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Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility

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Knowing your Sun sign is significant because that position will reveal your general character. However, by knowing your Moon placement you will realize your psychological traits and dynamics. And that goes for any other person you interact with and the most likely outcomes of your relationship.

Moon in Aquarius person will be an “all-know” type of individual when it comes to human psychology. Therefore they will become the master of manipulation or wise marketing because dealing with other people’s feelings will be their usual job.

Also, they will tend to overanalyze their own emotions and talk too much.

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Aquarius Moon Man

Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility

Capricorn Moon man traits will revolve around human psychology. And he will be the master of overanalyzing any emotion to such extent to revive it, transform it, wear it out, or kill it. And to understand this fact you have to know that the Moon in Aquarius doesn’t feel good at all.

This is the air element sign, and the Moon belongs to the water quality, so it feels dried and tired here in the area where the collective spirit is above any personal emotion.

Aquarius Moon man will live through the “we” principle. This won’t be as we the family, or we the nation, but more as we – all the people in the world, or as we who have some mutual interests. In this sense, his soul will be oriented toward collective feelings and not personal ones.

In this sense, he could be the perfect consumer of popular goods and brands, or he could be skilled in collective psychology and try to improve, as a psychologist, or take advantage, as a marketer would have while communicating with other people.

The tendency to talk too much or to express himself too verbally could be draining for all people around them only if they stick a little bit longer by his side. He is the social reforms leader or the plain agitator if he holds any power.

Moon in Aquarius man will mostly have a lighter complexion, hair, or eyes. And he will just love to wear the popular or usual fashion trends for the masses. You can imagine him wearing a pair of washed-out jeans, a gray hoodie, some undefinable blue-gray T-shirt, and sneakers.

Usually, you can see those types of guys in the streets all the time, or you can see some of the influential and wealthy figures of the IT industry and innovations dressing the same way.

Who is the Moon in Aquarius man attracted to?

Aquarius Moon man is strongly attracted toward someone who possesses natural leadership qualities, can shine above other people, is noble, and surely looks exquisite or at least, expensive.

He will feel amazed by that person because they will be so different than their “crowd”, they will come from a different environment and education, and yet this individual will be special because they will be kind and simply beautiful.

This will be like in the fairytales when a plain guy falls in love with the royal figure.

The best match in this sense for an Aquarius Moon man will be seen with the Leo type of person or someone who has their Sun, Moon, or a rising sign in Leo. This could be a destined meeting, filled with passion and entertainment right from the start.

Also, Moon in Aquarius Man will match well with all other air signs, like Gemini, Libra, and the other Aquarius. And he will have a great connection with all fire signs, like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.

Aquarius Moon Woman

Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility

An Aquarius Moon woman will love to be surrounded by the other woman. She is the kind of girl who will live her “Sex and City” version of friendships. She will have several great female friends, and so many more other people always hungry for new information.

They will talk and talk endlessly, and if she is good at it, and she usually is, she will gain a fortune by spreading or guiding information, working as a writer, journalist, in the IT industry, or simply selling stuff at the local mall.

The relationship with her mother or motherly figure, from where this Moon’s essence arises, will always seem like hard work for her. The two of them will have many disputes, but instead of clearing those issues in private, she will of course “consult” her friends and seek their advice.

At the same time, her mother will act the same or similar, so that the whole “village” will be included in all family matters.

Fashion-wise, this woman will experiment with all sorts of styles in her youth, and when she gets older she won’t have enough time to deal with complicated styles and stick to the usual streetwear, like leggings, T-shirts, and hoodies.

Whatever is comfortable and widely popular will be her choice. However, there is another option depending on her other planetary aspects, when she will become eccentric regarding colors and shapes.

Who is the Moon in Aquarius woman attracted to?

Aquarius Moon Sign Compatibility

The Moon in Aquarius woman will be attracted toward a person who will look completely different than her environment. While she is young she will deeply and desperately fall in love with popular entertainers or artists and she will suffer indeed because this “love” will never be available to her.

As she gets older, she could strive for someone in a high position, with manners and style, and this kind person will surely leave her breathless.

She will dream about that royal figure out there, but it will take some effort on her side, like gaining education and also fine manners to cross the class differences and accomplish her desires.

More likely, she will fall in love with someone from her social circles, but this person will possess some leadership qualities in them. That will be royal enough for her taste. Their bond could be changeable, filled with all sorts of issues.

And she will focus on their relationship dynamic, and how the two of them are perceived in society, more than on any other area in her life, like career or financial independence.