What Happens When You Ignore A Sagittarius Woman?

You may be curious as to what a Sagittarius woman’s reaction will be once she notices that she is ignored. Ignoring a Sagittarius woman may not be the best idea, but it could also take you where you want to be. Without further ado, here’s what happens when you ignore a Sagittarius woman.

When you ignore a Sagittarius woman, she won’t notice at first but will eventually become confused once she does. A Sagittarius woman will also ignore you back and when it really takes a toll on her, she becomes bitter. If you ignore a Sagittarius woman for too long, she will move on with her life.

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That said, let’s first look at your Sagittarius woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry!

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Sagittarius Woman’s Weaknesses

One of the weakest Sagittarius woman characteristics is her tendency to believe that others share her inherent generosity, which leads her to be used at times and taken for granted.

A Sagittarius woman’s desire to believe in everyone’s inherent goodness means she can’t always tell if someone is trying to hurt her. Moreover, a Sagittarius woman’s confidence might come across as arrogant, and her honesty can come across as rash.

A Sagittarius woman is known for her loud mouth and lack of manners. A Sagittarius woman doesn’t think too deeply and prefers to tell people how to live, not to mention that she is unconcerned about the feelings of her loved ones and strangers.

Furthermore, she can be overly interested and ask the most inconvenient questions, but her candor can be harmful.

A Sagittarius woman can be moralistic and have an absent mind. In other words, a Sagittarius woman is constantly competing, but she can’t maintain healthy relationships because she can get so agitated.

When A Sagittarius Woman Is Mad…

A Sagittarius woman is not prone to overreacting, yet she is not afraid to express herself in a dramatic and expressive way. It’s possible that a Sagittarius woman will be direct in her words, but she’ll do so in order to be clear and explicit about her feelings.

Unfortunately, this may prompt you to respond in a way that makes her feel insecure about the relationship’s future because she wants to make sure she isn’t in a relationship that will bring her anxiety and stress.

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When You Ignore A Sagittarius Woman…

She won’t notice

If you ignore a Sagittarius woman for too long, expect nothing to happen. This is because a Sagittarius woman may be completely unaware that you are ignoring her.

Sagittarius women are visionaries who are always looking ahead, never behind; so it’s preferable to pique her attention than to wait for her to notice you’re not present.

However, because a Sagittarius woman is quite excellent at concealing things, she could just ignore you and let things slip, or she could burst into tears and express her anger.

A Sagittarius woman is a hard worker and she enjoys juggling a dozen different chores to keep herself busy. That is to say, there is no certainty that a Sagittarius woman will notice you are ignoring her.

Even if you’ve been dating for a long time and are upset, it may pass a Sagittarius woman by because you’d have to compete for her attention with all of the other things fighting for it.

Unfortunately, shutting a Sagittarius woman out of your life also shuts you out of hers, making it more difficult for her to recognize what’s going on.

She gets confused

By not responding to you, a Sagittarius woman may appear to be treating you coldly. However, the truth is that a Sagittarius woman isn’t suspicious of anything.

If you’re angry and tell a Sagittarius woman that nothing is wrong while still icing her out, she will be confused but she won’t delve too deeply into it, though.

Similarly, if you’re into a Sagittarius woman but behave as if you’ve forgotten about her, she’ll shrug and assume that’s what naturally happens. To say the least, this can be stressful or make you act out of sheer frustration.

The desire for truth drives Sagittarius women to an unhealthy degree because she bears the danger of misinterpretation in their quest for clarity in a complicated environment.

You could even try to hurt the Sagittarius woman on purpose, which will draw her attention but at the cost of her trust. While a Sagittarius woman always works things out, her ease of availability to relationships can cause her to take for granted the one she currently has.

She ignores you

A Sagittarius woman is like a mirror in that she reflects everything you do to her back to you.

If you yell at her because you’re angry, she’ll yell back and if you ignore her, she’ll ignore you right back. A Sagittarius woman will reach out to you out of genuine worry if she believes you’re angry or that she could lose her chance with you.

A Sagittarius woman does, however, expect you to return the favor. Only if a Sagittarius woman knows you want her to track you down or if she understands what’s going on would she do so.

A Sagittarius woman assumes that if you cared about her, you would be forthright and honest. To acquire respect from a Sagittarius woman, you must first provide respect. However, it’s for a good cause if a Sagittarius woman ignores you back.

A Sagittarius woman either realizes that she’s not interested in you anymore, doesn’t want to talk about her feelings, or has more important things to do. Even when a Sagittarius woman really likes you, she will have problems opening up and talking about her feelings.

She moves on

Sagittarius women are restless, so she doesn’t have the time or the drive to fight or get something from you. If you don’t answer at all, the Sagittarius woman switches her attention to the hundred other things she’s doing and this will only add to your frustration.

If you’re attempting to get a Sagittarius woman to chase after you, acting as if she doesn’t exist will have the opposite effect as it will convince her to look for romance elsewhere.

Even if you’re angry with your Sagittarius woman, she can move on without your forgiveness; as a result, you run the risk of being abandoned with no closure. Even if you haven’t made it official, the Sagittarius woman enjoys chasing and competing with herself and is constantly looking for the next chance.

Hence, a Sagittarius woman will not waste time on you if she believes for even a second that she is being ignored and she’ll move on to the next.

She becomes bitter

When a Sagittarius woman is hurt, she can be nasty and bitter. A Sagittarius woman’s directness comes to the fore and she will want to inflict as much pain on you as she is on you.

A Sagittarius woman will either fully shut down and you won’t hear from her again, or she’ll rant and rage at you. You should be cautious if a Sagittarius woman is hurt because even if you cheat on her, she is completely capable of moving on, but she will undoubtedly communicate her feelings first.

When a Sagittarius woman is hurt because you ignored her, she will inform you. In a matter of seconds, a Sagittarius woman could go from yelling in rage to sobbing in despair; so you must act quickly, regardless of how she expresses herself.

She seldom expresses animosity or bitterness but when a Sagittarius woman is hurt, angry, or upset for an extended period of time, you may reasonably assume she is furious. While a Sagittarius woman has strong opinions and desires to be heard, she also wants to hear the other viewpoint.

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What happens when you ignore a Sagittarius woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Sagittarius woman:

  • She won’t notice
  • She gets confused
  • She ignores you
  • She moves on
  • She becomes bitter



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