Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

The Two of Swords doesn’t seem like a very pleasant card at first glance, but it does have its inconspicuous advantages.

Let’s see what type of personality and zodiac sign it can represent, explore its significance as a general situation or an obstacle in your path, and figure out what the card means in reading about your career and your future.

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What does the Two of Swords Tarot card mean in Career?

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

In work-related matters, the Two of Swords symbolizes a tough choice, a dilemma. It might also refer to a disagreement between colleagues, the tension in the workplace, wondering about career options, or having to play an intermediary role.

This card will always advise you to keep calm and stay grounded but also to make up your mind. Think deeply and rationally; what information are you currently missing? What has been holding your plans back? Has work been stressing you out?

The Two of Swords raises a lot of questions. We must distinguish between what is helpful and what impedes our progress, break the problems down, and weigh the pros and cons; then prepare ourselves for the necessary changes, act according to the plan, and finally make our move.

Sometimes this means we must compromise and return to the “beginner’s mind” to figure it out and achieve financial independence.

What does the Two of Swords Reverse Mean in a Career?

With the reversed Two of Swords, indecision and disinterest make for a lousy attitude toward work. Deception might be at play. It could also refer to an information overload that makes one feel stuck, a deal that will prove unprofitable for both parties or delayed plans.

Daydreaming about the perfect job certainly keeps one’s pockets empty; it’s one thing to hope for the best while also doing the work, and another to avoid responsibilities altogether, claiming “it’s not for me.” That is one of the possible issues the card might point out.

Be careful, for this could also mean that a lot is going on behind your back. Is your boss treating you unfairly? Are your co-workers as friendly as they seem? 

Finally, as a trademark of no-win situations, the Two of Swords in reverse will often point out that a deal or agreement will eventually create more problems than profits for everyone involved.

The Two of Swords Tarot card as a Situation

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

As a situation, the Two of Swords is the perfect ethical dilemma. The tension here could prove productive or confusing; that remains to be seen. Depending on your approach to the subject, this could lead to a fulfilling sense of inner peace, or yet another deadlock.

Morality and ethical questions are subjective more often than not. Let the philosophers ponder upon imaginary solutions to imaginary problems.

There’s no need to elaborate further on how the Two of Swords calls for a choice on your part; that’s what a dilemma is, after all, a situation where we must choose between two different paths.

Some people experience this moment as utter confusion and maybe even panic, going around and asking questions that create even more complications, while others find delight in trying to figure it out on their own; it’s like a puzzle, quite simple and fun once you learn to distinguish the pattern.

And if you’re feeling under pressure, remember that when forging a sword, the iron must go through fire and be struck with a hammer.

Two of Swords Reversed as a Situation

When reversed, the Two of Swords is generally twice as bad; the deadlock has been already established. We know that indecision, ignorance, dishonesty, or a confounding paradox brought us here. We know we are confused, and it all points to a no-win situation.

The infamous Catch-22: the circumstances make it impossible to find a solution because the progress necessary to find it cannot be made unless that same solution is found first. Impossible indeed! An example: all job applications require experience, but to have experience one must first get a job.

Thus the Two of Swords in reverse sets an uncomfortable atmosphere. One answer here would be to simply walk away, but that may not always be the case. Settle down and explore your options, focus on the objective truth of the matter, and, if it comes to this, choose the lesser of two evils.

The Two of Swords Tarot card as an Obstacle / Challenge

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

As a challenge, the Two of Swords can be quite formidable if misinterpreted. It’s not only about making your mind up but also about pacifying the situation and making peace with yourself. Don’t waste time searching without finding; the obstacle is the mind itself, and the duality it projects upon the world.

The mind is a double-edged sword; it has conquered the known world, and yet it can’t stop itself from creating even more unnecessary problems, more complications, and trivial questions. In the obstacle position, the Two of Swords calls attention to your perception.

You’re not seeing with clarity right now, and the more you look the less you see…

The dilemma here becomes an invisible barrier, a double-bind, like this: “If I speak, I’m wrong, if I don’t, I will regret not speaking.”  

So, it is a matter of truth and a correct attitude. If you are as honest as you can, both with yourself and other people, the dualistic points of view that separate us from each other quickly fade. It’s very important not to confuse the reflection with the real thing.

As we’ve pointed out before, this card’s about making a tough decision and pacifying a long-overdue situation. Though more stable and intuitive than the Ace, the Two of Swords is still the second-best thing, having strayed from the tranquillity of the original mind and into unknown turbulent waters.

Two of Swords Reversed as an Obstacle / Challenge

The Two of Swords in reverse, or when the clarifying cards seem to aggravate the situation, points at disorientation, indecision, emotional blockage, and denial. These obstacles, though not physical, can prove quite a nuisance.

Indecision can become a heavy burden. There are times when every choice feels wrong, and one stares blankly around without seeing a way out. A tough spot indeed! What then? We must prescribe the medicine according to the disease…

You might realize that, on second thought, the problem isn’t that difficult to solve. It’s just that you’ve been avoiding looking in the mirror and facing the consequences of your actions.

The card suggests overexposure to stressful stimuli and emotions that have been repressed for too long. Ignoring this won’t help; it is advisable to get some feedback from an unbiased point of view, but also to be stern and blunt with both yourself and those responsible for your state of mind.

The Two of Swords Tarot Card as an Outcome

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

As an outcome, the Two of Swords isn’t very clear. You’re still thinking about it, there’s a choice to be made, and things are likely at a standstill right now. However, the card’s energy is that of balance and equanimity; hold on to that and you’ll figure it out soon enough.

We mustn’t forget that the Swords’ nature is aggressive and swift, but also momentary; a question might be gnawing at your mind one day, and the next it’s already something to laugh about.

In this case, the Two of Swords is about making the best out of a mediocre or bad situation, learning from your mistakes, and turning adversity in your favor.

When it appears as the result card for your reading, consider drawing a few more cards to clarify. It usually means that things will be progressing slowly if at all for a while, at least until you’ve made a decision.

That decision doesn’t necessarily include action; it likely suggests that you need to change your point of view in order to advance.

Two of Swords Reversed as an Outcome

As an outcome card, the Two of Swords in reverse isn’t very promising. This might lead to confusion, tension, or uncertainty, and won’t likely resolve on its own. Be careful whom you trust and, especially if you fail, try not to care so much about what others think and say.

It could very well mean that it’s time to get ready for a fight or a fierce disagreement. The reversed Two of Swords is a failure to communicate and compromise.

This might lead to aggression and complications. Sensitive information has reached the wrong ears, or a person in your life isn’t behaving in a thoughtful manner, provoking you, or pretending to be someone they’re not.

On the other hand, this might be the calling card of your mistakes, a sudden realization of confusion that can help you get back on track.

The Two of Swords Tarot card in the Future

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

The Two of Swords indicates that the future is uncertain. There’s no way to know how things are going to play out. Whatever happens, you are well-equipped to handle it, provided you make the right choice.

The cards can only reveal so much. In a reading concerning your future, the Two of Swords sends a clear-cut message: right now, you cannot guess what will happen and how it will turn out, but that shouldn’t worry you at all.

You may find your inner balance, difficulties may arise, or some time will pass without much happening; in any case, if you hold fast to your values and focus, it will be alright.

Two of Swords Reversed in the Future

When reversed, the Two of Swords is a rather bad omen. Something unpleasant may occur, and you may begin to question who is really on your side. You cannot see that far right now, so better wait patiently and calmly until the picture clears up again.

This isn’t the time for bold moves.

You might learn something upsetting, a devious plan against you might be underway, or it could be just gossip, annoying but ultimately harmless. The Two of Swords always implies that one’s vision is metaphorically impaired for the time being, so it’s probably for the best to wait it out and see for yourself.

The Two of Swords as a Person

The lady in white of the Two of Swords is a calm, centered, and focused person. Though she might not be seeing clearly, her other senses and intuition are quite sharp. Sensitive but also stern, she’s learned to conceal her weaknesses. She’s ready to fight even when the odds are against her but prefers to talk it out.

Detachment and compassion make for a truly impartial character and both are present here.

There is a layer of an almost spiritual weirdness, nonetheless, which is only natural. When logic becomes the exception, no man can see what’s right in front of their eyes; it takes someone who has mastered all five senses and gotten rid of binary views to see in the dark and speak the truth freely.

But how is it when someone sees without seeing?

There’s more than meets the eye with this one; we could see the lady in white as a personification of philosophy and poetry, the mind’s ideal mistress. Nostalgic, wise, and romantic with a delicate sense of balance and sharp intuition, but how much of it is just an act?

Since in reality, all mental constructs are empty, this person has barely missed the radical original wind of the intellect, the Ace, and has to settle for a “fake it til you make it” angle. Still, this amounts to something.

The anxiety and the search for something “superior” are still there, but she has learned to hide her flaws well and act according to the imperative.

Extremely specific and short-sighted, or profoundly kind and observant? Discerning and deciding on the spot without the slightest effort even with eyes closed is the ability of extraordinary people.

The Two of Swords Reversed as a Person

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career, Future, Outcome, Challenge & Situation

The reversed Two of Swords represents an indecisive person who is constantly in a dilemma. They trust easily and quickly, so they’re likely to be deceived by lesser men. However, their confusion is mostly self-inflicted. As a defense mechanism, they might resort to lies and pretend to be someone they’re not.

In the Two of Swords’ shadow, most of the card’s potential for good remains untapped. Due to a frail character that hesitates to decide and act, this person is eager to believe any sort of crazy theory and loses themselves inside a persistent daydream.

Believing they’re not good enough, they have trouble expressing themselves and may try to make up for this perceived inadequacy with behaviors totally out of character that make them appear phony and one-dimensional.

Stuck in the middle, they reside in the twilight of confusion, unable to distinguish the false from the true.

We must note though that even if they seem to be trapped, and even if they feel like this, it isn’t so. That would be the Eight of Swords without a doubt. Here the person is not only aware of their confused state but also still able to do something about it. They have a choice, it’s just that they’re missing out on opportunities and biding their time, lingering within the barrier of indecision.

What Zodiac Sign is the Two of Swords?

In astrology, the Two of Swords refers to the Moon in the 1st decan of Libra. Ruled by Venus, those born between September 23rd and October 3rd are the most typical Libras: logical, balanced, and fond of the finer things in life. The Moon, however, stirs up trouble in relationships and the emotional domain.

Libras of the 1st Decan are the romantic but rational collectors of memories. They are attractive and friendly, yet also mysterious.

Strangely beautiful, fair, and balanced by nature, for each and every good quality they possess they have an equally important flaw, but that isn’t going to stop them!

What could mean trouble for the calm and clever Libra, however, is the Moon’s dark influence which magnifies emotions and creates dangerous attractions.

The Moon makes things complicated. Usually, a Libra will choose one thing over the other, but here both sides are present, it’s two opposite things simultaneously. Most times, that would be OK, but what if it’s about two lovers?

The Libra won’t have a problem with this. They can’t help how they feel and are above social conventions after all. It’s the rest of us who have to learn from such delicate quirkiness!