What Body Type Does A Virgo Woman Like?

Since a Virgo woman tends to be a perfectionist in all aspects, she would want someone who at least fits her ideal preferences. If you want to know what body type a Virgo woman likes, you have come to the right place.

A Virgo woman prefers someone who has balanced features. It would also be important not to come off too strong to her because she also wants his man to have soft and delicate features. A Virgo woman also wants someone who has calm and collected body language.

Read further if you want to know more about the ways to sexually attract a Virgo woman and how to keep her hooked!

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A Virgo Woman In Bed

A Virgo woman strives for perfection in order to produce fantastic sexual encounters. She possesses a special quality of purity and she will probably be drawn to a man who shares the same trait.

Even if she is not the kind to be overly adventurous in bed, she still gives him the diversity he needs in life. A Virgo woman won’t likely have boring times when you are in bed because she makes sure that both of you have a perfect time in bed.

Be confident in bed because a Virgo woman won’t mind if you try to take charge of the situation. If you can demonstrate to her that you can meet all of her needs, she’ll be really interested in you.

A Virgo woman is skilled at seducing men with her sensuality and in-bed prowess. In the bedroom, she pays meticulous attention to even the tiniest details.

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What Body Type Does A Virgo Woman Like?

Something out of balance can draw the attention of a Virgo woman away. Always remember that this sign needs harmony because she is a perfectionist. Balanced features are essential for a Virgo woman’s ideal body type.

The greatest thing to do if you want her to notice you is to keep your appearance simple. Instead of trying to emphasize any one facial feature, go for balance in all aspects. A Virgo woman is irrationally afraid of men who come off too strong.

A Virgo woman will probably notice if you have delicate facial features because she is drawn to those who have a youthful appearance. She is less psychologically intimidated by a man the more delicate and soft his facial aspect appears.

But rest assured that overall, she places little importance on a person’s physique or facial characteristics. A Virgo woman is a symbol of youth, innocence, and purity. Hence, it would only make sense that she is drawn to men who have delicate features.

A Virgo woman is frequently drawn to those that exude laid-back energy. From observation of someone’s body language, you may gauge her energy level. She is more likely to find you appealing if you can show her that you have a cool, collected manner.

Even if your sun sign is masculine, you can still adopt a more relaxed attitude around her. While speaking to a Virgo woman, place your hands behind your back rather than on your hips or crossed.

Ways To Attract A Virgo Woman Sexually

Be hygienic

Poor hygiene will turn off a Virgo woman, regardless of how emotionally connected to and in love she is with you. This applies to all kinds of situations, not just sexual ones.

If someone doesn’t have decent hygiene, a Virgo woman won’t even shake hands with them. You can try to appeal to this need for convenience and effectiveness if you’re trying to sexually attract her.

Take note of this because this is one of the things that a Virgo woman needs to consider before engaging with someone.

You might also expect that her restrictions dictate that you two only be intimate after taking a shower. A Virgo woman has a strong sense of cleanliness, so even a little bit of mess can turn this sign-off. Moreover, you should make sure your bed is appropriate enough for romance and seduction.

Avoid surprises

A Virgo woman would rather avoid taking risks, just as she dislikes surprises in general. She needs to feel confident while being seduced which makes it hard for her when you constantly surprise her.

She will be easier to seduce if you make a subtle approach because she believes less really is more. By offering ideas that a Virgo woman is already familiar with, you might capture her attention and appeal to her sense of fantasy.

Avoid surprising a Virgo woman if you want to sexually attract her. She will begin to feel as though the walls are closing in on him as a result of your intrusive behavior.

She will make an effort to maintain consistency and stability when she finds something or someone she enjoys. If you are persistent, a Virgo woman will feel more secure. She prefers to be in charge of everything around her, especially in bed.

Be modest

Being in bed with someone who is too adventurous can be difficult for a Virgo woman because she values discreet, modest sexuality. Your relationship will be put to the test if you are daring in or out of bed. A Virgo woman doesn’t like to act on impulse, so her boundaries in relationships are strong and rigorous.

Any dramatic displays of intimacy scare a Virgo woman off. She doesn’t want to be the center of attention, and she also doesn’t want to engage in risky sex.

Any amount of drama turns her off, and she has no interest in showing off too much of her sexuality. You could think this isn’t enough, but it’s crucial to be reasonable about more regular sexual interactions with a Virgo woman.

Ways To Keep A Virgo Woman Hooked

A Virgo woman can be sensual but she often keeps it to herself because she prefers to be pragmatic and not impassioned. She dislikes letting her feelings influence her decisions, so she will make an effort to restrain her urges for sensuality.

You can try to appeal to this need for comfort and security if you’re trying to keep her hooked. A Virgo woman doesn’t require special treatment. She does, however, appreciate being taken care of and being pampered in her own safe space.

Try massaging a Virgo woman or preparing a romantic dinner for her. You need to make sure the atmosphere is appropriate for both romance and seduction. Even if she could be more open to trying something new, it is still advisable to follow convention and remain in her comfort zone.

Moreover, you should never rush a Virgo woman throughout the seduction process. Even if you believe that by encouraging her, you are doing her a favor, try to see seduction from her perspective.

A Virgo woman will feel as though you are depriving her of her sense of security and control if you try to entice her too forcefully or if you rush her in any way. Also, she’ll think you’re encroaching on her personal space.

Slowly pursue a Virgo woman while letting your passions progress. Although it could make you impatient, this can also be considered a nurturing approach. Spend some time getting to know a Virgo woman; make her feel at ease.

What body type does a Virgo woman like? Final thoughts…

A Virgo woman’s ideal body type is:

  • Someone who has balanced features
  • Someone who has delicate features
  • Someone who is youthful
  • Someone who is calm



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