What Body Type Does A Capricorn Man Like?

A Capricorn man is probably too busy to flirt with just anyone, so I bet he has his preferences already. If you were wondering what body type he likes, then you have found the perfect article!

A Capricorn man prefers someone who is fit and cares about her physique. He wants someone who is healthy and conscious about what she eats. He likes her woman to be physically strong to keep up with him.

He prefers someone who is feminine and is willing to be submissive. It’s a plus point if you have nice legs too!

If you want to know more about how a Capricorn man is in bed, then you might want to continue reading!

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Capricorn Man In Bed

Do not be deceived by the prim and proper appearance of a Capricorn man. He may give off that CEO vibes that work all day and night to make money. This man certainly has little kinks that he likes to experience in the bedroom.

It is in his genes to naturally be dominant towards other people, and this is also evident when it comes to sex. He loves the feeling of being in control of the dynamic and may be a little wild as he likes rough play and experimentation.

However, unlike the other aggressive signs, a Capricorn man is a little more refined and old-school. He likes experimenting, but he is not that aggressive about it. In fact, he is very traditional and won’t push something you really do not want to do.

His dominance is one of his best sexual skills because he is willing to give you all the pleasure you deserve without even wanting something in return. He is going to make sure that you will leave the bedroom satisfied.

A Capricorn man is not very emotionally attached, especially to someone he is not in a committed relationship with. So, one thing that you cannot expect from him is to cuddle and give you aftercare after sex.

He is not big on commitments as he does not invest feelings in just anyone. However, if you are deeply bonded with this Capricorn man, then he would gladly want to cuddle you.

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What Body Type Does A Capricorn Man Like?

A Capricorn man likes the natural beauty that a woman possesses. He does not like a lot of makeup on women because he believes that beauty comes from within. If you take care of your body and your well-being, you are already sexy in his eyes.

Taking care of your well-being also means being physically active. So, he wants someone who is fit enough to withstand outdoor activities with him.

Another way to take care of your body is by eating healthily. This is something that he finds sexy as well. He prefers someone who is conscious about what she eats and what she puts inside her body. And when you eat healthily, it will definitely show all throughout your body, especially your skin.

He also wants someone strong that is independent and self-sufficient. You do not want to show a Capricorn man that you are a damsel in distress that needs saving.

If we are talking about the specific body types that he is attracted to, that would be your smile and your legs. He is attracted to a woman who knows how to flaunt what she has and knows how to dress to highlight her legs.

She also wants someone who is feminine and submissive. Remember that this is a dominant sign that likes to take control. You need to be moving in your feminine energy to attract him.

Ways To Attract A Capricorn Man Sexually

Show him that you are ambitious

There is nothing that attracts a Capricorn man more than a woman who is independent and has her all life all laid out. You should be independent and focused on improving your career.

He likes it when a woman is hardworking and one that could complete the power couple dynamic that he has been dreaming about. If he senses that you are lazy and unfocused, he will withdraw from whatever it is that is starting between the two of you.

You can impress him by showing him that you are building your own empire and that you are certainly someone who has plans for the next 10 years.

You can also talk about your plans professionally during conversations and the more that he sees that you are willing to work for hours for your dream, you will be in the Capricorn man’s mind all the time.

Do not initiate mind games

The Capricorn man is not one to like the thrill of the chase when looking for a partner. He believes he does not have the time for that, and he would rather spend his time building his career. He is a little insecure about himself even though he appears strong and confident.

So, if you try to pull some mind games in hopes of him chasing you, he will be turned off.

To sexually attract him, drop hints that you like him. However, do not be too aggressive about it because as we all know, a Capricorn man is traditional and does not like public displays of attention.

You can compliment him through texts and maybe slide in his DM with some sexy massage. You can also subtly flirt by touching his arms or sitting close to him.

Be submissive

Again, a Capricorn man is traditional and with that being said, he believes that a guy should always lead a relationship.

He is also a cardinal sign, and this makes him a natural-born leader. This also, again, applies to the bedroom. So, to sexually attract him, you need to show him that you are willing to be dominated without any hesitations.

Let us talk about moving in your feminine energy here. When you are moving in your feminine energy, you are allowing your Capricorn man to be in his masculine energy. You are usually affiliated with love and care.

And this is what a Capricorn man looks for – someone who can care for him after all the “doing” that he does.

Ways To Keep A Capricorn Man Hooked

You have made all your effort to seduce him by dressing nice, being traditionally flirty, and being classy. Now, if you were wondering how, you can step it up and get him hooked to you, showcase how intelligent you are.

If you are an expert on something, then you might want to make a strategy of how you are going to make it interesting to share with your Capricorn man. Make sure that he will not get bored and that you keep his attention.

The most important thing that you can do if you want to keep a Capricorn man hooked is to show your support for everything that he does. This is also something that you do when you are in your feminine energy.

He does a lot for his dreams and goals, and all he really needs is some moral support from someone. If you show him that you are very supportive, then, you will definitely be on his mind.

What body type does a Capricorn man like? Final thoughts…

A Capricorn man prefers:

  • Someone who is fit
  • Someone who is physically strong
  • Someone who is healthy
  • Someone who has nice legs
  • Someone who is feminine



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