Where does your Capricorn Man Like to be touched?

Do you wish to know where your Capricorn man’s erogenous zone lies? Do you want to know where your Capricorn man likes to be touched? Do you wish to know where these pleasure spots are and use them to your advantage? Do you want to make him more obsessed with you with the power of touch?

Do you want to know how to turn your Capricorn man on in foreplay by touching him? Are you ready to amaze him with your moves? What kinds of touching, caressing, and massaging should you incorporate? 

Worry no more because in this article we will tell you where your Capricorn man likes to be touched! We will tell you where to touch, caress and massage your Capricorn man’s pleasure spots!

Alongside that, we will also tell you how to properly touch, massage, and caress your Capricorn man’s pleasure spots and we will be teaching you different techniques on how to pleasure him just by touching! Let’s dig deep into your Capricorn man and his erogenous zones! 

Let’s jump right in!

Capricorn is direct and stoic yet quite prim and proper when it comes to sex and this means he is quite traditional. He doesn’t like publicly sharing his intimate experiences with his partner. Rather he likes to keep it private.

Capricorn is an earth sign and in Astrology this sign rules the knees and the bones. This means his legs and especially his knees are his most sensitive areas you can utilize these areas and touch, caress or even massage them to make sure your Capricorn man gets the utmost pleasure!

Capricorn men are stoic pragmatic, ambitious, determined, strong-minded, loyal, supportive, helpful, and powerful individuals who are deeply materialistic and like to achieve material success throughout their lifetime.

Capricorn men are known to be successful in their endeavors and throughout their lifetime will gain power, wealth, and reputation due to their hard work and perseverance. Capricorn men are the steadfast men of the zodiac who are patient and these traits give them incredible things later in life.

Capricorn is an earth cardinal sign. This sign is deeply connected to the element and powers of the earth. Capricorn has its myths from the goat-horned man of the forest to Capricornus in Greek mythology to its representation of karma and death in Tarot.

Capricorn is represented by the Sea-Goat and is the 10th sign of the zodiac wheel. Capricorn season starts from December 22 to about January 19. 

Capricorn men are stoic when it comes to life and it deeply shows in their interactions and relationship with other people. They are pragmatic in approach and will not hesitate to cut off people in their life who they feel are wasting their time and energy.

They are straight to the point and would rather deal with business than any sort of drama or pettiness. Like an earth sign that they are they get their work done perfectly and accurately.

Your Capricorn man regardless of his other placements will have persistent drive and ambition. He may not look as passionate because of his icy disposition but deep down there is this unnerving feeling to move throughout life and win through it. He is steadfast and his persistent drive wins through it all. 

Many astrologers believe that Capricorn in other placements other than the Sun such as having your Mars in Capricorn can make you incredibly successful later in life. Their patience is immortal and their inner drive and passion can make the quite literally the most successful and wealthiest people on the planet!

Capricorn men are powerful individuals. They have the patience and perseverance to work hard to achieve whatever they desire. Whatever goals they set they fully accomplish them in no time. Their nature is like no other and they will persist through time. Ruled by Saturn the planet of karma and time.

They deeply know that time is on their side and that if they work hard and do good things in life Karma will give them what they put out in the world.

Capricorn men in their best selves can be incredibly practical, cautious, strategic, logical, intelligent, brilliant in planning and acing goals, reliable, persistent, good with finances, ambitious, and hardworking and their perseverance and dedication in their career or passion can make them successful, wealthy and powerful.

This earth sign is not to be trifled with! 

Get on their bad side and they can become the most intimidating person in the room. Their shadow side can make them overtly unemotional or unable to properly express their feelings, being cold, detached, pessimistic, and egoistic and they can become quite perfectionists.

If they don’t get what they want they can become unsatisfied or negative with life.

In love and relationships, they can be quite the husband material. Often traditional and pragmatic in approach when it comes to love. They become masters of commitment and devotion in a romantic relationship.

They will never forget your birthday or your anniversary or anything that both of you secretly know. They can be helpful and will offer solutions to any of your problems. Your Capricorn man can also be quite generous often spending dimes of money on you just to prove how much he cares and loves you.

Now that we have talked a little bit about your Capricorn man and how does he do in life and his overall personality let’s dig deep into how does your Capricorn like to be touched, massaged, or caressed? How can you turn him on by touching him during the foreplay act? 

Let’s find out!

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Where does a Capricorn Man want to be touched during foreplay?

Capricorn just like Sagittarius rules the lower portion of the body. If you have been noticing Capricorn and Sagittarius both resonate the lower part of the body. The legs and the feet have been closely related to the element of earth and the lower part of the body namely the thighs and the legs are used for moving.

Essentially Capricorn rules the bones and the knees. Specifically the knees. This can be the most sensitive and erogenous area of your Capricorn man.

This can be quite tricky. You cannot touch his bones to “turn him on”, Rather there are simple and subtle ways where to touch him to truly make him feel aroused even if he does not want to feel like it.

First off whenever you’re touching your Capricorn man you must remember that you must be subtle and innocent-like when touching him.

Almost as if you are assuming the role of an unassuming seductress who does not know she seduces everyone merely just by existing or by being herself. You must have this innocent-like vibe whenever you’re touching him.

This assumes a virginal role which can be quite arousing for your Capricorn man. You have to remember that this man is extremely traditional when it comes to love and he doesn’t quite like it when the woman he is with is free-spirited and overtly lusty or “hyper-sexual”.

As sexist as it might seem your Capricorn man likes it when he feels like he is in control of the situation and that you are unassuming on your part.

Touch him in his hands or legs or use your other parts to stroke his legs or knees. For example, if you are on the table and both of you are facing each other you can try touching his legs and knees with your feet and be unassuming about it by apologizing and saying you do not intend it to happen.

The more this happens the more highly aroused your Capricorn man will be.

Moreover, if you are in the bedroom with him and things are getting a little bit frisky, bend down your knees and begin touching his calves then upwards to his knees as you stroke back and forth.

This instant position will assert his dominance over you which he will extremely like and at the same time he will be quite pleasured by you touching this innermost pleasure spot in his body.

However, if you just want to calm his nerves down and make him feel relaxed and pleasured without any lust then massaging him in his legs where his knees are located can be the most viable option in making him feel relaxed.

To do this try asking him first if he wants a massage if he agrees let him lie down in the bed. Warm up by spreading the massage oil across his calves and his legs then towards his knees. Create gentle circular strokes in his knees and try as much as possible to be light when massaging this area.

Overall if you want to seduce and highly arouse your Capricorn man you must be tender and soft in your approach. Have a feminine demure when touching him, especially in his erogenous zones. If he lets near his body and agrees to be touched, caressed, or massaged by you ask him for honest feedback.

Ask him where it feels tight and ask him if the pressure you’re putting in the area of massage is good enough or too much. This can help strengthen the bond you have with him!

Quick Overview: Capricorn Man’s Erogenous zones!

1. Massage his legs

Massaging his legs is the most viable option for making sure he feels pleasured and relaxed. The muscles of the legs are deeply connected to the bones which means by touching and massaging these areas you are also going to deeply relax him.

To massage his legs you can use gliding upward and downward movements to the legs or try rubbing them in circular motions using your fingertips or the palm of your hands.

When massaging his legs you must also keep in mind to always use a scented oil or massage oil to prevent friction when rubbing his legs as it can be quite uncomfortable if your hands are dry, the massage oil is essential as a lube-like substance to make your massaging in those areas easier and more pleasurable.

2. Massage his calves

 To massage his calves you can try using the c-cup method where you form a crab-like claw using your hand or a c-shape cup using your hand. Then begin to squeeze his calves deeply using your c-shaped hand. You can also try using your knuckles to lightly put pressure on the muscles of the calves.

You can also use the heel of your hand or your two thumbs to apply more pressure on the calves. Try to look where the muscle feels tight and there you should apply your pressure. Ask him if the pressure feels nice or if it is too heavy.

Continue this process as you move up the thigh to the hip making sure to include all the muscles. Surely by massaging his calves you are bringing more pleasurable sensations to your Capricorn man!

3. Touch his knees

Touch his knees during foreplay to make sure that he gets the utmost pleasure during the lovemaking process. As mentioned before touching his knees can be a highly arousing act as this is the most sensitive and pleasurable spot of your Capricorn man!

(Yes! It is a little bit weird but still!) When both of you are getting down to dirty business begin to gently kiss him then kneel.

Kneeling in front of him assumes a submissive position on your part and this is extremely arousing to your Capricorn man. As you bend down your knees and look up at him in an innocent-like manner you can then begin touching his calves and then upwards to his knees as you stroke back and forth.

This instant position will assert his dominance over you which he will extremely like this also makes the sex more passionate as both of you can get highly aroused by assuming both roles in the bedroom

4. Massage his knees

Massaging his knees may sound weird but it is possible to massage this area! The knees are composed of joints and other tendons and muscles all working together to provide simultaneous movement and motion of the legs and calves.

To massage his knees let him sit with both of his feet flat on the floor, then using your two thumbs place them in the center part of the knees then begin to put circular or square motions on it. You can also place the palm of your hands and glide it up and down to the knees. 

Always apply light to medium massage, or you can ask him if the pressure feels nice or if it is too harsh. Remember to also use a little bit of oil when massaging this area but do not place too much massage oil as it might drip down his calves!

Instead, try to just put a little bit of oil in your fingertips as you work on his knees.

5. Touch his hands

Touching and caressing his hands is the best way to show love and affection to him! It may not be the most sexual or the lustiest but it is a romantic gesture to your Capricorn man who seems to be a bit depressed in life.

 By touching his hands you are also touching the bones of these specific body parts. When touching his hands gently stroke them or move your fingertips to his fingers or his veins. Also when touching his hands do not forget to maintain eye contact and a smile that says “I love you and I’ll always be with you”.

This subtle gesture may be simple or boring to some but this is affirming to your pessimistic Capricorn man that no matter what happens. You are always with him and this can be the most relaxing and safest feeling he’ll ever feel.

Touching a Capricorn Man…Final Thoughts

Your Capricorn man is stable and driven and can be the best husband material in the zodiac! This is because he is ruled by Saturn and in Astrology is the “Father figure” of the planets with the Moon being the mother figure. Your Capricorn man is deeply responsible and will not let you down.

He is also down to earth and will not show off just to please others. He lives his life by his rules and this in turn makes him happily introverted. 

Your Capricorn man must be shown love from time to time and you can do this by physical touch! Whether he is repressed or can be quite flaky when being touched. Show to him your love by being an immense and passionate lover.

Show him that you deeply feel attracted to him because it is good from time to time to remind your Capricorn man that he is attractive and he must be well-taken care of.

Overall, the most sensitive areas that you can utilize to make your Capricorn Man feel relaxed and aroused are

  • His legs
  • His calves
  • His knees

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