Why Are All My Tarot Cards Reversed?

Why Are All Your Tarot Cards Reversed

Whether you’re an amateur or master Tarot card reader, you have likely struggled with reversed Tarot cards at some point in your life. It makes sense. You get a good feel for the cards, and then all of a sudden, you keep pulling reversed cards, and you aren’t sure if it is a good or bad thing.

Why are all your Tarot cards reversed?

Drawing Tarot Cards that are reversed is not necessarily a bad thing. Most tarot card decks have different meanings for upright and reversed placements. The reversed card can provide you with additional insights that you wouldn’t get from any other card in the upright position.

Reversed Tarot cards are nothing to be afraid of, in fact, that may shed light on certain aspects of your life you are less aware of. You should approach a Tarot reading with a different mindset, one that is more intuitive.

Read on to find out how a reversed Tarot reading may be telling you something about yourself and how to interpret a full reversed deck.

I’ve written a couple of articles about the Major and Minor Arcana. You can scroll the the bottom of this post to read those articles. I discuss all the cards and interpretations of the reversed cards…

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What Does a Reversed Tarot Card Mean?

There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck (Check out the Rider-Waite Deck here) , so they can’t all come out upright all the time. The fact that you get reversed cards means something, and if all your Tarot cards are reversed then you have more to think about than had previously been evident.

Life and everything in it are comprised of energy. The people you interact with, the ones you love and are envious of, the natural elements and the problems around you are in a constant state of positive and negative, internal and external energy.

What’s more, it’s not just about objective energy but also your own subjective feelings towards someone, something, or a situation that impact how you perceive things.

This is really what it all boils down to — your perception of the internal and external forces that come in contact with your life.

Tarot cards are a mirror to your own energy, and the way you perceive them is what matters, which is why you need to trust your gut and go with your intuition. There are also many different styles of Tarot card decks, each with their own energy.

For example, Rider Waite-Smith, The Wild Unknown Tarot, Light Seer’s Tarot, Muse Tarot, Thoth Tarot, The Fountain Tarot and more.

There are a number of conclusions you can draw from a fully reversed deck of Tarot cards.

Here are three of the most common explanation to why all your Tarot cards are reversed:

  1. External Energy vs. Internal Energy
  2. Energy Imbalance
  3. Opposite Meaning

Now, let’s look at each of these a little more in depth.

External Energy vs. Internal Energy

Upright Tarot cards represent what is happening publicly to, for, or around you. They reveal the external energy while you or another reader could interpret reversed cards as revealing of your own internal energy.

If your reading comes out mostly or fully upright, then you could interpret that as you are in contact with mostly external situations and forces including your relationship with others.

However, a completely reversed spread of cards may reveal changes you need to make internally, perhaps your relationship or perception of your own world.

The easiest thing to do is simply add a “self” interpretation to the upright Tarot acknowledging that the answer lies within yourself. Perhaps an internal energy shift will help your external relationships.

So a fully reversed Tarot deck could be a huge sign pointing at the fact that your troubles lie inwards.

Understanding and interpreting reversed Tarot cards can be difficult because the answers are never spelled out. Instead, they require a more complex internal examination. This may be why many beginner readers are advised to read cards upright or ignore Tarots that come out reversed.

These articles provide some pointers to reading the Major and Minor Arcana:

Once a beginner has dealt with the external energies of the world, they can then begin to interpret and manage the internal.

It’s important to acknowledge that there is no such thing as a good or bad reading or message. This is a purely intuitive journey and should be approached as such. You need to trust your gut, and the best way to do so is through practice!

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Energy Imbalance

A reversed Tarot reading doesn’t necessarily have to point where you need to look but rather how you need to interpret the messages. A fully reversed reading could hint at the fact that there is a large imbalance of energy in your life.

Too much or too little of something isn’t good. The entire philosophy behind Tarot lies in the balance of life and the energy within. An imbalanced life is nothing to be afraid of, but a reading with all reversed cards may suggest that you need to seek more balance in all things.

For example, the Queen of Wands portrays confidence and outgoing-“ness”, but in the reverse this card could signify over-confidence. Maybe you are too much for your friends or put too much emphasis on your own opinions and goals.

An energy imbalance can be reversed, but you need to be conscious of lagging energy that needs to be developed further or negative energy that needs to be dealt with.

The best part about Tarot is that you can ask more to confirm or clarify previous messages. If all your cards are reversed, well, what better way to find out!

Opposite Meaning and Examples

A simple interpretation could be that whatever card comes out reversed when then it’s just the opposite meaning of the upright Tarot.

Here are a couple of examples:

The Sun

Upright, this card symbolizes vitality, and a feeling of success, a time to shine. However, a reversed Sun can be interpreted as a lower energy level that needs to be boosted. You may feel frustrated or held back.

You can read an in-depth interpretation of the Upright and Reversed meanings of the Sun Tarot Card here.

The Seven Wands

When upright, this card portrays defiance. When reversed, it may indicate that you need to tone down your feelings of defiance. You don’t necessarily have to be submissive.

You should never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or out of your element, but you may just have to deal with your issues in a different manner. This journey is supposed to be eye-opening not frustrating.

Again only you know what interpretation is best, so trust your inner knowledge.

Other Interpretations for Reversed Cards

Don’t forget the fact that you could be asking the wrong question. The way you ask a question or the question itself is one of the most important factors during a read.

Some have said that you should never ask “Yes” or “No” questions. But I disagree. Here’s an article that gives 10 examples of “yes” or “no” Tarot questions.

With “yes’ or “no” questions, a reversed card could mean the question you asked doesn’t really pertain to your life, or you asked the question in a way that limits how you can interpret the card.

How to Know Which Method to Use and What Not to Do?

You can’t know until you try. Trust your inner thoughts. Trust your intuition. Go with your gut.

When reading Tarot cards whether for yourself or someone else, you never want to force a message into someone’s life. Instead, listen to your intuition. If something doesn’t feel like it applies to your life, then it probably doesn’t as long as you’re being honest with yourself.

Try multiple readings and practice often. It’s the only way to train your instinct. Here’s an article that talks about the best Tarot Spreads for Beginners.

The last thing you want to do is ignore a reversed card or deck. Some readers will put reversed cards aside, but why would you? Again there is no good or bad message, so don’t just discard your reversed cards.

You also don’t want to panic and think everything is doomed. Again, it’s never about fortune or the future. It’s more about you, your internal and external energy, and how you feel about these messages.

So the next time you get a reversed Tarot card, don’t just discard it, look deeper, the message may help you out more than you know. Also, consider this, if all your cards are reversed, then maybe you should flip the deck…

Then again, if you keep getting a large number of reversed Tarot cards in subsequent reads then maybe its time to look into things differently.

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Comments & Reviews

  1. Barbara Avatar

    The deck was either upside down or it was the way that the deck was shuffled! Nothing to do with the energy emanating from the card. Please stop propagating to people that it means an inbalance in their energy! I know reading with reversals have added layers to your readings or made them juicier but a reverse card shows up depending on how you the reader shuffle the cards… they are picture cards nothing to do with the energy of the card. Unless specifically guided by spirit to take a particular card meaning in the reverse we should not arbitrarily do so… let’s me guided by the true message of the cards!

  2. Ramona Hurley Avatar
    Ramona Hurley

    I’ve learned/was taught that when all cards in a reading are reversed means that the cards refuse to tell, or that you’ve asked too many times and to stop asking as you’ve already gotten your answer.

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