Saturn Return In Taurus, What Should You Expect

Saturn return in Taurus

A Saturn return is a momentous event that happens to you every 29.4 years that you are alive. This time, when Saturn returns to the same place in the Zodiac where it was when you are born, brings the major structures of your life up for review.

However, not all Saturn returns are identical. Saturn goes through the same 12 Zodiac signs that the Sun does, but Saturn takes 29.4 years to complete the trip, while the Sun only takes one year. You, therefore, have a Saturn sign that is not necessarily the same as your Sun sign.

If you have Saturn in Taurus, your Saturn returns in Taurus will emphasize themes of material security. Your careful efforts to save for your goals might be rewarded. However, you may need to be honest about the true costs of the stability you seek.  

The characteristics of your Saturn return in Taurus may also vary based on the house where Saturn is located in your natal chart. While the first Saturn return that happens in your late twenties is well known, many people also go on to have second and third Saturn returns that revisit similar themes.

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First Saturn Return in Taurus

Your first Saturn return takes place when you are in your late twenties. The first Saturn return gets the most attention because so many big life choices seem to come to a head then. You may begin or end a significant relationship.

You might begin or end a commitment to a particular career. You could even become a parent.

If your first Saturn return takes place in the sign of Taurus, you may be obsessed with attaining what you consider the physical markers of adulthood. If you have been carefully saving money throughout your twenties, you may be able to afford something like the down payment on a house.

However, sometimes Saturn in Taurus is associated with struggles with money. If you determine you are behind where you think you should be in life, a first Saturn return in Taurus may push you to get more serious about earning or saving money.

Second Saturn Return in Taurus

Your second Saturn return takes place when you are in your late fifties. While your first Saturn return may have had you establishing yourself in your career, your second Saturn return could have you thinking seriously about retirement.

While you may have married or become a parent at your first Saturn return, you could be experiencing an empty nest at your second Saturn return.

A second Saturn return in Taurus could be a time when you update your approach to financial security.

Many people wind up dealing with the estates of their parents or other older relatives by the time they reach their second Saturn returns, and you may have some ideas for your own future based on what you have learned from experiences of this sort.

Third Saturn Return in Taurus

While most readers are probably on their first or second Saturn returns, imagining your third Saturn return, when you are in your late eighties, can be a helpful exercise. Where do you want to be toward the end of your life, and what do you have to do now to get there?

Your third Saturn return in Taurus may test how well you have prepared financially for your old age. If you have not been methodical in your preparations, you might struggle to take care of yourself.

However, if you have done an awesome job saving and still have a lot of your nest egg left, you may be coming to realize that you can’t take the rest of it with you when you die.

Your third Saturn return in Taurus may therefore be an opportunity to decide how you want your money and other material resources to be distributed after your passing.

Saturn Return in Taurus by House

Many people born within a couple of years of you will have Saturn in the same sign that you do, as Saturn stays in each sign for about two and a half years during its 29.4-year cycle. However, not all Saturn returns in Taurus are identical.

Knowing the house in your astrological chart where your Saturn return takes place can help you understand why your experience of a Saturn return in Taurus might differ from that of some of your peers. 

If your time of birth is known, your astrological chart can be divided into twelve houses, each focusing on a different area of life. The house in your birth chart where Saturn is located is also the house where your Saturn return will take place.

Try looking up your astrological chart below to see the house where Saturn is located.

Saturn Return in Taurus, First House

The first house is associated with your physical body and your identity. With Saturn in your first house, you may present yourself in a serious and dignified way. There might also be a problem involving your physical body that you struggle with.

Taurus in the first house can be beautiful, but the pursuit of beauty can also become a concern. A first-house Saturn return in Taurus might intensify this type of concern, especially as your Saturn return may make you aware that you are aging.

A first-house Saturn return in Taurus could be a great time to focus on your physical health. You may not be able to look twenty years old again, but you might discover some tricks that bring out the best in your current self.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Second House

The second house focuses on money and possessions. In general, having Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, in the second house could show that money does not come to you easily. However, you might have a disciplined attitude toward whatever money you do have.

In general, having Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, in the second house could show that money does not come to you easily. However, you might have a disciplined attitude toward whatever money you do have.

Taurus in the second house generally is comfortable with financial affairs and has a practical attitude toward them. With Saturn there, though, the basic Taurus desire to achieve financial security could become obsessive and all-consuming.

If you have shown financial discipline in the years leading up to your second house Saturn return in Taurus, you may be able to afford a major purchase you have been dreaming about, like a house.

However, you might also become interested in shifting your priorities around money, so you may need to be careful that what you buy does not lock you into maintaining financial habits that no longer work for you. 

Saturn Return in Taurus, Third House

The third house is involved with communication. Having Saturn in your third house, regardless of its sign, can be associated with feeling like it is hard for you to communicate with the people around you and make yourself understood.

Taurus is involved with the voice, so, with Taurus in the third house, this physical component of communication could be especially significant.

A third house Saturn return in Taurus may be a time when you become aware of how your physical quirks, like an unusual-sounding voice or awkward body language, interfere with you being understood by others.

You may be able to work on these quirks of yours so that they get in your way less, and digging into them could bring up interesting psychological insights regarding your upbringing. However, you might also decide to focus on things that are naturally easier for you.

If you come to realize that the structured way you talk sounds more like a book, you might as well write a book.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Fourth House

The fourth house focuses on home and family matters. In general, having Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, in the fourth house can reflect that you felt like you did not get the nurturing you need growing up.

Taurus in the fourth house wants a secure and cozy home. At a fourth house, Saturn returns in Taurus, you could certainly feel the pull to buy the house you’ve always wanted, and you might have the financial resources to successfully do so.

However, watch out that the perfect does not become the enemy of the good, as you may be drawn to obsessive remodeling or house-hunting.

A fourth house Saturn return in Taurus and could also go in the direction of exploring what costs your family of origin paid for security. If something major was suppressed, you might need to deal with it so that you can build a healthier foundation for your own life going forward.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Fifth House

The fifth house is associated with children and creativity. Some people become parents at their Saturn returns, and a fifth house Saturn return could be especially likely to go in this direction. You might feel like you have to become a parent in order to be a proper adult.

Taurus in the fifth house could be a nurturing parent who does a good job meeting the physical needs of their children. At a fifth house Saturn return in Taurus, however, considering whether to become a parent might get bogged down in the question of whether you can afford it financially.

The fifth house is also involved in romance, and a fifth house Saturn return in Taurus and could tend to emphasize this side of the fifth house. You may become aware of changes in your body when you hit your Saturn return.

If your way of attracting partners has relied heavily on you looking a certain way, you might need to adjust your approach.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Sixth House

The sixth house focuses on your routine responsibilities, like the day-to-day part of your work and what you must do to maintain your health. Saturn in the sixth house can be associated with health problems, but it might just show that you are very focused on staying healthy even if you don’t have an illness to be concerned about.

Meanwhile, Taurus in the sixth house could tend to be a careful, reliable worker.

A sixth house Saturn return in Taurus might therefore involve a situation where you have been dutifully committed to some job for several years, but you come to realize that whoever you are working for does not really appreciate you.

Circumstances may tend to push you away from the security of what you know. Even if you are not happy about this change, as people with Saturn in the sixth house can be really attached to their routines, you might be able to build a new routine that works even better for you.   

Saturn Return in Taurus, Seventh House

The seventh house is associated with significant one-on-one relationships including but not limited to a marriage, and having Saturn here natally can suggest that you take such relationships very seriously.

Saturn returns can be associated with marriages or divorces, and a seventh-house Saturn return might be especially likely to go in this direction of changing your relationship status.

In general, Taurus in the seventh house may tend to want security in relationships. With Saturn in Taurus in the seventh house, that security could come with some costs.

A seventh house Saturn return in Taurus may be a time when you feel tempted to push a partner to commit, whether or not they are really right for you, just so you won’t be alone.

Alternately, if you already secured a partner in that way some time ago, you might realize at your Saturn return exactly what you have sacrificed in order to force that relationship into being. 

Saturn Return in Taurus, Eighth House

The eighth house is linked with intense experiences like death and sexual intimacy. Boundaries tend to blur in these extreme situations, so the eighth house also handles situations of sharing finances or property.

It can even take in paranormal experiences where the basic structures of the physical world do not perform as expected. Having Saturn here in your birth chart can cause either an inability to get away from such difficult matters or a fear of approaching them.

An eighth house Saturn return in Taurus could tend to emphasize the financial side of the eighth house. If you have been working toward paying off a big debt, like a student loan, you might achieve your goal at your Saturn return.

However, if you have not been paying much attention to your finances leading up to your Saturn return, you may suddenly get hit with a big tax bill or discover that your insurance coverage is not what it should be.

However, if you do have the more exotic type of eighth house Saturn return, and it happens to be in Taurus, the Taurus tendency to like things to be touchable and predictable could make you struggle to accept an experience that doesn’t fit those norms.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Ninth House

The ninth house is associated with the systems of beliefs that make up society, like philosophies, legal codes, and religious doctrines.

It is also linked to higher education. A person with Saturn in the ninth house, in general, might be either an especially dogmatic enforcer of such structures or someone who seems to be continually blocked by them.

Someone with Taurus in the ninth house might take comfort in the security of belonging to a religious tradition that their family has belonged to for many generations. However, at their ninth house Saturn’s return in Taurus, they may be challenged to articulate their own reasons for why they are there.

Taurus is practical and patient, so the bureaucracies that can grow in religious and educational systems might be relatively tolerable for people with Taurus in the ninth house.

However, Taurus is also concerned with money, so a ninth-house Saturn return in Taurus could involve something like paying off student loans or finally feeling financially stable enough to start higher education.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Tenth House

The tenth house is involved with matters of career and status. Having Saturn in the tenth house natally could suggest that your public role in the world is a source of concern for you. With hard work, you may achieve prominence in your profession, but it may also be hard to feel like you have ever done enough.

Taurus in the tenth house may make financial stability a priority when selecting a career. If the career you have been working in is basically a good fit for you, your tenth house Saturn return in Taurus might be a time when you solidify your commitment to that career.

However, if you have prioritized financial stability to the point you let it tie you to a job you hate – or if you have let your love for your job blind you to the fact that you are not being paid what you are worth – your tenth house Saturn return could push you to make some changes to your professional life.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Eleventh House

The eleventh house is associated with friendships and community groups. In general, having Saturn in the eleventh house could mean that finding a peer group is an important focus of your life.

Early on, you may feel shut out of social connections, like they do not come easily to you. Once you hit your stride, though, you may find that your commitments to groups and organizations become overwhelming for you.

Meanwhile, someone with Taurus in the eleventh house might tend to have stable friendships. An eleventh-house Saturn return in Taurus could be a time when you find your longtime commitment to your friends is rewarded.

On the other hand, if you have been so concerned with being loyal to your longtime friends that you forgot why you were friends with them, your eleventh house Saturn return in Taurus might push you to confront whether or not you are really compatible with your friends.

Saturn Return in Taurus, Twelfth House

The twelfth house is associated with secrets and things that are out of view. Saturn represents structure, so Saturn in the twelfth house is a hidden structure, a hidden agenda running your life that even you may not be aware of.  

Most people with Taurus in the twelfth house have Gemini on the Ascendant. While someone with Gemini Rising could seem free and unencumbered, their twelfth house Saturn return in Taurus could reveal that they actually want security more than they think they do.

This could be the type of person who suddenly settles down seemingly out of nowhere.

The twelfth house can also be involved with mystical experiences.

Taurus is therefore a challenging match for the twelfth house, in the same way, it is a challenging match for some of the eighth house’s possibilities, as Taurus likes things to be touchable and predictable. This type of twelfth house Saturn return in Taurus could require becoming open to mystery.

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