Is The Cancer Woman Controlling?

A Cancer woman knows how to control her emotions and she will not hesitate to use them to her advantage. If you want to know if your Cancer woman is controlling, you have come to the right place.

A Cancer woman is controlling because she is protective of herself. She will start to manipulate you because she believes that it is the easiest way to get what she wants from you. A Cancer woman is perceptive of your emotions and will use that to her advantage.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Cancer woman is controlling and how to break up with her. Read on!

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Red Flags Of A Cancer Woman

An insecure Cancer woman can be unsuitable for a relationship if she needs frequent assurance.

It’s okay to occasionally need comfort, but she can occasionally go too far. If your Cancer woman denies your love or your loyalty to him, it can be a red flag. She will start to sabotage your relationship because she doesn’t feel secure enough.

Before a Cancer woman can have a good relationship, she may need to work on herself if she constantly demands assurance or confirmation that you are not lying. She feels that being with someone who simply cannot accept your love for them can be draining.

A red flag is if your Cancer woman consistently asserts that you don’t want to be with her or claims that she doesn’t believe you when you express your feelings for her.

Is The Cancer Woman Controlling?

Because she appears to be so protective of herself, a Cancer woman can be very controlling. Although it could appear cold, if you cross this line with her, she’ll start acting manipulatively toward you. A Cancer woman is manipulative because she will do whatever to maintain control when it comes to her well-being.

A Cancer woman can also be in a position where she is only trying to help you, but the very next moment, she could exert control over you and be manipulative. Sometimes she thinks that manipulating you is the only way she can obtain what she wants for you.

Because a Cancer woman is perceptive and uses her emotions to acquire what she wants, she will use this to her advantage.

Signs A Cancer Woman Is Controlling

She’s emotionally manipulative

When a Cancer woman begins to reveal her more intense emotional side, she isn’t even sure what will come out. She is so attuned to emotions that she is adept at using them to manipulate others. A Cancer woman has the potential to be either the greatest manipulator or the best confidant in the world.

A Cancer woman tries to keep you interested in her or make you happy while she is being emotionally manipulative.

The tricks she uses to keep you emotionally attached to her, though, can have an effect. A Cancer woman has such tremendous highs and lows that she can feel worn out and start to doubt her own emotions.

She uses guilt

Guilt is a powerful tool in the hands of a Cancer woman to take control over you. She is highly adept at creating subtle guilt trips and she understands how to play up a tragic scenario because she frequently views herself as the victim.

To catch your attention and retain you in her life, a Cancer woman will act in this manner.

This is not something a Cancer woman views as manipulation because she simply assumes that this is a reaction to her own hurt feelings.

She frequently fails to comprehend that her own upset feelings are a reaction to her victim narrative and not a result of anything she did wrong. Don’t fall for a Cancer woman’s victim narrative when she begins to put on a convincing guilt trip.

She sets boundaries

A Cancer woman will want to make all decisions affecting your relationship. Although she may appear unconcerned and timid, she is actually uneasy and she’ll make an effort to ensure that the connection is ideal.

A Cancer woman’s notion of perfection occasionally involves manipulation and possessiveness. She works hard to fulfill your vision of a relationship, hoping that you won’t consider dating anybody else.

On the other hand, a Cancer woman can demand that you keep your love involvement away from her family. Before she involves the family, she simply wants to make sure that you are sincere and devoted to the relationship. In order to feel safe, a Cancer woman needs to set boundaries by being controlling.

Ways To Handle A Controlling Cancer Woman

Be as calm as you can since a Cancer woman hates friction and strain. Being so intuitive, she can be deeply distressed by rage and conflict. Be composed in your interactions with her and those around you if you notice that she’s grumpy.

If you are angry or combative with someone, your Cancer woman will notice and become even more agitated.

To feel secure, a Cancer woman requires open communication.

She may be craving emotional connection if she suddenly becomes closed off or aloof. Have an honest discussion about how you’re both doing because she might mistrust your feelings. Expressing your feelings with a Cancer woman actually improves your connection.

How To Break Up With A Controlling Cancer Woman

Avoid comforting her

When a relationship ends, you are no longer responsible for the Cancer woman’s feelings. Also, you are no longer required to support her in coping because giving her comfort is likely to make the situation worse. Also, it can backfire because you’ll only make a Cancer woman hate you even more for being so sweet as you break up with her.

A controlling Cancer woman will start sobbing and telling you how much she will miss you. Although this will make you feel guilty, you should remember that the reason you are ending this is that she is controlling.

Even though you wish things had gone differently, this is actually for the better. Both of you will only experience a lot of emotional stress when you do this.

Don’t make a scene

Being internally torn apart is acceptable and anticipated, even if you are the one ending the relationship. It’s also not entirely unusual to feel the impulse to tear your Cancer woman’s life and everything she values apart piece by piece and to wish flaming hell and brimstone on her.

However, this is something that you should be avoiding when trying to end things with her.

Any attempt to do so would only make you appear to be childish, so try to keep your cool. Express your sorrow and anguish, but avoid making foolish decisions. When you want to take all of your emotions out, do it in a calm manner and in private.

Avoid communicating after

You may have a strong desire to maintain friendship and may even push for contact even though doing so will just make both of you feel worse. Limiting communication helps you and your Cancer woman emotionally recover more quickly.

To refrain from seeing or speaking to each other for a short while is not only perfectly normal, but it is also healthy. The more contact you have, the greater the chance that you will relapse and set off an emotional time bomb.

A Cancer woman will take it as a sign that she still has a chance to rekindle your relationship. It will be hard for you to resist her this time because she is good at controlling you using your emotions.

Is the Cancer woman controlling? Final thoughts…

Yes, a Cancer woman is controlling because:

  • She is protective
  • She is manipulative
  • She gets what she wants
  • She is perceptive



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