How To Tell If A Cancer Woman Is Lying

Since a Cancer woman is a sensitive sign, hiding the truth is not something she is particularly good at. If you want to know the signs when a Cancer woman is lying to you, you have come to the right place.

A Cancer woman is lying when she suddenly makes excuses and gets defensive when you confront her. She may also start to distance herself and ignore you when she realizes that you have caught her in a lie. A Cancer woman may suddenly act clingy as a way to hide her guilt.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when a Cancer woman is not interested and how to make her fall in love with you again. Read on!

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Weaknesses Of A Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is never prepared to take the lead and, from an emotional standpoint, is quite dependent. She usually enjoys hiding behind strict rules and traditions, yet she detests being by herself alone.

A Cancer woman is skilled at manipulating people’s emotions and is also erratic and unpredictable to the point of being unable to function in daily life.

If failing or losing, a Cancer woman may develop a negative outlook and let negativity or insecurity rule her behavior. More than this, while she is acting this way, she will frequently display her pessimistic attitude toward life and doesn’t attempt to think positively.

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5 Signs When A Cancer Woman Is Lying

She is distant

Despite a Cancer woman’s best efforts, she cannot totally control her body language which includes maintaining a physical space when she is lying.

So now you know how to tell whether this sign is lying if you observe her abruptly getting up and moving to another seat, moving away from you, or letting go of your hand that she has been holding for a long time.

When you directly question your Cancer woman, watch for any rapid body movements to see if she is telling the truth.

You will notice that she becomes comfortable and is looking for a way to leave the conversation. This is due to the fact that a Cancer woman will constantly try to put a distance between you and her so you won’t be able to detect her lies.

She gets defensive

A Cancer woman being defensive is natural if you keep poking her about the same thing over and over again.

When it comes to how to tell if this sign is lying, this isn’t always the case. Be cautious, especially if you’re asking a Cancer woman about an incident for the first or second time and she becomes irrationally defensive.

Another strategy for a Cancer woman would be to start crying right away which should be easy because she is an emotional sign.

Instead of acknowledging that she was lying, she may simply change the focus of the conversation until you are compelled to remain silent and drop the subject. When challenged about a lie, a Cancer woman may start to get defensive.

She makes excuses

You can tell a Cancer woman is lying if she starts using such language all of a sudden to defend her acts or behavior.

There is a very significant likelihood that this sign is lying to you if she goes on and on and offers you excessive amounts of information, especially information that was not sought. A Cancer woman will frequently talk a lot because she wants to appear open and honest so that you will believe her.

Occasionally, a Cancer woman will add up more lies in her excuses to emphasize how truthful she is being.

She will most likely ask you to repeat your questions in order for her to think about what excuse to give. The repetition also gives a Cancer woman some breathing room while they try to collect her thoughts.

She ignores you

This is what a Cancer woman will likely do initially if she has been caught in a lie, so stop thinking along that route.

Because she is so sensitive and empathetic, she is unable to manage direct conversations. Especially if a Cancer woman is conscious of the other person’s emotions and is aware that her behavior would cause great pain to them.

A Cancer woman will begin to disregard you if you discover that she has been acting immorally or hiding information from you.

Since you can never reach her, she thinks that you’ll decide against asking her any more questions. Since a Cancer woman is emotional, she will ignore you to avoid any confrontations from happening.

She’s suddenly clingy

Even though it may seem illogical, a Cancer woman can decide to spend more time with you because she may be guilty about her behavior. However, you will realize that these actions can actually be her last efforts to save the relationship.

A Cancer woman’s words and behavior right now, though, probably aren’t honest; they’re probably just bothersome.

A Cancer woman might act jealous or possessive now because she might be trying to exert control over your relationship. If she continues to act in this way, she might decide to treat you so much that it suffocates you.

A Cancer woman might project her emotions onto your actions, allowing her to accuse you of why she had to lie.

Signs A Cancer Woman Is Not Interested

She’s not affectionate

One indication that a Cancer woman is not interested in you is when she only shows affection when you can give her something in return. This sign would always show you affection, no matter what if she genuinely likes you.

With those she cares about, a Cancer woman is incredibly affectionate. However, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions because it could take some time for her to begin showing affection to someone she doesn’t know well.

As soon as a Cancer woman gets to know you, she’ll be more than happy to give you a hug or some form of physical contact.

If she is not interested in you, she will purposefully avoid showing you any physical affection and distance herself from you. A Cancer woman won’t greet you with a hug and if the two of you are together, she will stand some distance away.

She isn’t nurturing

A Cancer woman is usually nurturing and has a strong maternal instinct. She is a kind and sympathetic individual, so she is always happy to help out anyone when they need it. A Cancer woman will assist you if you ask, even if she is only interested in being your friend and not in a romantic relationship.

Yet, if this sign doesn’t care about you at all, she won’t be eager to assist you.

A Cancer woman does not want you to make a false assumption. When she’s not interested in being in a relationship with you, she doesn’t want you to think he’s available for you. Also, a Cancer woman doesn’t want to be played by a person she isn’t interested in.

If this sign ever does help you in any way, pay attention to her behavior.

She seems uncomfortable

A Cancer woman may act uncomfortable with you if she is not interested in you. She might not always be straightforward about her dislike for your approaches because she finds it hard. Despite your attempts to flirt with her and show your interest, she won’t always advise you to stop.

A Cancer woman might make excuses, as she might decide to keep her distance from you in order to protect herself.

If a Cancer woman is uneasy, you will know it. If you’re speaking to her, you will notice that she might turn away from you or avoid eye contact. It’s wise to back off if you’re making a Cancer woman uncomfortable because nothing will improve.

A Cancer woman can be apprehensive about making decisions or reluctant to act.

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How To Make A Cancer Woman Fall In Love With You Again

Avoid making the error of coming off as aggressive or initially asking too many personal questions to a Cancer woman.

This sign is a timid and cautious woman that is easily frightened off by dominant individuals out to dominate her. A Cancer woman will only become reticent if you delve too deeply too quickly since she is hesitant to share too much about herself until she is ready to let you into her inner circle.

It’s essential to come out as kind, kind, and above all, a great listener if you want to win a Cancer woman’s heart. She needs a companion who will understand her mood swings and to who she can communicate her thoughts without fear of being judged because she has a strong emotional nature and is often hurt.

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How to tell if a Cancer woman is lying, final thoughts…

If a Cancer woman is lying:

  • She is distant
  • She gets defensive
  • She makes excuses
  • She ignores you
  • She’s suddenly clingy



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