Where does a Virgo Woman like to be touched?

Do you want to know where your Virgo woman’s erogenous zones lie? Do you want to know how to utilize these pleasure spots to your advantage so you can make her affectionate or arouse you?

What should your body language be while doing it? Should you maintain eye contact? What kind of massages should you do in her pleasure spots?

Do not fret! Because in this article we are going to talk about where your Virgo woman likes to be touched! We will give you an insight into how to make your Virgo woman relaxed, pleasured, and maybe even aroused through caressing and massaging techniques.

We will show you where your Virgo woman’s erogenous zones lie which will give her an immense amount of pleasure! So sit back and relax and listen to the things we’ll say to you!

Let’s jump right in!

Your Virgo Woman likes to be touched in her stomach, waist area, and buttocks. Your Virgo woman’s stomach is incredibly sensitive which can be the energy center of pleasure and pain. If she becomes stressed there can be an imbalance in her stomach which causes tension.

On the flip side if touched, caressed, or lightly massaged your Virgo woman can become incredibly aroused. Alongside that, you can also offer light to medium massages to her head specifically her forehead, to alleviate stress and anxiety due to overthinking. 

Virgo women are the beautiful, analytical, hard-working, sensible, stable, financially-savvy, pragmatic, earthy, grounded, and intelligent women of the zodiac wheel! Virgo is an earth sign with mutable modality.

She is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and quick thinking. Virgo is represented by a beautiful maiden holding a sheaf of wheat. 

Virgo season starts from August 23 to September 22. Virgo energy is practical and earthy, almost related to agriculture (as mentioned before a Maiden carrying an ear of golden wheat). Virgo energy is hyper-critical and gets things done. She is the epitome of efficient work and power.

She is pragmatic in her outlook on life.

Virgo women are kind, practical, and genuinely honest and helpful. A lot of people assume that your Virgo woman is outright intimidating but this is because she is a most reserved and private person.

She likes her privacy more than anything and she can be downright blunt which can make her seem off-putting to people.

Your Virgo woman is responsible and can be an outright achiever in the game of life! Whether it’s her career, education, passion, or other endeavors in life she always aces it with utmost perfection which she can be gained recognition for.

Your Virgo woman is an incredibly bright and gifted individual and the grounded energy of earth gives her the energy to persevere regardless of her mutable modality which is known for indecisiveness and changeable nature.

Virgo women are intelligent individuals who are capable of seeing the smaller picture of things because of that they can have a great work-life schedule and can be great detectives at heart! Not to mention that the gorgeous look of a Virgo woman can be captivating yet powerful and intimidating at the same time! 

Your Virgo woman desires perfectionism at the highest level and almost everything they do seems outright not “enough” for them. They can be deeply insecure and can have feelings of not doing enough or not being enough.

With that said they need to practice restraint and learn to loosen up and know that not everything goes in their way and that a little imperfection is good enough. Perfection is an idea that can never be achieved.

Her appearance is classy, professional, neat, and simple. She rarely wears extravagant ornaments that draw attention to her face and body instead she lets her work and credibility do the job of making her put together.

She knows well that appearance matters just like how reputation and how much you’ve achieved in academia matter. If your girlfriend, wife, or significant other is Virgo you’ll be in for a good surprise! She can be a dynamic and fun person if she needs to be!

Your Virgo woman is honorable and takes great pride in appearing neat and tidy! To her, her reputation in the world takes time to build. It is earned through time, patience, and acquiring useful skills. Her work credibility and the way she presents herself are factors that make or break one in this world.

You have to remember that this mutable earth sign is ruled by Mercury so a lot is going on deep on the surface.

She can have restraint and control but her overactive mind can be too much to handle sometimes and it can cause stress, heavy tension between her muscles, anxiety, and feelings of not being good enough or being a failure.

Another bad side of a Virgo woman is caring too much and overthinking which is due to her mercurial aspect.

Remember that the air element (Mercurial aspect) combined in this earthy sign can be a complex personality indeed. Your Virgo woman is a complex person with many layers. She is powerful yet insecure, efficient yet procrastinating. 

In romantic relationships, your Virgo woman tends to be a loving, genuinely caring individual who offers plenty of acts of service to show love and affection to her partner. She might offer solutions or cook for you. She might do extra things just to make your work easy.

She is the kind of woman who shows her love through action, not words. 

Besides that she can be private when it comes to her romantic endeavors, this is because she is reserved and like to keep things hidden from the public. She wants to maintain an air of professionalism and being overly showy about her love life can be a nuisance to her.

She can be private and likes to do her love behind closed doors. Touching can be a good way to initiate an emotional and sexual bond with her. Touching and caressing her can depend on whether she is in the mood or not.

Remember that your Virgo man is an earth sign which means she can be barren of emotions sometimes. Be patient when trying to arouse her as it may take time.

Be patient and understanding especially when she is trying to be more vulnerable and intimate with you and try to earn her trust more by being more loving and by proving your faithfulness to him at all times.

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Where does a Virgo Woman want to be touched during foreplay?

Your Virgo woman’s pleasure spots are energy centers that you can touch and caress for maximum pleasure and relaxation. Stagnant and heavy energy can cause tension around this area so it is important to understand that touching and caressing must be done properly to turn these energy centers. 

Your Virgo woman rules the entirety of the stomach area which also includes her waist and her buttocks. These are the pleasure spots where you can touch, caress, and lightly massage for maximum relaxation, comfort, and pleasure. Particularly her stomach can be a delightful area to caress and touch. 

It is also worth noting that your Virgo woman contains a lot of her energy on the inside. Being neat and tidy doesn’t come that far as there is plenty of repressed energies inside of her.

Your Virgo woman probably represses a lot of contained energy, and lustful thoughts may arise when you touch her in her pleasure center. Be calm and gentle and let your instinct do the doing. There is something primal about touching.

It stimulates blood and increases arousal both of which are incredibly important aspects if you want to turn on your partner.

In other spiritual teachings, the stomach is a known energy gateway and where the solar plexus and sacral chakra resides — both chakras heavily related to power, sexuality, drive, and force.

Whenever you touch this pleasure spot not only you are making her relaxed and pleasured. You are also healing this energy center of hers! Making her whole and healthy!

Nevertheless touching, caressing, and fondling your Virgo woman in those areas are surely great ways to make her feel warm and safe, and fuzzy inside. 

Being a mutable earth sign can be tough for your Virgo woman. She is quite cold and barren which means romance might not come naturally to her. Logic and stoicism can be the main points in her life that she might need to loosen up to fully experience fulfilling romantic relationships. 

Behind that facade can be a hidden trauma or inability to fully express vulnerability. You must be patient and have a deep understanding and this also comes in the form of being aware of when to initiate the touching bond.

If she’s stressed out and busy at work let her finish whatever is bugging her then politely ask if she wants a light massage.

Be humble when talking to her and do not forget to remind her of how much you truly love her by complimenting her achievements throughout the day. Always let her know that it is ok and that she can always count on you. 

In regards to massaging when you massage her stomach, you must only put gentle pressure almost as if you’re rubbing the skin of your Virgo woman’s stomach. You can use rubbing oil to make the rubbing smooth on the surface.

With her head which is commonly tended area due to stress, you must counteract this by using light to medium pressure when massaging the temples of her forehead. Use your fingertips or your knuckles to use center point pressure which

Also, it is important to remember that when you are massaging her forehead you must use the gentle tips of your finger when pressing the temples in her forehead. This is to ensure a healthy amount of blood flow passes through the system which is stimulating and in turn relaxing for your Virgo woman!

Your Virgo woman might seem hard to please but you are a soft spot for her so be sure to be initiative in getting steamy and romantic with her! Your Virgo woman cherishes private moments with her partner where she can truly loosen up her grip of control and be safe and vulnerable once in a while.

Use this as your main point of advantage and be extra romantic and cuddly with her! Whenever you’re free offer her some sweet sentiments as you wrap your hands on her waist or lay on her stomach!

Overall you must be extra sweet with your Virgo woman because romance will not come easy for her! You must be extra passionate in the way you touch and caress her and you should emphasize working your way on her stomach, waist area, and buttocks.

You can also massage her forehead which can be stimulating and relaxing on her part.

Quick Overview: Virgo Woman’s Erogenous Zones!

1. Turn up the mood first and let her be in a relaxed state

Your Virgo woman can be pretty hard to turn on, especially if there are a lot of things going on in her mind. With that said it is effective to make sure you clear out the negative influences first before trying to initiate a touching or massaging session with her.

To make sure you start it right you can begin by cleaning the room she’s about to sleep in. Clean and tidy up the table. Burn some sage or scented candles. Change the curtains and fix the bed she’s about to lie in.

This incredibly sets in the mood for your Virgo woman who is probably busy overthinking 24/7. You have to remember that your Virgo woman is ruled by Mercury and just like her sister sign Gemini Virgos can have uninhibited thoughts which can cloud up their mind and cause anxiety.

By setting up the mood of the evening or day you are bringing her into a relaxed state which makes it easy for you to initiate the touching and massaging session.

2. Touch her stomach gently

Touch her stomach gently, and begin to caress it as she lies down next to you. You can also try caressing it by starting from the stomach’s center point (located above the belly button) and begging to gently stroke the skin up to the waist area.

Feel the shape of her waist as you lovingly make eye contact with her. This will ensure that your Virgo woman feels relaxed and at ease with the situation.

3. Massage her forehead

Begin to lay her down in the bedroom. Have a clear look at her forehead and begin to sink in your index, middle, and ring fingers onto her forehead. Stimulate it deeply by bringing deep and heavy pressure points in the upper and lower part of the forehead.

Also, bring enough pressure to stimulate the temples of her forehead. This will be incredibly relaxing for your Virgo woman!

4. Spank her! 

Spanking her is the number one thing to do whenever you are asserting your dominance over her! This is incredibly arousing to your Virgo woman as you deeply initiate a masculine-feminine dynamic between the both of you!

Not only that her buttocks are the main erogenous zone that helps you turn her on easily in the bedroom! Whenever you have the opportunity you can start grabbing her butt from behind and begin to lightly slap it.

During foreplay and the lovemaking process spanking her will make sure that she is highly charged and aroused!

5. Deep Massage the buttocks and the stomach

Massage the buttocks and the stomach interchangeably! With the use of your fingers and the palm of your hands, you must take your time in deeply stimulating these areas as these are the main erogenous zones of your Virgo woman.

Lightly rub and use pressure on these areas to stimulate blood flow circulation and at the same time, you can use the palm of your hands to stimulate deeply the buttocks.

Touching a Virgo Woman…Final Thoughts

Your Virgo woman is a shy and beautiful maiden who is grounded, self-directed, reliable, responsible, intelligent, practical, and powerful in her own right! She is a woman who deeply symbolizes the color white. Close to perfection…immaculate and truly classy.

She is a truly gentle and kind individual who wishes for order in every way possible. She is quick and methodological in her line of work which means she can be drained after work and frequently experiences a heavy set of physical pain and stress.

Whenever you strive for a bonding time with your Virgo woman you must be extra patient and understanding. There will be times when she will not open up her body and might get cold for no reason. Be there for her and make sure to take time to let her know that no matter what happens you are still there for her.

Whenever you are massaging her a rubbing oil that is aroma-infused is essential to provide relaxation and less friction between the skin especially if you are rubbing her stomach which can be a dry part of the body.

Be sure to use techniques that gently stimulate these pleasure spots and ask her what part of her body feels best massaging.

Overall, the most sensitive areas of your Virgo woman that you can utilize to make him feel relaxed and aroused are:

  • Her forehead specifically the temples (light to medium massage)
  • Her stomach (light touching and light massaging)
  • Her waist area (touch and caress it)
  • Her Buttocks (spank it during foreplay and sex!)

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