Tarot Reading for Pets: Is it Really a Thing?

Tarot readings for pets

Tarot reading for pets? What? Pets can quickly become a part of the family, and for many they are a vital part of life. However, since they cannot communicate directly through language, it can be challenging to know how they feel about something or understand what issues are affecting them.

Of course, most pet owners can tell when something is wrong with their pet, but you may wish there were other ways to know. So, is tarot reading for pets really a thing?

Yes, tarot reading can be completed on pets though it will differ slightly than human tarot card readings. Tarot card reading itself is the practice of using tarot cards to gain insight into the past, present, or future by formulating a question.

Unlike traditional tarot card reading, the pet owner will need to formulate the question for their pet to which the cards will answer. However, tarot readings are a great way to interpret your pet’s inner thoughts and feelings on a subject.

In essence, if the owner is a believer in the art of tarot, reading for a pet is always an option.

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Why Use Tarot Cards for Your Pet?

The important thing to remember about using tarot cards is that they should never be used in substitute for a trip to the vet.

If your pet is suffering from a health issue, you want to take them to the veterinarian and do not rely on card readings to assess these health concerns.

Tarot should instead be used to identify a pet’s emotions or to assess behavioral issues.

Using tarot readings is a great way for you to assess behavioral problems or big family decisions impact for your pet. If you have a big move coming up, added a pet to your home, added a baby to your home, have noticed an unwanted behavior, etc. this is way to see how your pet is feeling.

Using tarot readings to identify any underlying issues can help you to improve your pet’s life and find any issues they may be facing.

Tarot itself is a universal language that goes beyond language, which is why it works for pets. These cards assess what you think, feel, want, need, and more and do not require the ability to express yourself.

While traditional human readings may have additional thoughts or questions that clearly pet readings cannot, the process is still the same.

Pet tarot card readings work because:

  • Pets have an astrological natal chart just like everyone else
  • The reading process only needs a minor adjustment to work for pets
  • Pets are more concerned with daily issues, which is read in the Minor Arcana (read more about the minor arcana here)
  • Pets have memories and think of future issues
  • They have hopes, wants, needs, and desires that can be read

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Who Can Read Your Pet’s Tarot?

In actuality, anyone who is knowledgeable in a tarot reading can read for a pet. Reading for a pet is a great way to practice your tarot reading skills if you are new to doing so. Pets are nonjudgmental and reading to them can be far less intimidating for you than reading to humans can be.

If you are new to tarot, reading to your pet is a great way to try out the technique, practice new tools, or simply get in the flow of reading without feeling insecure.

Here are some related articles for a new tarot reader:

Practicing in front of your pet can help you build confidence and can also strengthen the bond with your pet. You can use any tarot cards that you have for your pet, or you can purchase a deck specifically for your pet readings.

However, if you personally are not interested in learning tarot, you can find readers online or maybe even in your area that offer readings for pets. (I talk about YouTube readings in this article: Are tarot readings on YouTube accurate?)

You can do an online search to find readers in your area who may offer pet sessions, which may not be an option if you live in a smaller town or area with few tarot readers.

On the other hand, there are websites dedicated to offering tarot readings to pets that may be able to help you.

How to Read Tarot for Your Pet

Doing a tarot reading for your pet is actually quite simple, and you simply need to attune yourself with your pet. The reading itself can be done anytime while they are sleeping, playing, or simply during a calm time during the day.

This can be done to address a behavior issue or an unwanted habit that your pet is displaying or simply read their feelings.

You can practice practically anytime when it comes to tarot reading with your pet. You should start by attuning yourself with your pet, sit next to them, cuddling and getting a closer connection, and shuffle your cards during this time.

Before starting the actual reading, decide if you want to use the full deck or just the Minor Arcana, which we will further discuss.

You will want to follow these steps to begin the reading process:

  • Choose a tarot or oracle deck that has a good feeling to it. Some readers even go as far as to have pet-specific decks that they only use for these readings.

Find out the difference between Tarot & Oracle Decks in this article: Comparing Oracle and Tarot cards:  How do you choose?

  • Formulate a question in your mind while you hold the deck in your hands. Focus on this question, look at your pet while doing this, or close your eyes and picture your pet. Since your pet cannot think of this question on their own, you will need to do so for them.
  • These questions should involve a recent family decision (moving, new baby, new pet), a behavior problem, or simply something that you have been questioning about your pet.
  • Begin shuffling your cards until your intuition tells you to stop shuffling. This can vary in time, and you should go with your own natural flow.

More information about shuffling your cards here: How to shuffle your Tarot cards. A step-by-step guide

  • Lay out four cards from the deck, and these will answer your question.

There are many different spreads that you could use for a reading. Here are a couple of articles about Tarot Spreads:

The Importance of These Four Cards

Some individuals who are just starting out with tarot reading do so with only one card. However, traditionally, you will lay out four cards from the deck. These cards represent the following:

Card 1 – Situation from Your Pet’s Perspective

This is the situation as your pet sees it. For many pets, they can sense energies differently than we do, and this card should represent how they see the situation. If you are hoping to see how your pet feels about the question or issue you have in mind, this will show how they view the energy more so than the situation itself.

Card 2 – The positive aspects of the situation or question at hand

The second card you lay out will tell what your pet likes about the situation or question at hand. Often, this card will have a positive tone, and even negative questions or events can show a positive card at this point. However, if your issue or question is very negative, like the death of an owner, the card here may be negative and show a negative feeling.

Card 3 – The negative aspects of the situation or question at hand

Similar to the previous card, this one will focus on the negative things about the issue or question at hand. It will show you how your pet feels, whether it be upset, scared, sad, etc.

Card 4 – Outcome / Answer

This is the main card many focus on and represents what your pet would like to say to you. This can be feedback, advice, or other answers to the question you asked. This is the opportunity for your pet to truly talk to you and share any messages with you.

Interpreting Your Pets Tarot Reading

Of course, the biggest part of tarot reading for your pet is to understand what your cards are saying. When it comes to reading for pets, since you cannot get the feedback that a human can offer, you are more subject to interpreting the card.

At times, you can see the interpretation quickly in the card based on the question you asked, while other times, you may need to stretch beyond normal interpretations.

Tarot reading itself is a great way to become more connected with your pet and is a great connection to the animal world.

However, if you need help understanding exactly how you should read your pet’s tarot cards, we will further discuss both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Here are a couple of articles that go into depth about the Major & Minor Arcana:

The Major Arcana for Pets

There are several options when it comes to the Major Arcana for pets. You can remove these cards entirely from the deck and only use the Minor Arcana for their reading. Often, if you only use the Minor Arcana , you are mainly only concerned with day-to-day matters, and Major Arcana does not have much relevance on this.

On the other hand, you can use the entire tarot deck and keep the Major Arcana in the deck. You can make variations and literal interpretations of the Major Arcana cards depending on the deck being used.

You may have to think out of the box when it comes to what the meanings of the Major Arcana cards are and how they represent your pet.

The Minor Arcana for Pets

Many focus mainly on Minor Arcana when it comes to their pets. This is often the easiest to interpret and simpler for tarot readers to use. If you are focusing mainly on the Minor Arcana, you will need to know how to read these cards and what your pet is telling you. A basic way to interpret these cards is by:


When you draw cups, it usually represents love, happiness, and fulfillment. This can also be true for pets just as much as it can be true for humans.

However, cups can also represent water, which could mean your pet wants to go for a swim, needs a drink, has an issue with bathing, etc.

Something else that cups may mean if used in a certain context is health, comfort, and nourishment.

If you draw the suit of cups, it could represent how your pet feels about your family, the home, feelings of love and care, separation issues, and more.

If you are focusing more on the numbers of the card, this could have to do with the number on the cups card. As with all cards, this is very much so up to interpretation and your ability to read the cards that have been chosen.


Swords in basic readings represent thought, intellect, commands, and communication. When reading for a pet, communication is an important part of their daily life; this could be both with other animals and humans.

Pets have their own thoughts and still make decisions or choices daily that affect their lives.

Mainly, pets rely on direction from their human owners to guide them and make decisions for you. At times, your pet will want to be directed, told what to do where to go, etc. needing frequent communication from their owner. A

t times, the sword card can indicate your pet has underlying stress, anxiety, or worry that may be conditional or behavioral.

Though many underestimate pets, they can be very smart, and this card can mean that they have an idea that needs to be communicated to you. Different numbers on the swords card can have different meanings; for example, a 9 can indicate fear or worry.

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Wands in traditional readings will represent passions, desires, and wants. This card can be very important in a pet’s life and is a great way to get in touch with what your pet needs.

It is also important to remember that wands can be sexual, which may show up in a pet that has not been spayed or neutered, a female in heat, or a male with a desire to mate.

For pets, the wand card can also represent a literal stick, chew toy, bone, or the like. This could simply mean that your pet wants to play fetch or wants food, treats, toys, entertainment, human interaction, and more.

The number on the swords card can also change the meaning, like the previously mentioned cards. The numbers often represent your pet’s energy level with an ace meaning high energy and a 9 or 10 meaning worn down energy.


Pentacles during readings usually represent what we own, material items, money, and the like. These cards represent what you have that makes you feel secure and comfortable in life.

When drawn for pets, it can mean the possessions they have that give them security. Some pets can be just as possessive of their belongings as their human counterparts.

For a pet, the pentacles card could suggest a home, property, backyard, their bed or blanket, their crate, special toys, treats, or any possessions that they love.

This will always suggest what makes your pet feel safe and secure. This could mean that your pet wants to stay home and not leave the territory that they love.

When you draw the pentacle for your pet, it can be important during a move or when adding new items to your home. In a more positive matter, it can suggest receiving a new toy, possession, treats, and more.

The Courts Cards for Pets

You should use your intuition when it comes to interpreting the court cards for your pets, as they tend to be more difficult. However, they can easily be used in a pet tarot reading, and you simply need to follow the methods we will discuss. These cards often represent people, pet, or the situations at hand.

Similarly, the court cards can represent the human or humans that are connected with the pet. This can be used to describe the relationship you have with your pet or their bond with your family.

The card can be interpreted as how the pet views a specific person or specific trait about the person, as your pet sees them.

To better read the court cards for your pet or pets, a basic chart to follow is:

  • Pages – represents youth, vibrancy, and energy
  • Queens – sensitive, empathetic, and gentle
  • Knights – extroverted, daring, and outgoing
  • Kings – regal, proud, and dominant

Finding a Tarot Card Reader for Your Pet

While reading your pet’s tarot can be easy to do on your own and a very bonding experience, this may not be something you are comfortable with.

If you do not have much interest in reading tarot cards on your own or do not want to learn more about the process, there are tarot readers out there who specialize in pets.

As mentioned, there may be an available reader in your area that can help you and can even visit your home to read for your pet.

However, if you cannot find a local tarot reading expert who specializes in pets, you can find available individuals online. The biggest factor here is that you find someone who is serious about this job and is not scamming pet owners.

You should fully research the individual you are hoping to hire and ensure that they offer legitimate services before you pay them any money.

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