Storing Your Tarot Cards the Right Way |An Essential Guide

storing your tarot cards the right way, Essential Guide

Chances are if you own a tarot card deck, you probably both cherish and value it. To you, it’s precious, and it means everything. It doesn’t matter if you are a reader that only owns one tarot card deck or a person that loves collecting multiple tarot decks. You’ll want to learn how to store and care for your tarot cards correctly.

How do you store your tarot cards the right way? To correctly store your tarot cards, you’ll want to make sure that you have them in a protective case or cover. Types of protective cases you can use include the original box, tarot card bags, a scarf, a special box, or a tarot card box. 

Since there isn’t much information available on the Internet today covering how to store tarot cards correctly, we’ve created this guide to help you out.

Below we’ll discuss different ways you can save your tarot cards. That way, you’ll get the best use out of your tarot card decks for years to come. 

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How Should Tarot Cards Be Stored?

So, how can you properly store your tarot card deck? After all, those 78 cards are probably some of the best friends you’ll ever have, helping you guide yourself through your future path. We’ll cover some storing methods you can use below.

First, keep in mind that your tarot card deck features cards that are comprised of paper.

While the paper is a bit thick, it’s not the most robust material out there. Some laminating plastic usually covers the paper. Unfortunately, not all tarot card decks come laminated, so that’s another thing to pay attention to before you purchase them.

If you are an avid reader for yourself and other people, you know you’ll be using your deck..That means your tarot card deck will fall apart and get dirty as you use it, especially if you aren’t properly taking care of your tarot card deck.

However, since you are bonded to your tarot card deck, you’ll need to make sure you are taking great care of your cards.

Controlling the wear on your cards means you’ll get a lot more use out of your tarot card deck. Your tarot cards won’t wear out so quickly if you know how to store your pack correctly and if you use a spread cloth for each reading you perform.

Below we’ll make a suggestion about how you can make your deck last longer using a spread cloth. Then we’ll move on to discuss a few different ways you can store your tarot cards. 

Tarot Card Bags

Another useful item you’ll want to use when storing your tarot cards is tarot card bags (click to check Amazon for pricing). Tarot card bags come as drawstring pouches that you can drop your cards into and then seal off with a pull-tie.

Tarot card bags come in many shapes and sizes. You can find them in a wide range of styles and materials, so you are sure to find something you’ll like. 

Also, if you have an oversized deck, you’ll be able to purchase tarot card bags in a wide variety of sizes. They do make tarot card bags in several size options, including tarot card bags for oversized decks.

While there is no “right tarot card bag” style to pick, we recommend choosing something that feels right to you. So, get a style and material that you like. 

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For other options in tarot card bags, you can also search for a sewn fabric pouch (this is listed on Amazon) if you want a wider variety of styles and choices. You can purchase a sewn fabric pouch, or make your own to add a bit of personalized flair to your tarot cards.

You can use a simple cotton muslin bag, a velvet pouch, or a silk material.

You can find many different designs at reasonable prices online through Amazon (check Amazon pricing here) and other online retailers like Etsy, check Esty pricing options. (I like Etsy, because most of the products sold there are by “local” artisans.)

Also, you can decorate your bag as you see fit, adding embroidery, charms, and fabric paint. 

Remember, you want your tarot card bag or sewn fabric pouch to be unique to both you and your tarot card deck, so spending some time to personalize your bag shows your tarot card deck a distinctive element of care that’s important. You could also make your own, if you enjoy doing that.

It’s a good idea to make sure any bag you buy has a drawstring closure to hold your card securely. You can also pick pouches with buttons or zippers, but my preference is for drawstrings.

Tip: Look for drawstrings

I find that drawstrings work securely and don’t tend to break as easily as buttons or zippers. However, if you feel differently, then my advice is to follow your heart.

When you are dealing with tarot, you need to listen to your inner guidance, and that means picking the styles and options you feel will work best for you and your tarot card deck. 

When you start looking for your bag, you’ll need to make sure you measure your cards. The measurements of the pouch you purchase need to be larger than the size of your cards so that you can fit all of the cards in the pouch.

If you’re working with a standard-sized tarot card deck, then you’ll need a bag that measures five by seven inches or larger. 

Advantages of Using Tarot Card Bags

  • Easy to store in a drawstring pouch
  • Covers the corners of the cards
  • Keeps cards clean

Disadvantages of Using Tarot Card Bags

  • Cards can still bend in bags since they aren’t as sturdy as tins or boxes.
  • You need to make sure you purchase the right size for your deck.

A Scarf

While making your tarot card bag might sound like a fun project, it could be a bit overwhelming for some. If you aren’t a crafty person, you’ll probably want to consider other options when it comes to storing your tarot card deck.

A simple fabric scarf (Amazon pricing here, Etsy pricing here) that you have lying around the house somewhere will also work fine for storing your tarot cards.

If you decide to use a scarf to protect your tarot cards, all you’ll need to do is wrap the scarf around the tarot cards and make sure you’ve got the edges protected, too.

Another beautiful thing about using a scarf is that it can double as a spread cloth when you perform your readings. If you want a scarf that can also be a spread cloth, look for one that is thirty-six inches square. 

Many tarot card readers like using silk scarfs to store their tarot card decks. There is a tradition behind using this particular method, after all. A silk scarf is supposed to protect the deck from unwanted, negative energy. It’s a very respectable and historical way to store your cards. 

However, it’s not as easy or as simple to store your cards in a silk scarf (again, check Amazon for a wide variety of designs at a great price) compared to using a bag. Click here to view a selection of Silk Scarves available at Esty.

The cards still might get knocked around, fall somewhere, or get lost. However, it’s a matter of what works best for you. 

Advantages of Using a Scarf

  • Easy to wrap and store your cards in
  • Can also double as a spread cloth
  • Cheap option you might already own.

Disadvantages of Using a Scarf

  • Cards can fall out of the scarf and become damaged.
  • Scarves are not as robust as tin boxes.

A Box or Chest

If you have a special box or chest lying around the house that you’d like to use to store your tarot cards, know that this isn’t a bad idea. Many wooden boxes and metal tins offer excellent protection for your deck.

They’ll keep your deck safe from moisture, scratching, and the like. Another beautiful thing about decorative boxes, tins, or chests is that they look great while keeping your cards safe. 

Some people wonder if they should use lined or unlined boxes when storing tarot cards. The truth is, you can use lined or unlined boxes to keep your cards safe.

These boxes offer a lot of great protective and aesthetic benefits. However, they aren’t quite as portable as a fabric bag.

Still, if you want to keep your tarot cards out in the open somewhere in a beautiful display box (Amazon has many different options available) that will keep them safe, there is certainly nothing wrong with that. 

Etsy has a nice selection of unique tarot boxes as well. Here are a few examples of tarot boxes available through Etsy.

Tarot Card Boxes

If you feel your tarot card deck deserves some extra protection beyond the box or tin you want to keep it in, there is no problem with that, either. It’s an excellent idea to wrap your tarot cards in a protective cloth before you set them in the tarot box.

Also, if you enjoy keeping crystals or other vital items that provide you energy and guidance with your tarot deck, it’s effortless to do that with a box or tin. 

Amazon offers a couple of different crystal packages:

If you don’t have a special tin or box lying around to store your tarot cards in and you’d like to purchase one, then don’t worry. You can also buy a decorated box that’s made just for tarot cards.

Just like tarot card bags, plenty of options exist on the market if you want to purchase a tarot card box. (I really like this box, available on Amazon, but it’s not too large so check the size before you purchase – Large Tarot cards won’t fit into this box).

You’ll be able to select from a bevy of materials, including wood and tin. You can also get one that is plain or select one that has a pretty design on it.

If you’re wondering what type of tarot card box you should purchase, you should go with your gut or intuition. You really can’t go wrong picking out a unique tarot card box for your deck if you select something that’s personally inspiring to you.

So, take your time and find a design or look to a box that both enchants and motivates you.

Advantages of Using a Box or Chest

  • Very sturdy way to store your cards.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be lined or unlined.

Disadvantages of Using a Box or Chest

  • This is a more expensive option.
  • Not quite as portable as a fabric bag.

The Original Packaging

If you don’t have the money to invest in a particular tarot card box at the moment, can you use the original packaging to store your tarot cards? Many people like keeping their tarot cards in the box in which they arrived.

Here is an example of the box that the Muse Tarot Cards arrived in (Available from Amazon or Etsy).

When you order your tarot card deck, and it comes in a box, many people like using the publisher’s box since it’s just the right size to hold the book and cards you’ll need.

People that own multiple decks also like keeping their cards in the original packaging because it makes the selection process easier. When they want to pick a particular deck of cards off their shelves, the cards become much easier to find when they are kept in the original packaging.

Also, if you want to sell or make a trade for your deck at a later time, it’s easier to do this with the original packaging.

Artists’ Signatures

You may also want to keep the original packaging if the tarot card artist signed the deck. That’s because you’ll typically find the signature somewhere on the outside part of the original packaging.

If you’re not the type of person that likes collecting tarot card boxes and you want a different place to store this information, look for the Two of Coins. This card usually has the artist’s imprint on it, which is a beautiful thing to have in place of an autograph.

Are there disadvantages if I use the original packaging?

Yes, unfortunately, there are some disadvantages to keeping the cards in their original box. That’s because most tarot decks arrive placed in a box comprised of flimsy paperboard.

The box isn’t very thick, so it’s not a really durable place to store your cards over the test of time. The original packaging is usually so flimsy it won’t protect the cards if you drop them, shake them around in a purse, or open the packaging several times.

Your original box can work as a temporary place of storage, but it will wear out over time. If you don’t take precautions with your cards after the original box wears out, your cards can get easily damaged and exposed.

You’ll need to remember that the more often you perform readings with your tarot card deck, then the faster you’ll need to replace the original packaging.

Tarot Deck collectors

Whether or not you can use the original packaging for storage will depend heavily on how you use your particular tarot card decks. Some people, like myself, enjoy collecting tarot card decks over the years.

That means many of these people don’t use all of their decks very often. They probably have one or two decks they use for reading, and the other decks might never be touched.

I have several tarot card decks, but when I do readings, I use the same deck every time. I have one deck I keep on hand as my backup deck, which I use now and then. But that’s about it.

The rest of the decks I own, and I have a bevy of them, are not used very often unless I feel like looking at those cards.

If you collect many tarot card decks that you hardly use, then keeping those tarot card decks in the original packaging should be just fine.

However, for tarot card decks you plan on using often, you probably want something stronger for protection than the deck’s original packaging.

Here is a list of different tarot decks available through Amazon and Etsy:

Advantages of Using the Original Packaging

  • Easy to find.
  • A good way to organize cards if you have several decks you don’t use often.
  • Just the right size.

Disadvantages of Using the Original Packaging

  • The original packaging isn’t very robust.
  • Only a temporary solution for decks you use often.

Other Factors to Consider When Storing Tarot Cards

Now that we’ve covered a few pointers about how you can store your tarot cards, we’ll include some other things you’ll want to think about before you start the storing process.

You’ll need to consider a few things about your household and where you want to store your card. So, we’ll cover some essential factors you’ll want to discuss regarding places, people, and things in your home below.


You’ll need to think about a few places where you can keep your cards.

When you are thinking of an excellent spot to store your cards in, keep in mind that your cards are made out of paper. So, you’ll need to store them in a place that will keep them dry and clean. You don’t want your cards to come in contact with anything liquid.

Some people store their tarot cards in a sacred area of their homes, like an altar. However, that’s up to you and whatever else is going on in your home. If you can find a spot where you know they’ll be safe from other people in your house, you might want to opt for that spot instead.

People and Pets

You’ll also need to consider who lives in the home with you when you are figuring out where you want to store your tarot cards. If you have pets or small children, then you’ll need to put your cards somewhere where neither your pets or children can reach.

Also, if you live with roommates you feel might touch your decks or mess around with your things, you’ll need to think of an excellent place to secure your tarot card deck.

As an aside, I wrote an article about readings for pets… “Tarot readings for pets.  Is it really a thing?


Some people like storing certain items that give them spiritual energy and guidance with or near their tarot card decks. So, you’ll need to figure out if you are going to place anything meaningful with your deck.

For example, many who own tarot decks like putting crystal or herbs with their decks when the store them. You can place certain gemstones with your deck that has healing powers. 

Amazon has a nice collection of crystals and gemstones in their Chakara Mineral Starter Crystal Healing Kit, check it out here.

By storing items that help give you energy and spirituality, you’ll be able to keep a higher energy level with your cards. You can pick from a variety of gemstones and herbs for your tarot card decks.

It all depends on the type of healing you’re hoping to experience. 

Now that we’ve covered some of the other factors you’ll want to consider when storing your tarot cards; we’ll cover some tarot card storage FAQs below. 

I wrote an article about cards that are sticking together. If you aren’t storing your cards properly, this article might help!

Tarot Card Storage FAQs

Q: Should I wrap my Tarot cards in silk, or can I keep them in the original packaging?

A: I prefer to wrap my tarot cards in silk clothes. The tarot decks I use are often I cover with my silk clothes. I also have a few friends who keep their tarot decks wrapped in silk inside a wooden box.

A collector of tarot card decks will typically keep their “collector cards” in the original packaging, but keep their “daily deck” in silk or silk and a container for safety.

I don’t recommend storing a tarot card deck that you plan to use often in its original packaging for long. You can use the original packaging as a temporary solution until you can purchase the other items you need.

However, it’s best to plan on replacing the original packaging for storing those tarot decks you often use because if you don’t replace the original packaging, the cards will wear out quickly from use.

Q: What do I need to know about the size of my tarot card deck before I try to store it correctly?

A: As far as size concerns itself, you will need to measure your tarot card deck before you order a box, tin, bag, or other storage method option for your cards.

You’ll need to remember to account for the thickness of your deck, so you want the storage container of your choice to measure at least two inches longer and wider. That way, you know your cards will easily fit into the storage container.

Q: Can I store my tarot cards in a bag as well as a box?

A: Yes, of course, you can. Using both a bag and a box is a great way to preserve your cards. However, if you have a lot of decks you don’t use often, you don’t necessarily need to store them this way.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve covered how you can store your tarot cards the right way, we’ve given you several options for your tarot card storage project. Remember, you don’t need to invest a great deal of money into this project if you don’t have it.

As long as you care for your tarot card deck and store them kindly, you’ll be able to retain your connection to your tarot card deck and perform better readings.

Making sure you retain your connection to your tarot card deck is extremely important when it comes to storing your cards. That’s why we recommend you pick out items that inspire your spiritual energy and help you feel more connected to your tarot cards as you prepare to store them.

By taking the time to save your tarot cards with respect and care, you’ll keep a secure connection with your deck.

Maintaining that secure connection to your deck means you’ll be able to provide accurate readings to your clients for years to come.

Even better, you’ll be able to keep using your beloved tarot card deck for many years after you start storing them properly.

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