How to Bond with Your Tarot Cards: 15 Ways That Work

How to bond with your tarot cards

If you have ventured into the world of tarot reading, you have probably already fallen in love with the art. Reading tarot cards can be an addictive and exciting hobby. Some card readers even turn it into a way to make a living.

Of course, if you really want to be recognized as a quality tarot reader, you will want to take the art seriously. First, you have to bond with your cards. How do you bond with your tarot cards?

Here are fifteen ways to form the connection and bond with your tarot deck:

  1. Examine Each of Your Cards
  2. Meditate with Your Cards
  3. Note Any Strong Reactions
  4. Sleep with Them Near You
  5. Interview the Spread
  6. Consult the Tarot Little White Book
  7. Treat Cards with Respect
  8. Cleanse the Cards
  9. Sort and Reorder Them
  10. Practice Daily Draws
  11. Use the Deck Regularly
  12. Go Steady with Your New Deck
  13. Make Tarot the First and Last Thing You Do
  14. Reflect with Journaling
  15. Always Thank Your Cards

Every deck you purchase will have a different way of conveying messages, and each deck seems to have its own personality. New tarot card decks should be bonded with before use and always given a chance before you give up on them.

This bonding experience is great practice for each new deck you purchase.

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Bonding with Your New Deck

There are times when new tarot card decks do not work well for you, but you should always give them a fair try before giving up.

Bonding with your cards is key but can be a process. In fact, many readers do this process for at least a few weeks before they begin using the deck regularly.

Once you are working with your tarot cards for a while, you will also want to cleanse the cards between readings, read about that here.

Whether you have one deck or several, you will want to take time for this bonding process with each new deck you take on. 15 ways that you can bond with your new deck are:

1. Examine Each of Your Cards

The first thing you want to do with any new deck is to examine the cards and just take time to check out each of the cards. You should always look over the deck and make sure that no cards or missing. Also, if the box seems damaged in any way, you should check the cards for any unwanted damages or issues.

When you are flipping through the deck for the first time, you will want to look for different features to guarantee that you are familiar with the cards. Some questions you will want to ask yourself are:

  • Are there reoccurring characters?
  • Do the suits have color themes?
  • Are there any repeating symbols?
  • Which cards are different from your other decks?

2. Meditate with Your Cards

Meditating with your deck is another great option and can help you bond with the deck. You can pick cards and think about the characters on the card, note any feelings that come up, look over the images, and examine them fully. You may even go as far as to act out the card during your meditation and what it represents to you.

If you are stuck on the meaning of a card, you should meditate on the meaning and see if the answer comes to you. You should imagine yourself acting out the card and see what meanings come to you. Meditating is a great way not only to center yourself but to bond with your cards.

You can find all sorts of guided meditations online, I like this guided meditation. You can get it free, click here.

3. Note Any Strong Reactions

While you are meditating and examining your cards, you should look for any strong reactions you may have.  You can separate the cards into decks that you have strong connections with. You can have a pile of cards you love, those you are not drawn to, those you are questioning, etc.

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You should go through the entire deck and do this sorting process to better understand the cards. You can look at the cards in new ways and unlock your intuition connecting to cards you may not have before. Go back through any cards you may be struggling with and work your way through them, identifying why they are bothering you and how you should move past this.

4. Sleep with Them Near You

This is one of the easier ways to bond with your deck, some tarot readers swear by this method. Some readers choose to keep their decks on their nightstand or even under their pillow. However, this is not super necessary, and just having them in your area may help.

Also, having your new tarot deck near you at night can help with later suggestions and just ensures you use them more. However, some believe that having your deck near close proximity to you at night will allow images to come to you in your dreams.

If you are still struggling with some cards, using this method may help you find answers to their meanings.

One way to ensure your bond with your cards during the night is to flip through the deck right before you go to bed. You can take a moment to look over the specific cards that you are struggling with to keep them in your mind right as you are following asleep.

This will keep these cards on your mind as you are drifting to sleep and increases the chance that you will dream about them.

5. Interview the Spread

To better understand your deck and bond with it, you will want to put it through an interview. Just like you would give a potential worker a job interview, you want to give your deck an interview before using it.

This works best by using the classic Interview Spread, which has become a popular way to connect with new decks right out of the box.

Using this technique, you can see what your deck has to offer and learn more about the cards. Some of the questions you will want to ask the deck to interview it fully are:

  • Tell me about yourself and your most important characteristics?
  • What are your limits as a deck?
  • What strengths do you offer?
  • What are you here to teach me as a tarot reader?
  • How can I learn from you?
  • How can I collaborate with you?
  • What are the potential outcomes from working with you?

6. Consult the Tarot Little White Book

If you have been reading tarot cards for some time, you have probably heard of the Little White Book. This is essential for learning to conquer reading tarot, and it is great to turn to for confusing and contradictory cards. The book can help you work through any difficult cards you may have.

Your actual deck may have a book that goes with and can offer you a lot of interesting insight into the meanings of the cards and how to use them.

At times, decks my obscure feature imagery and the symbolism can be difficult to interpret right away. However, not all decks feature these books, and not all of these books go in-depth with what you need.

This all truly depends on where you purchase your deck and the maker. Some more inexpensive decks may reuse books from other decks, not being specific to the one you are bonding with.

On the other hand, some decks come with very detailed books that supply the artist’s vision of the card and its meaning.

7. Treat Cards with Respect

During the entire bonding process and even afterward, when you are using the deck, you should always treat it with full respect. Even if there are cards that you do not necessarily love, you should always appreciate the artistry that went into the pieces.

You should do your best to treat each deck you have with utmost level of respect.

Also, when storing your deck, you want to do so properly and in a respectful way. Many wrap their tarot decks in silk, store a quartz crystal with them, and store them in a box.

If you notice they have gotten dusty over time or are starting to get damaged, you should do your best to keep them clean and properly put away.

8. Cleanse the Cards

This is not a process that all readers opt for but can be very beneficial when it comes to bonding with your cards. If you have trouble bonding with your cards, this is a great option and can help you connect better with the cards.

There are various ways that you can cleanse your cards, but you may want to look up your own method to try.

For many, the cleansing process has some of the steps we have already mentioned, like meditating and examining the cards. However, some go further and give their cards a moon bath, salt burial, fresh air, a smudge stick, elemental clearing, and more.

Overall, you want to remove any negative energy that may have been left on the cards from others who have touched them and cleanse them fully.

9. Sort and Reorder Them

While most of this piece has focused on bonding with a new deck, there are times when you may want to bond again with an old deck.

With either a new or old deck, you can take time to shuffle the deck and sort or reorder it as you see fit. This is a great way to browse through the cards again and just become reacquainted with what they have to offer.

10. Practice Daily Draws  

This is one way that many readers bond with their new decks and is a great option. You will draw a tarot card daily, whether this is in the morning or in the evenings. You want to do this daily draw practice when you have time to spend connecting with the energy and the meaning of the cards.

Learning the meanings of each of the cards can be a huge task and using daily draws can help you significantly. However, it can take a little time to go through the entire deck but taking a little time to do this daily draw activity is very beneficial.

Note, I ‘ve written a couple of articles that discussed the meaning and how to read the Major and Minor Arcana cards. Read those articles here:

You can even use these cards to help with your own reading and to reflect on what happened during your day.

11. Use the Deck Regularly

Some shy away from using the new deck because they are not super accustomed to it yet. However, like the old saying says, “practice makes perfect.” If you use the deck more often, you can guarantee that you become more comfortable with the process and the cards’ meaning.

You should start reading with them once you have become more comfortable with them. This can start with just friends, family, etc. but practicing is the best way to guarantee that you become more comfortable with the cards.

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You can even take the deck with you when you are away and use them periodically throughout the day.

12. Go Steady with Your New Deck

You may want to work with your new tarot deck exclusively while you are still getting to know them and the cards’ meanings.

You want to take your time to get to know the style, how it reads and its unique symbolism. This may take you only a few days, or it can be a couple of weeks before you really get comfortable with the new deck.

If you only have a few decks in your collection, this is not a difficult process as you do not have many to choose from. However, if you have several or a few that you love, you want to put off using them for some time and get to know the newer deck.

Of course, if you are using your cards for money purposes, you want to use the cards you are comfortable with and save your new deck for daily draws or free practicing.

13. Make Tarot the First and Last Thing You Do

Some good readers do this anyways, but this is especially important if you are starting out with a new deck. You should always start your day and end your day with tarot cards, another great reason to store them by your bed.

For around a week, when you first get a new deck, you want to pick them up and put them down every morning and night.

Usually, the new deck will have a home somewhere in your bedroom, whether this is right by your bed or just near you, so they are easy to get to each day.

Some days, you may want to flip through the entire deck while others you may simply want to touch the deck on your way out each morning. Regardless, make it a mental note to do something with your deck first thing and as the final thing you do.

These times are also a great time to do your daily draw if you have extra time in the morning or evening; this can be beneficial. This is also a time to do a quick shuffle and resort to a better bond with the deck.

Regardless, this extra time spent with your deck can be very bonding.

14. Reflect with Journaling

During your time of bonding, you may want to do some journaling to keep up with the cards and how they work for you.

This can be added to your daily practices but does not have to be extensive in any way. Simply if you think of something new about a card specifically or the deck itself, you can jot it down quickly for future reference.

Some use social media as a way to document their cards while others use an actual journal to write down any notes. If you want to journal as you draw cards, you can take some specific notes along the way, such as:

  • Write down the tarot card itself.
  • Jot down any keywords you would use to describe it.
  • Note your insights, feelings, or impressions of the card.
  • Put your personal insight, feelings, or impressions of the card.
  • Interpret any meanings that may be behind the card.
  • For daily draws, you may want to jot down the interpretation of the card at the end of the day and how it may have affected your day.

15. Always Thank Your Cards

Going hand in hand with treating your card with respect, you should always thank them for the services that they offer. Whether you have been using your cards for reading or simply bonding with them, you should thank them. This can sound odd but creating this method of thanking your cards can be very positive.

You will want to thank your cards throughout the bonding process and continue to thank them after you begin reading with them regularly.

If you follow these guidelines or choose some of these bonding recommendations, you can truly fall in love with your new deck of cards. The bonding process should be your own; the time it takes can vary, but at the end of the day having a quality bond can lead to better reading results.

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