When A Leo Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

You should know that a Leo man easily gets bored and will most likely ignore you if he does not get enough attention. He can be dramatic and complicated at times which may be confusing for you. To help you out, here are the things you need to do when a Leo man is ignoring you.

When a Leo man is ignoring you, you should give him attention, but you should also respect him when he asks for space. If you want to keep his interest in you, you should do something to excite him and massage his ego.

Compliment him from time to time. A Leo man hates not getting attention, so listen to him.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Leo man.

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Ok, before we dive into the details of what you should do when this man ignores you, we should first look at his dark side and some of the reasons why he is ignoring you!

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The Dark Side Of A Leo Man

Lack of self-awareness is one of the traits that a Leo man has as shortcomings. He frequently feels the urge to take the lead, and there are moments when he simply can’t stop it, even if it means putting others at risk.

He is also quite protective, which depending on the circumstance can either come across as kind or overpowering and even dominating. He could maintain his distance from his partner for a long period of time by standing his ground and refusing to shoulder the majority of the burden alone.

Reasons Why A Leo Man Is Ignoring You

A possessive woman will make a Leo man start to ignore you and give you space, even though he needs one to boost his ego. He doesn’t want to be neglected, so finding the right balance between giving him too much attention and being constantly available to him can keep him interested in you.

Being insecure will also cause you to cling more naturally, which is a huge turnoff for any Leo man and will cause him to ignore you and start looking for someone else.

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5 Things To Do When A Leo Man Is Ignoring You

Give him attention

A Leo man may go silent from time to time because you haven’t been listening to him well enough. If he feels ignored, he can start pouting, but it may be confusing for you because the way a Leo man communicates isn’t always as clear-cut as it ought to be.

He detests discussing his emotions, and instead of talking to you about a problem, he can act out and disregard you. Spend time with him just enjoying his company so that he can do the same and keep that first chemistry or attraction you both had in the beginning.

A Leo man requires a lot of attention because he adores being the center of attention, so try reaching out to him if he is avoiding you.

If all he requires is some attention, he will immediately quit ignoring you, and he won’t have any reason to ignore you if he receives the attention he so desperately wants. This will stop a Leo man from ignoring you since he won’t feel the need to use neglecting you to test your love for him.

Stroke his ego

A Leo man lives faithful to the image of his sign and enjoys being the alpha in all facets of his life since he enjoys leading the pride. If he ignores you, reassure him of your love for him to stroke his ego a little and give him more self-confidence.

Given how frequently we are advised to play hard to get, this may seem counterintuitive but be assured that a Leo man who is ignoring you is merely trying to gauge your level of affection for him.

Although a Leo man has a huge ego, it can also be easily broken. He may also remain silent and continue ignoring you if you offend him or cause him any type of harm. By consistently attempting to be considerate, you can get a Leo man to quit ignoring you.

If you must be critical of him, be considerate and make sure the feedback is constructive while pairing it with the criticism. When your Leo man’s ego is damaged, you can make him feel better by giving him compliments and letting him know how important he is to you.

Keep him interested

A Leo man may be drifting away from you out of boredom, and by making sure he’s interested at all times, you can keep him around.

When you two are together, make sure to try to do things that he appreciates; you can do things you enjoy occasionally, but don’t always put your attention there.

His focus will move back to you, and you may begin to unwind, knowing that your relationship is flowing the way it is supposed to be. If he knows he can have fun with you, a Leo man might not ignore you in the first place.

If a Leo man gets tired of the topic of your conversation, he may stop replying to your texts. At a gathering, he might turn away from you and begin conversing with someone else for the same reason.

Your Leo man will be less inclined to ignore you if you can constantly change things up and keep him interested. If your Leo man notices that you are away having fun, he won’t be able to ignore you for much longer.

Listen to him

A Leo man has a difficult time opening up to others and he doesn’t always enjoy discussing sensitive or highly personal topics. Make sure you pay attention to him if he opens up to you because if he believes you weren’t paying attention after he showed weakness, he may ignore you.

He can become upset and distance himself from you if he thinks you don’t care, but if you do listen to him, he might turn to you instead of withdrawing from the world if he’s upset or worried.

Listen to your Leo man when he tells you that he needs something from you because he rarely asks for assistance or support. It’s possible that he may approach you and admits he needs help if he knows you are a good listener.

When a Leo man is upset with you, let him know you’re open to hearing his side of the story.

Avoid constantly arguing or defending yourself with him, and listen to him. When your Leo man realizes that you care for him, he will not ignore you for long.

Give him space

A Leo man may choose to ignore you if he is angry with you because he wants some time to cool off. He doesn’t always treat you rudely in an effort to hurt you, but he could be doing it in order to talk to you after he has calmed down.

A Leo man may require some solitude if he is upset and even if he isn’t upset, this is still true. Give him the space he requires and respect this so you can keep him around.

If a Leo man believes you’ll respect him when he asks for alone time, he’ll be less likely to treat you rudely. He will let you know when he’s done with you forever because even if he requests some distance, he still wants to be with you.

He just requires some solitude, so it’s ideal for spending as much time alone as possible with a Leo man without becoming overly attached.

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When You Ignore A Leo Man

Leo men are very competitive, so ignoring someone who is competitive is like luring him into paying you more attention.

A Leo man will naturally want to earn back your attention because it is in his nature to want to win; therefore, avoid seeing or speaking to him whenever he tries to contact you.

Because a Leo man is one of the most jealous people, playing him off by ignoring or avoiding him might be a great way to get his attention back.

A Leo man wants to be the center of a woman’s attention and becomes extremely jealous if he is not. He may not even express his jealousy, and he most certainly won’t do so right from the beginning of a relationship with someone.

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5 things to do when a Leo man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Leo man is ignoring you:

  • Give him attention
  • Stroke his ego
  • Keep him interested
  • Listen to him
  • Give him space



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