5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Sagittarius Man

Although flirting with a Sagittarius man can be easy, making him commit is a completely different topic. If you want to know the best flirty and dirty things you can say to a Sagittarius man, you have come to the right place.

A Sagittarius man loves it when you give him the attention he craves, so make sure to let him know you have been thinking about him and compliment him whenever you can. You should also keep the spark in your relationship by taking him out to new experiences and through physical contact.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Sagittarius man.

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That said, let’s first take a look at what he is like in bed.

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What A Sagittarius Man Is Like In Bed

Being a fire sign, a Sagittarius man enjoys moving quickly and adding sexual tension to the bedroom. He has a tendency for dominance, which is reflected in his tendencies in the bedroom, and any attempt at dominance is likely to excite him.

A Sagittarius man adores a woman who appreciates being sexually submissive to him and is confident in her femininity.

You should have no trouble persuading him to get into bed if you catch his attention and are able to match his mental prowess. The Sagittarius man is straightforward and appreciative of people who are similarly honest.

In bed, he prefers a partner who will communicate exactly what they want rather than playing a guessing game.

How To Flirt With A Sagittarius Man

Be passionate

For a Sagittarius man, having a great passion for anything is crucial. He is drawn to a woman who shares his passion for life, and he will support you in pursuing them because he truly appreciates and admires you for them. A Sagittarius man will crave your presence constantly because you have motivated him.

Be willing to try new things and keep it spicy if you really want to blow a Sagittarius man’s mind. You may easily share this interest, which contributes to the development of a close connection between you. The desire of Sagittarius man is to experience the world with you.

He is capable of doing so on his own and will, but he adores the opportunity to share his enthusiasm with a special someone.

Be kind

A Sagittarius man likes attractive women, but he is most drawn to those who have a kind heart. He admires selfless individuals who would never put another person at risk to achieve their goals. Simply demonstrating your kindness and compassion makes the Sagittarius man attracted to you.

The Sagittarius man will notice and be pleased with you.

Keep it sincere since he has a strong sense of morality and will pursue someone if he thinks they have the same values. A Sagittarius man will pursue someone who has a clear sense of who they are more often than someone who strives to be someone they are not.

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5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Sagittarius Man Crush

“Been thinking about you”

Make sure to seduce a Sagittarius man’s brain if you want to get his attention and turn him on. You shouldn’t worry about coming off too strong with this one because he likes it when you are bold and upfront with him.

He might not notice you’re flirting if it’s too subtle, or he might doubt it and think you’re simply being kind. Just don’t wait around for a Sagittarius man to take the hint, or you’ll likely return home empty-handed.

Again, a Sagittarius man is not good at being subtle when you are interacting with him.

Use straightforward words and body language to convey your feelings for him. This is a crucial part of foreplay with a Sagittarius man since he appreciates a woman who isn’t afraid to express her desires and go for them.

“You’re handsome”

Compliments are essential to a Sagittarius man because he needs to feel that the one he loves wants him. This sign enjoys being praised and having his ego stroked. And if you don’t succeed in doing that, he won’t be eager to pursue you in the long run.

Whenever you get the chance to appreciate any quality a Sagittarius man has, do it.

Give a Sagittarius man a hearty compliment if you want to make him grin and remember you at any time of day. Don’t try to be reserved out of concern that he won’t pursue you because he thinks you’re too into him.

Actually, for the Sagittarius man to even bother to pursue you, he has to know that you genuinely want him.

“Let’s do something”

Give a Sagittarius man a taste of your playful side to capture his attention. Do something unusual with him if you want to really excite this fire sign. Make your hangouts comfortable and exciting, but maintain the sexual tension in the relationship by remaining flirtatious and sassy.

One thing about a Sagittarius man is that you should know that he enjoys life to the fullest. He makes a connection with you by making you laugh, and then romantic emotions develop afterward. He gets his blood pumping and gets in a sensual mood by doing something really odd and thrilling.

A Sagittarius man doesn’t want to be forced into a conversation with a woman who is overly serious.

“You’re so funny”

You want to demonstrate to the Sagittarius man that you are joyful, upbeat, and enjoyable to be around. No matter where you go, maintain your positive attitude and demonstrate to him how much fun you are having.

A Sagittarius man will undoubtedly be dropping jokes and puns to impress you with his comedic skills if you are flirting back and forth.

He doesn’t want to be the only one who finds humor, so come prepared with some jokes and attempt to come up with some funny remarks on the spot. A Sagittarius man laughs when you’re cool and lively, and that’s fantastic for your relationship.

He finds witty women to be very seductive, and he loves to be entertained, so give him that.

“Stay close to me”

A Sagittarius man will touch you physically if he likes you because he clearly isn’t the sort to develop warm feelings for everyone. Although he tries not to be overly intrusive or forceful, he will nevertheless touch you affectionately so that you know he is more than just acting nice.

Appealing to a Sagittarius man’s love for physical affection would be highly appreciated by him.

Observe how a Sagittarius man responds when you smile while you reach out and lightly touch him in a playful manner. If you didn’t notice he wasn’t into it, he’ll laugh uneasily and back away from you. If not, you have understood a Sagittarius man’s need for you to touch him appropriately.

How To Keep A Sagittarius Man Interested

Never attempt to dominate the Sagittarius man. If you are the type to constantly cling to him, it will be a major turn-off and will cause him to distance himself from you. Don’t smother him; instead, give him space to work independently and respect his freedom to do so.

Always keep in mind that a Sagittarius man places high importance on his freedom.

A Sagittarius man has intense emotions, yet he finds it somewhat strange. This sign prefers a partner who is, for the most part, laid back. Even with his own intense emotions, he will struggle to manage yours.

Showing the Sagittarius man your wild side while remaining just out of his reach when he calls can increase your chances.

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5 flirty (and dirty things to say to your Sagittarius man crush:

  • “Been thinking about you”
  • “You’re handsome”
  • “Let’s do something”
  • “You’re so funny”
  • “Stay close to me”