How To Win A Pisces Man’s Heart?

If you want to win a Pisces man’s heart and make him fall hard for you then you’re in the right place! In this article, we’re going to show you to win over the Pisces man’s deeply spiritual and intuitive heart and make him fall in love with you like no other!

To win over the heart of a Pisces man you be a romantic like him, be the kind of girl who falls in love with life, the one who romanticizes and sees life in rose-colored glasses, you must also deeply connect to him spiritually and emotionally, you must be caring, loving and warming.

The Pisces man is deeply emotional and intuitive, his emotions are like running waters, changing and sensual, he is a great lover, sensual and seductive in a sweet and alluring way, this man is kind and genuine, attracting many friends and lovers like a magnet!

There are so many things that make your Pisces man so special and loveable, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s first take a look at what makes a Scorpio man special… then, we can review the ways to win his heart!

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What makes a Pisces man so special?

Please take note that these apply to men born with their Sun in Pisces as well as men who have heavy Pisces placements in their birth chart most especially the inner planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars).

If you do not know his birth chart it is best to find out by asking about his birthday and his specific birth time. Nevertheless, this is a general overview as to why a Pisces man or a man with heavy Pisces/Jupiter placements is so special!

Pisces energy along with Scorpio and Cancer (Water signs) often manifests differently depending on where the Pisces sign is placed on his zodiac sign, he might have a Pisces moon which makes his personality extremely different from a guy with Pisces Sun.

The Pisces man is romantic and easy-going, unlike Cancer and Scorpio who are often putting their energy inward and reserved, his energy and emotions are free-flowing, and he is uniquely optimistic compared to the two water signs because he is heavily influenced by Jupiter and Neptune.

Both planets are incredibly benefic, Jupiter brings in prosperity and luck, which gives Pisces an optimistic outlook on life, the planet Neptune harbors illusions, dreams, art, universal love, and cosmic consciousness, making him incredibly spiritual and high vibrational.

That’s what makes him incredibly special, his deep spiritual soul manifests in his physical body, making him incredibly attractive and charming, not necessarily in terms of physical looks, but more in the energy, he brings around the room.

Alongside that, because of his deeply spiritual nature, he can be an incredibly gifted psychic, because of his fine intuition and psychic connection to the spiritual world, he might feel vibes or things other people can not notice, and he understands and perceives the environment he has in a broader spectrum!

In terms of love and relationship, because he is an ideal romantic and a spiritualist, he can be incredibly romantic and dreamy, he may express his love for you in the sweetest and heartwarming ways when in love he can also push his lover to be more in tuned making his partner more spiritual and high vibrational.

Overall, this man is not afraid of emotions, he embraces them and lets them go freely, he loves unconditionally, sometimes indecisively, and he is a great partner for those who are seeking emotional attachment and deep intense love. He is supportive, empathic, and compassionate.

Now that we’ve dealt with his subconscious, let’s now find out how to win a Pisces Man’s heart!

What are your chances with a Pisces man?

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7 Ways to Win a Pisces Man’s Heart?

Support his go-with-the-flow attitude

In order to fully win his heart, you must support his overall tendency to have a go-with-the-flow attitude, this is why it is important to know first how he thinks and what his personality is because he is a mutable water sign, he will be the kind of person who goes with the wave.

Realize and get into his perspective, it is important not to judge his decisions no matter how irrational it is, remember your Pisces man lives to follow his heart, not his mind, laugh, and enjoy his company.

Understand him, if not, accompany him and have fun, you don’t have to fake it, love what he does and fall in love with life together!

Be soft and warm

Being a warm figure to everyone, especially to him, exuding warm and soft feminine energy can be incredibly magnetic energy for a flowy guy like him, in order to be soft and warm, always exude a friendly attitude, be supportive, and help other people without expecting any return.

Be an ideal romantic

Meet him in a secret place where only both of you know or take him somewhere dreamy and atmospheric, watch the skies together, or go swimming on a nice beach, it is incredibly important that he understands that you can match the vibes he wants and is craving for.

You can also bake for him or take him to a place where both of you can explore art, painting and sketching each other can be a nice activity you can both do together, anything that is sensual and instills beauty is a great thing to do with him.

Showing him kind and sweet small gestures also makes him know that he is important to you! For sure he will utterly be in love and clingy with you in no time!

Connect to him spiritually

Study and talk about stuff that is incredibly interesting to him, more often than not he will have an interest in art, literature, and even the occult which broadens his knowledge of his spirituality, talk to him about those things and he’s surely closer and connected to you!

Keep things exciting and sensual

One thing people overlook about a Pisces man is his sensuality and his passion for sex, because this doe-eyed man might seem like he cannot be incredibly passionate in bed, you’d be surprised by the amount of sex drive this man has.

When things get hot, be sure to tap into your inner sensuality and femininity which is insanely attractive to him, tease him, be flirty, do it in different places, and try experimenting with stuff that both of you will enjoy, he will surely in no time go gaga for you!

Show him your emotional depth

Because your Pisces man has an extremely deep emotional depth that he hides from the surface, you must show him that you are also capable of showing extreme emotions, when you express your love to him express it hard, don’t be afraid to be expressive of your own emotions.

You must also understand that having emotional depth not only benefits him but also yourself, being emotionally aware can make it easy for you to express positive emotions such as love and release anything unwanted (hate, past traumas, sadness).

Support and validate him when he feels insecure

If you reach that level of closeness with him it is better to be an incredibly homely and supportive partner instead of a partner who constantly antagonizes his decisions and emotions.

Validate his feelings by affirming words and phrases, incorporating lots of touch and hugs, kisses should not be counted, but rather exceeded to a maximum limit, connect and show passionate feelings.

Secret tip: It is best to take him to a body of water like a lake or an ocean to calm him down when he is in deep sorrow or anxiety, water has metaphysical properties that can calm and restore his energy, invite him to walk in a beach or sail in a nice boat where both of you can see the beauty of the water and sunset.

Get more details about your Pisces man!

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Win a Pisces man’s compassionate, spiritual, emotional, and intuitive heart, final thoughts…

Dedicated to the person he loves the most, the Pisces man loves in a different otherworldly way, he loves to show affection to his partner and wants his partner to do the same, he is warm and understanding because he understands were all souls in a flesh.

To fully understand his personality, it is best to fully know his birth chart by knowing his birth time, location of birth, and specific birth time which determines his Rising sign and the houses the signs fall into.

You must also look for his Mars and Venus signs to fully know his love language, Venus represents his pleasure and how he wants to be a pleasure, and his Mars sign represents his aggression and sexuality.

He can have a Pisces sun but an Aries Mars which can give him an explosive and blunt personality when angered, always remember different signs that fall into different planets can give different energy and personality to a person.

For more information about the zodiac signs, click the link down below for more information!



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