How To Tell If An Aquarius Woman Is Lying

Although an Aquarius woman struggles to show what she is feeling, her behavior actually says a lot. If you want to know the signs of an Aquarius woman lying to you, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius woman is lying to you when she ignores you and disregards your opinions. You will also notice that she doesn’t make an effort to spend time with you and she refuses to open up. An Aquarius woman will also push you away by being rude to you for no reason.

It is also important to know the signs when an Aquarius woman is not interested and how to make her fall in love with you again. Read on!

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Weaknesses Of An Aquarius Woman

The more she is forced or given orders, the more disobedient an Aquarius woman may become. She objects to being told what to do and she dislikes those who act as superiors because she doesn’t respect those who try to sway her opinions or actions, even when it’s to her advantage. This can make convincing an Aquarius woman of something difficult.

Change is tolerated well by an Aquarius woman, who is also extremely adaptable. However, she can get frequently bored because of her love of exploration, and she can occasionally be unpredictable due to her tendency to adapt rapidly. Because an Aquarius woman is so unpredictable, those around her may grow impatient with her spontaneity.

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5 Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Lying

She ignores you

Because she is usually aloof and distant, it can be difficult to discern if an Aquarius woman is lying to you. Even if she appears to be deep in contemplation, if she cares about you, she will pay you some attention. Yet an Aquarius woman will purposefully ignore you if she is hiding something behind your back. It isn’t much you can do to get her attention because it will only drive her further away.

An Aquarius woman may be ignoring you so that you will eventually forget about the issue and move on. Don’t pout or demand her attention when she doesn’t pay you attention because she may lash out at you. If an Aquarius woman has nothing to hide from you, she won’t have any reasons to ignore you.

She is rude

Although an Aquarius woman might have a sharp tongue or say the wrong thing unintentionally, she won’t act rudely on purpose. She thinks it’s better to be harsh and cover up her lies, no matter how small the deception is, to make someone feel better. An Aquarius woman may be doing this to push you away and forget about the issue.

If an Aquarius woman is rude to you repeatedly or intentionally, take it as a sign that there is something else going on. She’s very blunt and can be insensitive, so being rude might be the only way she knows to push you away. If an Aquarius woman doesn’t bother checking up on you, checks her phone while talking to you, or says hurtful things, you should take it as a sign.

She disregards you

A lying Aquarius woman won’t bother listening to what you have to say and will disregard your opinions. You should take note of this because this sign is highly intellectual and very attentive to other people’s opinions. You will notice that an Aquarius woman doesn’t care what you think, so she’s not showing respect and attention to what you have to say about the situation.

Your Aquarius woman is lying to you if she never seeks your opinion or disregards your advances regarding the relationship. She is too disobedient and independent to always heed your counsel, but if she has no problems with you, she would at least listen to you and take your comments seriously occasionally.

She doesn’t open up

An Aquarius woman doesn’t open up to just anyone about her thoughts or experiences. She only shares her deepest thoughts with a select few people since she doesn’t want to give too much information. If an Aquarius woman is lying to you, she will have a hard time opening up to you about her whereabouts since she understands how crucial it is.

An Aquarius woman will do anything just so she can avoid talking to you, especially when it comes to having deep conversations. She doesn’t want you to find out if she keeps her mouth shut and makes light of any attempts at the serious talk. An Aquarius woman is lying to you when she refuses to open up and it will also be hard to invite her into small talk.

She doesn’t make time

No matter how much she respects you, you can’t expect an Aquarius woman to spend all of her time with you. If she is lying to you, messaging or even making an effort will be too much for her. There may be something else going on if an Aquarius woman never answers your calls or texts, declines to make arrangements with you, or otherwise treats you like a lesser priority.

An Aquarius woman might be unpredictable, so be careful not to get confused. She might spend all of her free time with one person before deciding she’s had enough the following day and cutting her off. You may tell when an Aquarius woman is not being sincere with you by her reluctance to spend any time alone with you.

Signs An Aquarius Woman Is Not Interested

She avoids commitment

An Aquarius woman is known to be pretty noncommittal, but she is able to commit and make plans when she is ready to be in a committed relationship. She might be contemplating ending things if she suddenly avoids making plans a few weeks or months out or is hesitant to talk about her future together. An Aquarius woman will start to pull away when she is not interested in you.

Though it might not be easy, try asking an Aquarius woman why she doesn’t want to make plans in a logical, understanding manner. She may get uneasy or uncomfortable when you try to talk about moving in together, settling down, or getting married. An Aquarius woman will want to end things with you before things get more intense.

She needs more space

An Aquarius woman might be analyzing your relationship in this extra time. She is likely to distance herself from you while contemplating ending the relationship simply because she is not interested. Keep an eye out for any abrupt changes in an Aquarius woman’s desire to spend time with you.

This could indicate that an Aquarius woman is thinking about breaking up with you or wanting to experience life without you. If she’s doing this, try not to invade her personal space and resist the need to cling to her. If an Aquarius woman starts to change her mind about going on dates or claims to be too busy to hang out, she might be trying to find a way out.

She seems bored

If an Aquarius woman isn’t her typical, enthusiastic self around you, it is a sign. She is fervent about her hobbies and readily shares updates with her romantic partners. If an Aquarius woman has ceased sharing such things with you and appears generally less inspired or motivated, she may want to end the relationship.

If you see an Aquarius woman out and about, she might not acknowledge you if she’s completely over the relationship and has no interest in friendship. If she stops displaying that side of herself to you, she might be considering leaving because she is not interested in building a relationship with you.

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How To Make An Aquarius Woman Fall In Love With You Again

If you want an Aquarius woman to fall in love with you, don’t bring up casual dating when you want something long-term. You need to demonstrate your loyalty to her if you want to make a committed relationship work. An Aquarius woman will detect any attempts at deception and will instantly reject you.

An Aquarius woman prefers to go all in. She’ll be content with being your friend, but if you’re trying to figure out how to get her obsessed with you, that’s not what you want. Instead, emphasizing that you desire something serious and avoiding talking about casual dating would get an Aquarius woman to fall head over heels in love with you.

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How to tell if an Aquarius woman is lying, final thoughts…

If an Aquarius woman is lying to you:

  • She ignores you
  • She is rude
  • She disregards you
  • She doesn’t open up
  • She doesn’t make time



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