Erogenous Zones Of An Aries Man

You can drive an Aries man crazy when you know the proper ways to get intimate with him. If you want to know the erogenous zones of an Aries man, you have stumbled upon the right article!

An Aries man’s erogenous zones are his head, face, and neck. These zones have a tendency to be extremely sensitive to any type of physical contact. When you stimulate his erogenous zones, an Aries man will want to take a step back from taking control and let you do your thing.

In this article, you will also know when an Aries man is in love and the signs when he wants to be touched.

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When An Aries Man Is In Love

If you notice that an Aries man is gratifying all of your irrational demands, he is likely to be in love with you. He likes spoiling the ones he loves and will stop at nothing just to make you happy. He will occasionally attempt to make you feel special, from giving you kind presents to taking you on spontaneous dates. An Aries man will undoubtedly go above and above to take care of you.

Regardless of how busy an Aries man is, he will find time for you. If he is ever ready to hang out with you, take it as a clear sign that he loves you. He will respect your need for space while never leaving you feeling alone. The chances of an Aries man falling in love with you are pretty great if he lavishes you with praise and all of his attention.

An Aries man, the first fire sign, is a passionate and caring person who, when he is genuinely in love, will undoubtedly act mushy around you. He will do anything to make you feel butterflies in your stomach, from sending sweet text messages to tacky flirting. An Aries man’s promises will be accompanied by grand romantic gestures.

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The Erogenous Zones Of An Aries Man


If you were to gently stroke his head or run your fingers through his hair, an Aries man would instantly melt in your hands. When you touch him in this erogenous zone, he will find it to be both soothing and invigorating. It’s a really easy way to make him shiver and become weak without making too much effort. When you reach that stage, you may then express to an Aries man what you would like to do for or with him.

An Aries man frequently likes to take charge in intimacy, but if you try to stimulate him this way, he could give you the power to decide how and when you should be intimate. With all this massage going on, an Aries man could give up part of his power.


An Aries man may like having his neck and/or face softly massaged on odd occasions when he doesn’t want his scalp massaged or played with. He could get goosebumps from this, and he’ll surely get turned on when you do. Once more, start from the neck’s lower hairline and gently tickle the hair. Next, carefully rotate your fingers to point toward your Aries man’s face.

You might also try lightly rubbing your face against his; when you do so, an Aries man will lose his mind. The head, face, and neck are the primary erogenous areas for a nan born under this sign. You might also try softly kissing your Aries man’s cheeks, forehead, and eyelids before ending up on his lips.


An Aries man’s ears are also included in this mixture because they are connected to his head. He may want it a little harsher, but you’ll have to ask him if he wants you to bite them or just softly nibble. The Aries man should enjoy being nibbled or licked.

What you have to offer an Aries man will be incredibly satisfying to him. He could naturally have other interests that are unrelated to those areas, just like everyone else. Hence, you might need to experiment with your Aries man.

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Signs An Aries Man Wants To Be Touched

He takes the initiative

Public displays of love are not a problem for an Aries man. He’ll wrap his arm around you in front of everyone to let them know you are his. You will notice that an Aries man will start to initiate contact first. However, he will expect you to take the hint and reciprocate.

If you are close enough, an Aries man will give you a hug, kiss, and start holding hands. These are clear indications that he would want to take your intimacy to the next level, whether in public or private. There’s no need to overthink things, if this is the situation with you and your Aries man.

He teases you

An Aries man tends to be a playful flirt. It may be old school, but he finds this entertaining while pursuing a woman he wants. An Aries man’s teasing is direct yet flirty; he won’t be harsh or intimidate you.

He’ll lightly touch you, playfully tease you, and expect you to fight back and turn it into a flirty game. Return the favor if your Aries man has been teasing you in a playful way. If he has feelings for you, he will participate fully, and the tensions should rise in a positive way. Just remember to laugh a lot, be lighthearted, and touch your Aries man lightly.

He stays by your side

The process of becoming used to one another and developing attraction is accelerated by spending a lot of time together. You’ll be able to tell an Aries man wants to be touched because he provides you with lots of chances to hang out with him and participate in his life.

An Aries man will also invite you to do anything that requires a lot of physical effort. He is physically healthy and seeks a companion who is similarly active and outgoing as he is. The Aries man is very attracted to women that are bold, so don’t hesitate to initiate contact with him.

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How To Turn On An Aries Man

The adventurous and risk-taking nature of an Aries man is well known, and he will want to indulge in these qualities in the bedroom as well. This means that you must be willing to try new things if you want him to fully commit to you.  You’ll discover that this sign will have a very strong sexual desire in addition to being adventurous. It will be worthwhile since your Aries man cares just as much about your enjoyment as he does.

An Aries man truly gets turned on when his hair is being touched. This means you could run your hands through his hair as he leans in to kiss you or when you are making out. He may have been getting ready to go out with his buddies, but after toying with his hair, he decided he would much rather remain home and look after you. An Aries man is very sensitive in this area, so try to take it as an advantage.

Even though it might be romantic to have a romantic sensual encounter in bed, when you both light candles and truly create the mood, there are times when you simply want a quickie. This is especially true for an Aries man, who, with his intense sexual desire, would appreciate a quick but intense session. A quickie is also great for him since you can squeeze it into a schedule that is already quite hectic.

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Erogenous zones of an Aries man, final thoughts…

His erogenous zones are his:

  • Head
  • Face
  • Ears