Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

The position of the natal Moon is extremely important in astrology since this placement shows a person’s deepest emotions, desires, and how their mind works.

Also, this emotional foundation is created by the relationship with a mother or motherly figure, and it will surely have a deep impact on all other emotional relationships in a person’s life.

The moon in Cancer is at its home in this sign. However, this doesn’t show that a person will be particularly lucky, smart, or happy in love.

This placement indicates that a person’s emotions will flow freely and that those emotions will be deep, related to home and the motherly figure who will be the most important person.

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Cancer Moon Man

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Cancer Moon man traits will all be related to the home environment, family values, patriotism, and a deep and trusted close circle of friends. First of all, this man will have light eyes, or his eyes will have a watery quality. His face will be round, especially while he is young and when he gets older.

His skin tone will be lighter no matter which race or nationality he belongs to. And his hair will be silky, and he will surely be prone to baldness later on, while his body hair will become thicker.

He will also be prone to weight gains, but most of this excess weight will be water in fact because water is the essential element in his life. This position will reveal that he will be strongly attached to his home and family, especially to the female line of ancestors.

From those women, he will get emotional protection and learn about tradition, family, and national history. Everything related to tradition will be his core and strength, and he could also become a known herbal healer or a folk singer.

On a negative note, this Moon in Cancer won’t be able to control itself. So when times get rough, and time gets rough all the time, he won’t have the inner power to stay strong and resist negative people or events.

He will escape endless depths of depression or even alcohol, and he will find it hard to get out of that emotional mess combined with addiction. In the same way, he can be the best man on Earth, he can easily become someone very hard to cope with, dark, depressive, ironic, and sarcastic.

Who is the Moon in Cancer Man attracted to?

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon in Cancer Man is attracted to serious and disciplined people who are practical and pragmatic. The best compatibility for Cancer Moon man is seen with someone who has their natal rising sign, Sun or Moon in the sign of Capricorn.

Also, a Cancer Moon man will feel loved and supported if he is with someone who has significant points, planets, or clusters of planets in all water signs, like the other Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. And he will find his peace and strong attachment with the earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and of course, Capricorn.

In love and friendship, he will seek the understanding and structure he lacks. Cancer Moon man will need substantial time to open up and start trusting the other person, but once this happens, he will love fully, be devoted fully, and feel enormous pain if he gets abandoned.

Everything around him needs to show safety and home comfort. And this is exactly why he will love to be with a Capricorn partner who will handle all difficult outer-world issues with ease. Yes, their relationship will surely have some emotional fluctuations, but they will stick to each other no matter what.

Cancer Moon Woman

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Cancer Moon woman will have very delicate, light skin. Her breasts will be bigger, and in time, her hips too.

She will be prone to water retention, but in all phases of her life, she will keep that sensitive, feminine figure. Her voice will be soft, as well as her hair, and she will keep it light no matter what race or nationality she belongs to.

She could also be an exceptionally gifted folk singer, but more than anything she will be a talented chef, and he home-made traditional meals will leave people breathless. Don’t forget that more than any other woman she will be a great mother or a caregiver.

And she will see all children as her own, and she will take care of all those who need her care and nurturing.

A woman with her Moon in Cancer can easily become a natural healer, and she can become an expert in herbal medicine or an exceptionally skilled doctor specializing in all-female or children’s issues.

Her strength will be in her breasts and her womb, and once she discovers this fact, she will become powerful like some ancient goddess.

And as with any Cancer impacted person, she will go through emotional ups and downs.

Many of her mood changes will be completely unclear since she won’t know what’s got into her and why she reacted in this or that way. In general, that will be tightly related to phases and aspects transiting Moon creates toward her natal Moon.

Who is the Moon in Cancer woman attracted to?

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Cancer Moon woman is attracted to a person who will represent a father figure in some sense. This individual has to be strong, and practical, and know how to “fight” in the outer world, meaning they will have to have an established career and versatile income.

The best compatibility for a Cancer Moon woman will be seen with the person marked by the Capricorn sign. This type of person will behave very traditionally, have flawless manners, and they both will need substantial time to open up and start the lover’s type of relationship.

In many cultures, this bond between Cancer and Capricorn will be easily achieved through arranged marriage which will be unbreakable for sure.

In this sense, a Cancer Moon woman will need someone to provide a safe home and environment for her, so that she can take care of progeny, family, and home in general.

Her mood swings could be frequent, but a partner like Capricorn won’t be present at home so often and they will also treat each other with respect, so their bond will be unshakable.