What Happens When You Ignore A Libra Woman?

I’m going to be honest with you, it’s not easy to ignore such a charmer.

A Libra woman has that charm that you just cannot resist, especially if she likes you. Whatever your intentions are, ignoring her is the least effective solution to your problem. Here’s what’s going to happen if you choose to ignore a Libra woman.

When you ignore a Libra woman, she is going to get confused about why she is not getting the attention she deserves. She will feel rejected because we know how she wants to keep everybody happy. She will try to do things to get your attention. If they still won’t work, she will get even. She can also just move on.

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That said, let’s first look at your Libra woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry!

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Libra Woman’s Weaknesses

A Libra woman is symbolized by the scale, so you can expect her to want everything to be balanced. The thing about your Libra woman is that she can see things. She can see everything – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And of course, as a Libra, she wants everything to be fair. Although this can be a strength of a Libra woman, this can also make a Libra woman indecisive. Because she sees both sides of things, it can be really hard for her to make a decision.

Whether she knows it or not, a Libra woman is a people-pleaser. She wants to make sure that everyone that is around her is impressed by her. She wants to make everybody happy and content with whatever it is that she is providing.

However, she needs to realize that she is not being true to herself. She may not know how to let go of the expectations of other people because she constantly outweighs every situation just to make everyone happy.

She is ruled by Venus, and so she is someone who is very into beauty and aesthetics. This is a trait that can be a strength of a Libra woman, but sometimes, she can be interpreted as someone very vain, and that she cares too much about aesthetics.

She loves the idea of love, and so, sometimes, she can also be considered a flirt. Another thing that is negative about a Libra woman is that she depends on other people to make decisions for them. She is constantly looking for external validation.

When A Libra Woman Is Mad…

You need to realize that when you get a Libra woman agree, you have definitely crossed the line because she looks at both situations again. When you get her mad, she is going to snap at you especially when you disrespect her.

She might unleash some claws that you might not have expected she to have. She may not attack you physically, but she is going to hurt you through her words because she is sarcastic and sharp-tongued.

A Libra woman can make plans for her life, but sometimes things do not go the way she planned. When this happens, she can lash out at her family and her loved ones.

She is good at hiding this side of her from the world because she puts up this façade that makes everything about her look perfect. She is a little sensitive to criticisms too especially when they are coming from insecure and salty people.

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When You Ignore A Libra Woman…

She will get confused

You need to remember that your Libra woman wants to keep everyone happy, and this, of course, also applies to his lover or to the person she is interested in. Again, as I have said earlier, there is a constant need for her to be validated.

So, best believe that she has done everything in her power to impress you. And when you start to give her the cold shoulder, she will get confused.

She will go through every little thing that she did with you and for you. She is going to attempt to discover her shortcomings and what she did wrong that may have turned you off. If this is a little game that you are playing, then, you better stop now because this can make a Libra woman devastated.

She will feel rejected

Again, because how a Libra woman wants everyone to be happy, she will feel very rejected if she feels like you are giving her the cold shoulder. And to be honest with you, she does not handle rejection very well.

She might be thinking that you do not find her beautiful anymore. She might think that she has done something wrong.

When you start to give her the silent treatment, she will start to plant the idea of you giving up on her in her head. Again, this will devastate her because she will feel like there are things that she should have done for you.

She will seek attention from you

Once she starts to realize that you are not giving her the attention that she wants and completely deserves, she will start to plan things to get your attention. She will not tolerate this kind of thing from you.

To get your attention, here are some of the things that she does. As a natural flirt, she will use her charm to get other men’s attention. She will talk to other men and seek compliments. She can also go far by going out with these men.

She can also choose to play the victim card. She might want to act as the damsel-in-distress that is living the downside of her life. She is also going to use her charm to make her irresistible to you. And we all know how charming a Libra woman is.

She will get even

When she finally gets to the point where she realizes her worth, she will then want to get even with you. Sooner or later, she will realize that nothing that she is doing is working to get your attention back.

So, her initial reaction will be to give you the cold shoulder you are giving her. So, if you don’t want this to happen, you better address your concerns the proper way.

When the time comes that you cannot resist her anymore, she is going to flip the tables and give you the taste of your own medicine.

When that happens, she might be interested in you still, but she will not give you the same enthusiasm she gives you when you first started talking. It’s as if the charm that she has is deceiving.

She will move on

Remember when I said that a Libra woman can be very indecisive? So, if she moves on from you, know that she has thought about a lot of things before deciding to move on from you.

So, when she finally decides to move on from you, she will remove herself from your life and ignore you for the rest of your life. If not, at least for a while.

She will pick up her pride, raise her head, and chin up. I mean she has every right to do so because you know how one-of-a-kind she is. She will make her feel that you treated her the wrong way and that she deserves better.

She is going to make you regret that you have not given her the attention she deserves.

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What happens when you ignore a Libra woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Libra woman:

  • She will get confused
  • She will feel rejected
  • She will seek attention from you
  • She will get even
  • She will move on



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