How To Make A Virgo Woman Jealous?

Are you worried that your relationship with your Virgo woman is becoming stale and boring?

Is she straying away or are you feeling bothered she’s not giving you the same attention she used to give you before? Worry no more because in this article we are going to show you how to make a Virgo woman jealous while in a relationship!

Let’s get started!

In order to make your Virgo woman jealous, you must create an imaginary competition where she’ll be forced to make up time for you. Being unavailable and focusing on building an attractive, successful life will doubt her and make her overthink the situation all the while creating jealousy inside her.

The Virgo woman is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel. Virgo is a mutable earth sign represented by the beautiful fair maiden holding a grain. Born between August 23 to September 22 your Virgo woman is the known analytical and perfectionist woman of the zodiac wheel.

Interestingly the combination of earth and air with Mercury being her planetary ruler makes her one of the if not the most intelligent woman in the zodiac sign!

Virgo is an earth sign historically the sign of the maiden has been heavily related to the goddess of wheat and agriculture.

Harvesting and things coming to fruition are some of the aspects this sign rules and with that, it is known that Virgo is considered to be deeply rooted in the material world rather than the spiritual one.

This makes her personality even more grounded and practical than any other zodiac sign on the list.

Your Virgo woman is logical, analytical, persevering, hard-working, law-abiding, helpful, and innovative, and prefers a systematic approach to their personal life which gives them a clear sight to tackle their everyday problems.

Deep inside your Virgo woman is a hardcore perfectionist and will not be afraid to keep trying and trying until she gets the results that satisfy her. Because of this her work ethic and constantly improving skills and abilities make her an incredibly powerful individual. This makes her incredibly successful in life.

Virgo women are known to be excellent teachers, scientists, doctors, biologists, lawyers, and just about any profession you can think of. Just so you know that they work with precision and do their work with style. Superbly aware of every detail your Virgo woman is a great observant when needed.

Unlike Taurus who is more laid-back and Capricorn who is deeply infatuated with success and power. Your Virgo woman is realistic to the point that almost every prediction she has is right and accurate this can however make her seem all over herself because she thinks she’s right all the time.

Virgo is the sign of agriculture, wealth that comes from nature, health, intelligence, logic, practicality, and cleanliness. Alongside that being ruled by Mercury makes her more open to understanding compared to her two sister earth signs (Capricorn and Taurus).

This along with her ability to retain fast information can make her an expert in a wide variety of topics and fields of knowledge. We are not joking when we’re saying you’re Virgo woman is one of the most intelligent zodiac signs out there! Her logic is incredibly fascinating that it seems computer-like.

On the downside, because she relies more on logic rather than emotions this can make your Virgo woman incredibly cold, calculating, and intimidating.

Sometimes she can be harsh and overtly blunt when saying the truth and this means only a few people will be able to understand and be friends with her completely.

Unlike other zodiac signs who are light and carry a friendly aura around them, your Virgo woman will carry cold energy that most people might find uncomfortable. It can be hard for people to get past her because she lacks any emotions.

It’s also well known that Virgos in general have unnerving poker faces that most people find hard to read.

Nevertheless, at best Virgo women are very polite and modest and most of them are even traditional and incredibly feminine. Often wanting a long-term stable relationship rather than going after flings.

If you get close enough to your Virgo woman you will realize that she can be the sweetest and most sincere friend you can ever have. A personality that is entirely different from the facade they present to the world.

Your Virgo woman is deep and despises superficiality and shallow things. This individual place importance on relationships in their lives and this means that she can be an incredibly jealous individual if she feels threatened or if she feels that her relationship is not going well.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Virgo woman and her personality for beginners let’s dig deep into how she deeply expresses her jealousy while in a relationship.

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How Does a Virgo Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Virgo woman has a cold seething rage whenever she gets jealous. To her showing direct emotions publicly is insulting to her character and reputation so she prefers to take her anger inwards rather than outwards.

Your Virgo woman is quite controlled when it comes to expressing her innermost feelings and this means it will be hard to get bits and pieces of what she’s currently feeling.

She will only let you know the things she’s feeling if she wants you to and in this stage, your Virgo woman is still quite frustrated but would like to keep calm and collected about the situation.

She starts off her jealousy by repressing her thoughts and by overthinking the situation. She will try to hide the fact that she is jealous and will be quite obvious to the closest people around her that she is having difficulties lately.

If you notice that she’s becoming more hostile and more chaotic then it could be a sign that she’s on the verge of breaking point.

The repression of her thoughts and feelings can last for weeks or even months even up until then she will try to keep a cool facade where she deems herself to be logical and rational. But she will have those moments where she will feel weak and emotional.

She will not show it to most people but the expression of frustration will be there.

Alongside the repression, she will do some little digging to calm her mind. She will try to stalk the person she’s jealous of on social media. She might also spy on you and your daily whereabouts just to calm her down from the nervous thoughts she’s feeling but this will not stop her from being jealous.

She will be unstoppable in finding clues and answers about the relationship you have with the person she’s suspicious of. Remember that your Virgo woman is ruled by Mercury so her thoughts and ideas will be chaotic and unstoppable. She will use her intelligence to get what she wants.

Weeks and months have passed the seething rage will come to crack the soil beneath her and she will have the most erratic breakdown ever! She might try to argue her way against you and she will be relentless in finding out the truth!

She will be deeply frustrated and by then on she will turn cold toward you.

After the fight or argument expect that she will give you a cold shoulder for days or even weeks! She might even ignore you or be unavailable every time you call or message her this is her way of saying how much she hates you and how you made her feel.

Deep down you’re gonna realize that you need to do something about it in order to make her feel safe in the relationship again.

Along with the silent treatment, you will also notice that she will be less expressive about her love and affection towards you and that she will try to avoid any conversation with you. Remember that when this happens you must lower your pride and take the initiative to talk things out with her.

Only understanding through proper communication, reassurance of love, and loyalty for her will fix it. Now that we’ve shown you the signs let’s move on and talk about the things that you should do to make a Virgo woman jealous if you want her attention back at you!

How to Make Your Virgo Man Jealous!

Be attractive and elegant! 

Show to the world the man you are! Refined, classic, and worthy of admiration and respect! You can do this by trying to appear more strong, more confident, and more powerful. Dress appropriately and with class. Try to work on your body language and posture!

Look good and feel powerful! When you become an attractive man who is admired and respected by otters the more your Virgo woman will be attentive to you! This will also help you attract other women and that means more competition for your Virgo woman…

Be cold and unavailable to her

Your Virgo woman might sometimes be dull and cold because she seems busy with her work-related things but she will want to communicate with you because you are her partner after all!

When this happens try to be a little bit harder to chase and this will change the dynamic between you and your Virgo woman.

When you start becoming unavailable because you are focusing on your goals this will make her realize how much precious the time you’ve spent on her. This will make her subconsciously miss you and at the same time, she will overthink because she will need the reassurance that you still care and love her!

Your Virgo man will want to communicate with you because he will deem it rightfully so! He is your partner after all but when you start being unavailable you are sending a powerful message – your time is precious and that he needs a little more effort to show his love for you.

When you don’t give him all of your time or you don’t respond right away to his calls or messages you are showing how busy you are and this means you are fiercely independent. Whenever possible have a social life outside of the relationship to get him busy thinking about your whereabouts. 

When done properly your Virgo man will surely be decisive about pursuing you and making sure you feel loved. He will use his logic to get your time and attention!

Create an imaginary competition to rile her up!

Create an imaginary competition that will make your Virgo woman jealous! You can create an imaginary friend that you tell her and share with her how much this woman is deeply flirting with you! You can even try on making it seem like your ex wants you back by messaging you.

The key here is to make it seem like there are women out there trying to get into you while in a relationship.

This will make her incredibly jealous! And there on you’ll see how much attention she’s gonna give back to you! You can even share the stories you’ve had with your exes this will infuriate her and make her think that you are comparing her to them! This will create instant jealousy!

Plan on taking her out…then tell her you’re busy

This will rile her up! Your Virgo woman deeply appreciates it when you start planning things out for her this shows you care and that you are affectionate to her by then when you try to ditch she will be incredibly furious that you cancel at the last minute!

Planning on taking her out and then ditching her at the last minute just to say that you are busy or something came up will turn on her suspicion and jealousy! The act itself will piss her off and will think that you’re just doing it to be with the woman she’s being suspicious of!

The psychology of a Virgo woman is complex. The act itself will subvert her expectations because she loves the idea that you’re gonna take her out which means you’re giving importance to her but at the same time your ditching her will make you seem like a busy man whos independent and strong.

Tell her not to make a fuss about it

 This will irritate her and turn on her controlling side when you ask her not to meddle in your daily affairs you are turning on her suspicion and this will make her jealous and think that you are seeing someone else which will create anxiety in your Virgo woman.

Chances are she will do the opposite and will be all over your space before you know it! Remember your Virgo woman doesn’t like being told what to do and this audacity to tell her not to meddle with your schedule or whereabouts will irritate her.

Talk things out with her…

We’re gonna assume that you and your Virgo woman have some kind of difficulty in the relationship…whether it is the lack of passion or proper communication the best way to truly solve things with her is to talk and take the initiative to reach out!

Talk to her properly and make her feel comfortable around you again by reassuring your love and loyalty to her. You must properly tell her how much you deeply value her and how much you’re hurt that you feel she’s straying away from you.

The last and most important step is to talk things out with her. No matter how hard it is gonna be the best way to solve a relationship problem is with proper communication from both sides.

This will make her likely to speak up and defend herself. Most likely she will also tell her side of the story. When both of you properly communicate with each other you can resolve the many problems both of you have.

Remember that making her jealous is a toxic tactic to divert her attention back to you but this will not fix the deep-rooted issues you have in the relationship.

Playing mind games might be an effective way to get your Virgo woman’s attention but if used long-term can negatively affect the relationship in the long run as it destroys the trust and the love. Instead of staying in the toxic cycle be courageous enough to talk things out with her.

A deep conversation with your Virgo woman is necessary for both of you.

Both of the parties can discuss such as how can you both express your love to each other effectively and tackle the issues that are hindering both of you from growth will be necessary to make the relationship passionate, stable, long-lasting, and fruitful!

Making A Virgo Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Virgo woman is highly intelligent and analytical. If she thinks she’s being manipulated in a way she will not back down from confrontation and might even get out of the relationship quickly.

If you want to effectively draw her attention by making her jealous you must give some sense of loyalty or faithfulness even if you’re making it seem like you have a life independent of her now.

You must also not go overboard when making your Virgo woman jealous because she’s smart enough to realize that you’re making her jealous intentionally just so you can get her attention. At the end of the day, you must properly talk things out with her 

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