Is The Aries Woman Controlling?

The fiery Aries woman is born to lead, and this could be something good or bad. It is something that can break or make the relationship. If you are too prideful to follow her, then I don’t think a controlling Aries woman is for you. To know more about her, keep going!

An Aries woman can be controlling because she wants to take charge most of the time.

She gets jealous very easily, which is something that is not very healthy for the relationship. She is also very aggressive when it comes to getting what she wants, and she tends to establish dominance over you and other people.

If you want to know about her red flags, the signs that she is controlling, and the ways to deal with her or break up with her, keep reading!

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Red Flags Of An Aries Woman

One notable personality that most Aries women have is that they are impatient. If they want something, they demand to get it as soon as possible because they do not like waiting. They believe that they have no time to just wait around.

Sometimes, they want these things right away because they do not want to be bothered by them for a long time. And if you are too tired to deal with someone impatient, this might be a red flag for you!

In connection with being impatient. an Aries woman is also very easily angered. It does not take much to make an Aries woman upset or angry. The littlest things make her lose her temper – especially if they really don’t sit right with her.

And the thing about an Aries woman is that she is not afraid to show her emotions. People will know that this woman is really angry!

Is The Aries Woman Controlling?

Right off the bat, yes. An Aries woman is controlling because again she knows what she wants, and she will do everything to get it. She does not like it when somebody gets in the way of her doing things because she does not like it when things go out of her plan.

She wants everything to go according to her way.

She is also someone who cares a lot about her status in life, and of course, she wants to be part of a power couple.

With that in mind, she is going to attempt to “build” you to be the person she wants to be with. She can be very restrictive with your career or even the clothes that you wear so you’ll look more presentable.

Signs An Aries Woman Is Controlling

She gets easily jealous

Apart from being moody, an Aries woman gets overly jealous sometimes, and this could mean romantic and business relationships. This trait is a sign that an Aries woman can be controlled, especially with a partner.

She is the type to want to snoop in your phone just to check that you are not talking to someone else.

She cannot bear to get cheated on because she is too prideful for that. She does not want to deal with heartbreak because she is too caught up with making herself successful and achieving the status she wants to achieve in life.

When she controls everything that you do, know that this is her defense mechanism when she gets jealous.

She is aggressive

When we were talking about the red flags of an Aries woman, we mentioned that she is very impatient and does not like to wait around to get what she wants. Because of that, she has the tendency to be very aggressive toward other people.

As I have already mentioned, she is willing to do everything to get what wants and thinks she deserves.

This is a sign that an Aries woman can be controlled because there is a possibility that she wants you to do things for her. And if you do not comply, he is going to be upset and throw tantrums. She wants you to trust her and follow her, and if you don’t, things are not going to end well with you.

She establishes dominance

Making you feel inferior to her is something natural that comes out of the Aries woman.

She wants to let you know that she is an Alpha female and that there is no one that can bring her down. She wants you to bow down to her and give your utmost respect to her. Even if she deserves it, this is something that can really hurt your ego.

She does not only do this to you, but she also does this over other people. She is born a leader, and when she does not make use of this gift properly, things could really go wrong. She likes to boss people around and make them feel that is the most powerful, the smartest, and the greatest in the room.

Ways To Deal With A Controlling Aries Woman

An Aries woman will talk and talk just to let all of her feelings go and defend herself in the situation that you both are in.

I know it gets very annoying, and you just want to shut down and hide from the world. You are going to be craving for some peace and quiet when dealing with her, but the most important thing to do here is to just keep the communication open. Be understanding and do not ever respond in cold responses.

Despite everything, you still need to show her that she is respected and loved and that she deserves to be heard.

Reassure her that her feelings are valid and that you are willing to let yourself go with the flow and work on the relationship still. If you think that her controlling side will do you good, then just allow her to lead. Allow her to be the boss.

Ways To Break Up With A Controlling Aries Woman

Convince her it was her idea

Being with a controlling Aries woman is very draining because you get to hear critic after critic, and that is not healthy for anyone.

Despite the different situations of people reading this, I am very sure that your Aries woman has attempted or threatened to break up with you during the times you did not comply with what she wanted you to do.

So, you can actually use this as an excuse if you really want to break up with her. This is kind of manipulative, but it is good to just do this to avoid crazy and big arguments in public.

It is time to turn the tables. Tell her that you are finally giving her what she wants – freedom. She is free to do whatever she wants to do now without you interrupting her. Tell her that she is going to be more powerful without you.

Be direct with her

An Aries woman is known to be very straightforward herself, and she does not want to spend time trying to solve the puzzle pieces that you give her. If you explain things to her in flowery words, she is going to get her hopes up and chase you if she really wants you.

But if you let her know that you do not want her anymore, she will leave because remember, you are dealing with a prideful woman.

The Aries woman is a very strong woman, so you do not need to think about how she is going to deal with the breakup. She knows what to do in times like this. She is not symbolized with a ram for anything. Everything is going to be good with her.

Is the Aries woman controlling? Final thoughts…

Yes, an Aries woman is controlling because:

  • She gets jealous easily
  • She is aggressive
  • She establishes dominance



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