How To Get Rid of Tarot Cards Safely

How to get rid of tarot cards safely

Do you own tarot cards or have you found/purchased tarot cards and don’t want to keep them?  Tarot cards have a mystical and magical allure and you might not know if it’s safe or how to safely get rid of Tarot cards.  Let’s dispel any uncertainty right now!

Tarot cards are just card-stock paper with images and can be thrown away like any other deck of cards.  However, if they aren’t damaged then give them away as a gift or sell them to someone who would use them and enjoy them. The way you dispose of your Tarot deck is ultimately your choice.

Your Tarot cards can have a very special relationship with you. They share joyful prospects with you and can provide support when needed.

After years of use, your cards might get torn and damaged or you might have lost one or more cards from the deck. (Read this article about using a Tarot deck with missing cards.)

Perhaps you recently purchased a new Tarot deck with the hope that it would be the ideal match for you. After doing multiple readings, you are not as drawn to the deck as you were initially. You do not feel that it will be a deck that you will use again.

If you are looking to purchase a new deck, there are so many with different energy and beautiful imagery! Here’s a short list:

For these scenarios above, it might be time to part ways from your Tarot deck. Like an amicable separation, leaving the cards behind might be a necessary step for you.

Before we explore this topic further, it’s important to emphasize that Tarot cards are not possessed with spirits. There are misconceptions about Tarot cards being cursed if you “wrong” them in some way.

Tarot cards are a spiritual tool that uses your intuition to learn more about the world around us. It is you, as a Tarot card reader who gives your Tarot cards meaning.

Before we delve deeper into this topic, I wanted to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this post. I’ve included a list of articles that I thought you would find relevant and interesting. Please check them out after you’ve covered this topic.

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Why are you looking to dispose of your Tarot cards?

There are many reasons why someone would be looking to dispose of their cards:

  • to reduce clutter
  • perhaps the Tarot deck isn’t the right match for you
  • some cards in the deck are lost or damaged
  • some other reasons…

Once you are ready to part ways with your deck, it is time to consider the many ways that your cards can either be disposed of or repurposed.

Consider cleansing your deck first

Tarot decks can be personal and important tools for those who seek their guidance. A Tarot deck may still be a sentimental item, and you can pay respects and “reset” your Tarot deck by cleansing it first. There are many ways to cleanse a deck that all differ based on personal practice.

For example, many Tarot readers will cleanse a deck by laying it with crystals. A common crystal used for cleansing is selenite which can be found in many occult shops or stores that specialize in crystals/minerals.

Cleansing with crystals is not limited to selenite however; if you feel inclined to use a special stone or item, that is the best option for you! I like to cleanse my decks with special items from my travels, such as seashells.

Others will also leave their deck out in the moonlight. Traditionally, a full moon is the ideal phase for cleansing because it will be in its most bright and powerful state. Like The Moon card in a standard Tarot deck, the moon symbolizes psychic intuition and unconscious ability.

Many believe that the light of the moon projects energies and will allow divination tools to absorb them.

You can also use this time to meditate with your cards. During meditation, you can reflect on your time with them and thanking them for their beauty and support.

If I am planning on leaving a Tarot deck, I like to spend time sorting the cards in their suits and studying or meditating on the artwork.

There are a number of ways to cleanse your tarot cards, read more details here… “How do you cleanse tarot cards in between readings

Ways to dispose of Tarot cards.


When you hear the phrase “dispose of”, you may immediately think of the trash. Consider recycling your Tarot cards to prevent waste and support environmental initiatives to waste management.

Check with your local recycling program to determine if your cards can be recycled, as Tarot decks can vary based on materials used.

Standard Tarot decks are often made from paper, but they may also contain other materials that deem them not recyclable.

Trade your deck

If you feel like you are not matching your deck and want to explore something new, see if anyone is willing to swap decks! It’s a great way to allow someone the chance to bond with your deck, and may provide you with an opportunity to get a new deck as well!

Before trading, count the cards in your deck to ensure that all are present. Some Tarot readers will still use a deck without the standard 78 cards, but it is still respectful to let someone know if a deck is missing cards to prevent a frustrating surprise.


Similar to trading your deck, you can try selling it. Websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist provide platforms to post items for sale, which can include Tarot decks.

Facebook’s Marketplace feature is also available for item sales and is growing in popularity. Before you sell to someone you do not know, let a trusted friend know where you are going and consider meeting the buyer in a public place.

You can read more safety tips at this article here: Huffington Post – 5 tips to buy and sell online)

Give away

You may have heard this before, but a common superstition with Tarot is that your first deck needs to be gifted to you.

Although this is not the case, I always think it’s best to purchase your first deck to ensure you connect with the art. Someone in your life may enjoy learning about the Tarot and may appreciate a deck you are ready to leave.


Fire is symbolic across many cultures and belief systems. As it relates to the Tarot, the element of Fire is depicted by the suit of wands.

Additionally, fire can represent closure, renewal, and change. If you are leaning towards burning your Tarot cards there are a few aspects to consider:

  • Do you have a safe physical space to burn your cards?
  • What are the rules and regulations in your community for fire usage?
  • What materials are your cards made of and will they be harmful to the area around me if they are burned?
  • Will burning Tarot cards impact your physical health from the smoke?

This method of disposal for Tarot cards can be the most dangerous, and it is not something I would recommend without extensive research and consideration.

Talking about cultures, here’s an article that reviews what culture Tarot comes from… “What Culture Are Tarot Cards From?

Ways to Repurpose cards

Using them in an alter

If you have a designated location where you store your spiritual items or tools, consider using cards from an unused deck to have on display. I recently purchased a used Tarot deck that was missing multiple cards.

Instead of throwing out the cards, I displayed my favorite cards from this deck on a bookshelf in my living room. More specifically, I displayed cards that I wanted to invoke in my everyday life, such as the Three of Cups, the Queen of Wands, and the Seven of Pentacles.

You can display cards in this manner, or simply display cards that you like the look of.

I’ve used an old set of tarot cards for my Manifestation Alter. Read more about using tarot cards for manifestation here… “How to use tarot cards for manifestation“. This article provides a 6 card manifestation spread: Six card manifestation spread, create your every desire

Using them to accompany you

Similar to using Tarot cards as a display element, you can also bring specific cards with you in your everyday life. You can easily place a card in a bag, wallet, binder, book, or computer case.

Seeing cards in your everyday life can act as a simple reminder of the positive elements you wish to keep close to you.

Use Tarot cards in an art project

The possibilities for this can be endless! You can incorporate cards into paintings to provide a more dynamic element, or you can even use a selection of cards to form a collage. Tarot cards are often a great material to use as a bookmark, or as a page holder in a journal.

Give away cards to loved ones for gifts or supports

I associate many cards with loved ones, and I decided to gift cards from an unused deck to them. When a friend was having a difficult time, I was drawn to the 9 of Wands to support her by saying “you’re almost there, keep going!”.

For another friend, I associated her caring and nurturing spirit with the Queen of Pentacles, especially since this was a card that was drawn for her often during our readings together.

A Tarot card can be a small and thoughtful gesture to special people in your life that brings them courage and strength.


Do not feel guilty or defeated if you are ready to part ways with a Tarot deck. We continue to change throughout our lives, as do our relationships with our spiritual tools. Use this as an opportunity to reflect on your time with your deck and explore the many ways it can be disposed of or repurposed.

You will certainly find the option that works the best for you.

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