norms and conventional ideas. Aquarius-Aquarius couples are rebellious in their ways. Often Aquarius-Aquarius pairing treats their partners as equals in the relationship.

They both have a say in what goes on in the relationship. Not only that, both Aquarius in the relationship are extremely independent!

The traditional ruler of Aquarius is Saturn, this makes Aquarius naturally logical, practical, and inquisitive despite being an air sign. Zodiac signs with an affinity to air are seen and perceived as more carefree and easygoing.

This is not the case for Aquarius, often there is a stoic and brooding personality that comes with being an Aquarius.

This is why Aquarius-Aquarius relationships work so well! Despite their cold and detached nature. Both Aquarius in the relationship will feel and understand each other. The amount of bonding and connection between Aquarius and Aquarius couples will be intense and deeply soothing for both of them!

Furthermore, they both tend to have similar personalities and experiences. Aquarius and Aquarius couples will have a natural inclination to trust each other. Aquarius is brutally honest and intelligent. 

When these two individuals come into a romantic relationship they form a  mirror-like relationship. They can see their identities as they mirror each other in similar ways.

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Aquarius/Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius Sun – Aquarius Sun Emotional Compatibility

Level: High Compatibility

Aquarius-Aquarius couples have a great emotional connection that allows them to excel in the emotional aspect of the relationship! 

Because the Aquarius-Aquarius relationship works like a mirror. Both Aquarius in the relationship will be extremely honest and forward about their emotions and sentiments.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples will be more in tune with each other’s needs in the relationship. They will also have an easier time connecting emotionally because they tend to resonate very well. 

Aquarius-Aquarius couples will also tend to be very rational and calm when dealing with their emotions with one another. Aquarius-Aquarius couples also tend to have similar attachment styles and emotional temperaments. 

Alongside that, both Aquarius in the relationship feel comfortable being independent despite being in a relationship. This allows them to become more nurturing throughout the relationship.

Both Aquarius in the relationship may fear intimacy because they tend to have a lot of past traumas that can make them seem detached and unemotional.

However, these things change when both Aquarius enter a romantic relationship. However, once they resonate and understand each other. Both Aquarius in the relationship will feel comfortable enough to be emotionally expressive in the relationship.

Aquarius Sun – Aquarius Sun Sexual Compatibility

Level: High Compatibility

Aquarius-Aquarius couples also tend to have excellent compatibility in the sexual aspect of the relationship! Aquarius-Aquarius couples tend to be passionate, expansive, and experimentative about sex and romance.

This romantic pairing will not shy away from taboos and will do whatever feels like at the moment. Together they both outwardly and boldly express their sexuality!

Alongside their experimentative approach to sex and romance. Aquarius-Aquarius couples have strong romantic chemistry which translates to better sex and romance! Despite being independent and detached. Aquarius and Aquarius couples feel inevitably attracted and drawn to each other. 

Aquarius-Aquarius couples may also be open to incorporating kinks and fetishes in the relationship. Aquarius-Aquarius couples are known for their weird and exotic tastes.

It is not surprising that Aquarius-Aquarius romantic couples tend to be the most open when it comes to trying out different sex taboos or kinks.

Aquarius views sex as an independent expression of physical bodies. This innate belief allows Aquarius-Aquarius couples to be sex-positive. They believe that real intimacy comes from being comfortable with your skin and your sexual desires.

This can make them extremely expressive and open to trying out new things in the bedroom!

Their strong attraction accompanied by their honest and authentic personalities allows both Aquarius in the relationship to feel and be comfortable in the relationship. Aquarius-Aquarius couples also communicate their sentiments to each other more comfortably. 

Rather than going sideways. Both Aquarius in the relationship will be open and communicative about how they want the intimacy to play out in the relationship.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples are complex and flavorful! Their intimate preferences can range from quiet and romantic to wild and adventurous. This means they will never be bored of each other in the relationship.

Not only that, they will also devote more time and effort to expressing their love and affection for each other.  

Aquarius Sun – Aquarius Sun Spiritual Compatibility

Level: High Compatibility

Aquarius-Aquarius couples also rank excellently in the spiritual aspect of the relationship! Aquarius-Aquarius couples highly value intellect, rationality, and forward-thinking.

They usually bond through deep and thought-provoking discussions of various ideas, including metaphysical, philosophical, and spiritual topics.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples are experts at dealing with metaphysical, spiritual, and occult discussions. With that said, Aquarius-Aquarius couples connect spiritually through profound intellectual discussions that enable them to delve into and explore a wide range of metaphysical, philosophical, and spiritual texts. 

Both Aquarius feel drawn to the mysteries of the world and may have an innate love for conspiracy theories of some sort! Aquarians employ their analytical minds to navigate their chosen spiritual paths. 

Nevertheless, they’re more spiritual in knowledge than in practice. Both Aquarius in the relationship may have various knowledge about different spiritual practices and religions but they can either practice it or remain a doubter.

Aquarians often adopt an unconventional approach to spirituality, embracing their individualistic nature. Aquarius-Aquarius pairs effortlessly relate their spiritual practices to one another, functioning as mirrors. They often share similar experiences and perspectives on spirituality, enhancing their connection.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples highly value knowledge and continuously learn from each other through engaging discussions and extensive research.

They embody the kind of partnership that delves deep into analyzing every aspect of their spiritual beliefs, exhibiting meticulousness as they refine their belief systems.

To enhance their spiritual connection, Aquarius-Aquarius couples can explore various practices such as journaling, meditation, affirmations, or prayers. By engaging in these activities together, they can strengthen their spiritual bond and deepen their connection.

Additionally, Aquarius-Aquarius couples are encouraged to embrace and cultivate their intuition, as it allows for a more effortless connection to their spiritual side. Opening up to their intuitive nature can bring them closer to a deeper understanding of themselves and their spiritual journey.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples will also benefit well from calling upon their spirit guides! Spirit animals are higher guides that can bring forth protection, insight, luck, or wealth to anyone who calls upon them! With that said, here are some of the best Aquarius spirit animals!

Aquarius Sun – Aquarius Sun Financial Compatibility

Level: High Compatibility

Aquarius-Aquarius couples also tend to have great financial compatibility! Aquarius-Aquarius pairing is characterized by their immersive partnership. This allows Aquarius in the relationship to have a highly valuable, forward-thinking partnership!

This also includes financial matters where both of them agree on how money progresses in the relationship!

Aquarius-Aquarius financial compatibility can be described as a potent combination of intelligence, wit, strategy, creativity, and adaptability. When two Aquarius join together as a team. They will create a strong partnership that will further enhance their financial goals.

Aquarius is noted for its inventive thought and adaptability to changing conditions. When two Aquarians pool their resources, their mutual ambition for advancement, and their ability to think outside the box, they form a tremendous synergy that propels them to financial success!

Aquarius-Aquarius couples admire and recognize the significance of financial stability and security. They’re not power-hungry or money obsessed but rather they know that stability in finances brings about security in all aspects of life. 

This shared knowledge pushes them to exert the necessary effort and make strategic decisions to achieve their financial objectives. Aquarius-Aquarius couples also rank excellently in the financial aspect of the relationship because they both excel in money management! 

Aquarius-Aquarius romantic partnership is practical and approachable. Aquarius-Aquarius couples are also financially astute, making wise decisions that optimize profits while reducing unnecessary risks. Their capacity to evaluate and respond to market trends and upcoming opportunities distinguishes them.

Another reason why the Aquarius-Aquarius pairing works so well in the financial aspect of the relationship is because of open communication. Finances should be well strategized, especially in marital relationships. 

To their advantage, both Aquarius in the relationship possess a talent for clear and articulate communication, allowing them to openly discuss their financial objectives, strategies, and concerns. This effective communication enhances their compatibility and strengthens their financial relationship.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples also appreciate the value of hard work and financial independence. They recognize the importance of self-sufficiency and are unlikely to rely on others for financial assistance. 

Both partners are committed to contributing their fair share while maintaining their financial autonomy, fostering a harmonious and balanced financial dynamic.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples should highly consider building a business together! Their combined efforts and hard work can bring them success and wealth! With that said, here are the Best Business and Career Ideas For the Aquarius Sun!

Aquarius Sun – Aquarius Sun Intellectual Compatibility

Level: High Compatibility

Aquarius-Aquarius couples also tend to rank excellently in the intellectual aspect of the relationship! Aquarius-Aquarius couples highly value intellectualism in the relationship.

Their love for sharing and acquiring knowledge establishes a robust foundation for intellectual connection and fosters mutual growth within the relationship.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples have a strong intellectual connection. They both engage in intellectually stimulating discussions across a wide range of subjects. They both act as a teacher and a student. Soaking up all the information as they engage in marvelous conversations with one another.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples love mentally challenging chats that allow them to exercise their intellects and engage in constructive disputes. Their relationship thrives when they study ideas and concepts without emotional attachments, allowing for an open and analytical exchange of ideas.

Aquarius and Aquarius couples can be quite understanding of one another and readily accept one another’s belief systems.

They have an open mind and a sense of security that allows them to express and share their thoughts with confidence, establishing an environment of intellectual progress and mutual respect.

How do make Aquarius-Aquarius Romantic Relationships Work?

Aquarius-Aquarius pairing is a match made in heaven! They’re both intelligent and humanitarian, their shared abilities and beliefs allow them to form a wonderful partnership together! 

Regardless, disputes and misunderstandings can still arise and it’s perfectly normal. Aquarius-Aquarius pairing may seem to have no misunderstandings because of their open communication and honesty. 

However, there can be some minor challenges that can inhibit both Aquarius from truly understanding each other in the relationship. With that said, here are some of the things to keep in mind to keep the relationship in good form.

The first thing to do and assess is the negative personality traits that may arise in the relationship. Since they’re both Aquarius in the relationship they tend to have similar shadow traits that may hinder them from progressing.

For instance, Aquarius is a highly cold and detached sign known for hyper-independence.

Both Aquarius should carefully assess when they’re becoming too hyper-independent in the relationship. Aquarius-Aquarius pairing should learn that their relationship can be a wonderful way to heal and overcome their shadow traits.

They can do this by effectively assessing their personalities as they progress throughout the relationship.

Secondly, Aquarius-Aquarius couples should keep in mind to prioritize mutual respect, patience, and understanding in the relationship. These shared virtues must be present to break off any disputes in the relationship.

Aside from that, Aquarius-Aquarius couples should not forget to prioritize effective communication in the relationship. Communication is an essential aspect that fosters healthy growth in all aspects of the relationship.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples should prioritize creating a safe space where both of them can openly and honestly express their thoughts.

Thirdly, Aquarius-Aquarius couples should actively be more sensitive and caring in the relationship. As mentioned beforehand, Aquarius tends to be a detached sign. While this may be appealing to them. 

Having emotional depth is vital to the health of the relationship. Both Aquarius should realize that having emotional depth and showing vulnerabilities does not make them weak. Rather, true emotional expression allows them to be authentic!

Overall, Aquarius-Aquarius couples will have a smooth-sailing ahead of them as long as they incorporate these things into the relationship. 

Being more aware of their shadow traits and learning to overcome them together helps them build stronger connections together. Alongside that, effective communication, trust, understanding, patience, and being actively caring and sensitive help their relationship step to new heights!

Aquarius-Aquarius Compatibility Summary

Overall, the Aquarius-Aquarius pairing is a strong match! They rank excellently in all aspects of the relationship! This means they’re able to resonate well with each other and connect on a deeper level!

Aquarius-Aquarius romantic relationship will be inherently successful because of how like-minded these two Aquarius individuals are in the relationship! Not only that, they inherently have a strong romantic attraction towards each other!

The Aquarius-Aquarius romantic relationship is a wonderful intellectual and fruitful partnership. Both are rooted in intellectualism, creativity, and humanitarianism. Both are highly intelligent yet humble.

Aquarius-Aquarius couples have powerful bonding that can transcend the boundaries of what a romantic relationship looks and feels like!

Aquarius is a fiercely independent and detached sign. As a result, many Aquarius-Aquarius couples tend to struggle to properly express genuine feelings to each other. Especially if it concerns vulnerable feelings such as sadness, guilt, pain, or shame.

Aquarius-Aquarius romantic couples must recognize that expressing true feelings is essential for the connection to grow.  

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