Should I tell her that I’m excited (to see her) when I think of her?

Being “excited” at the thought of your partner is pretty normal given that you’re physically attracted to her. This is a sign of a healthy relationship. But what about telling a girl you like or someone you just started dating that you’re excited to see her? Is this OKAY?

Whether or not you should tell the woman you’re dating that you are excited to see her depends on how well you know each other, your level of comfort in each other’s presence, and your motive. If the girl barely knows you and you want to date her, telling her you are “excited” would probably scare her off.

Don’t believe me? Check out the rest of this blog! Here, I explained in detail when it is okay to let her know you are excited and when it’s not.

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Should I tell her that I’m excited (to see her) when I think of her?

Some men think that telling a girl they get excited or horny is a surefire way to make them go gaga for their love and attention. But this is not always the case. You see, this is a complex game and one wrong move can make or break the relationship you are trying to build.

Here’s when it is not okay to tell a woman that you get excited when you think of her:

She barely knows you

Say this woman is someone you see at work but you aren’t really on talking terms. You’ve been eyeing her for a while and planning to court her when you get the chance. You don’t go up to her and tell her that you get excited when you see her. She would think you’re weird and worse, call you a stalker.

What I’m trying to say is that, if the woman doesn’t know about your existence or knows about it and doesn’t really care, it may not be a great idea to tell her this until you win her over in a romantic way.

You still aren’t super comfortable with each other

If you just started dating this woman or you’ve known her for a long time but she still isn’t a hundred percent comfortable around you, better don’t tell her that you get excited at the thought of her.

Although most women love compliments, they may take your words wrongly and think you’re just after them sexually. Remember that the majority of girls want to be swooned so keep your horny feelings to yourself until she gets comfortable.

She’s not giving any hints that she likes you

If she’s not showing you any hints that she likes you, you will just humiliate yourself by telling her that you get excited when she passes your mind. Similar to the first situation, you will just scare her off and your relationship might turn into animosity.

Here’s when it is okay to tell a woman you get excited at the thought of her:

You’re dating

Dating a woman gives you the right to tell her what you feel so yes, it’s cool to confess you get excited at the thought of her. She might even be feeling the same way but is shy to tell you.

However, if this woman you are dating is super conservative and already warned you about talking sexually to her, then it might not be a good idea.

She hits on you all the time

It’s usually OKAY to tell a woman who always hits on you that she excites you. This might even be a big deal for her since you reciprocate her feelings. 

Just be cautious because some girls hit on guys just for fun and they don’t really mean it. If you’re sure she’s into you, then go ahead and tell her. Otherwise, don’t. 

You know each other really well

Let’s say you like your best friend and you know even if you tell her she excites you, she won’t take it in a bad way. Then it is most probably okay to confess what you feel sexually.

This can play out in two ways— they shrug it off and reply with something like “I know. I’m irresistible!” or they talk to you about your feelings and the possibility of dating them.

How can I get my girl excited when she thinks of me?

There’s no exact way to make a girl excited when she thinks of you as each individual is unique. Nevertheless, there are some things you can do that worked for other men before:

Be touchy

If you are dating, you can go all touchy on her while you’re together. This doesn’t mean, however, that you’ll make big moves to show her you like her sexually. Rubbing her arms, holding his face, or touching his lower back while working can work wonders.

Make her feel desired

Most women are a sucker for attention and appreciation since it makes them feel desired. Show her that you really like her and that her presence means a lot to you. Don’t ignore her and thank her for all the efforts she’s making. This can make her feel sexy, too.

Flatter her

Tell your partner or the woman you’re dating she’s beautiful. Be generous with compliments. If she’s doing a new workout, let her know that you can see the results. If she got a promotion at work, tell her she’s really an asset to any employer.

Work on you

If you have terrible body odor, look very unkempt, and don’t do any self-care, even if you do the tips I shared above, you still won’t get your girl excited at the thought of you. Work on yourself. Show up looking fresh and clean. Wear the best perfume. She’ll see your efforts and find you sexy!

Key Takeaways: Should I tell her that I’m excited (to see her) when I think of her?

Sometimes, we think that confessing our sexual desires for a person can make them like us back or like us more. However, you don’t want to be accused as a sexual predator so you have to tread carefully. 

If you feel excited at the thought of a woman, it is only appropriate to tell her about it if you are dating, she hits on you all the time, and you know each other really really well. If she barely knows you, is not giving any hints that she likes you, or your relationship is still in the early stages, better keep your mouth shut.

Although women also have a sexy side, they still long to be respected and if you give them that, they’ll like you even more.