How To Love A Pisces Man (5 Effective Ways!)

Everyone knows how a Pisces man can get emotional pretty quickly.

If you think that you cannot deal with that, do not ever attempt to talk to him because it can break his heart pretty quickly. However, if you love him the right way, it will surely be the best time of your life. Here are some of the ways to love a Pisces man.

To love a Pisces man, do not give him the hard truth right in his face. Sugarcoat them a little bit. Practice empathy by helping anyone or anything that needs help. Express yourself freely for him to love you easily. Be romantic and think of him as the main character in a rom-com. Let down your walls and be vulnerable.

Ok, this might sound simple enough… But, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s get to know your Pisces man’s love language and how to love him…

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The Love Language Of A Pisces Man

Pisces people, in general, are known to be hypersensitive to their emotions. This goes to say that your Pisces man is very sensual, creative, and romantic. Right off the bat, know that your Pisces man expects a lot in your relationship.

Some of these expectations are based on his dreams and the movies he has made. He can overindulge in his dreams, but what you need to do is listen to them because I’m sure he will want to make your dream too.

If you are really in love with your Pisces man, to make him feel that, you need to do everything in your power to make his dreams happen. Well, if you cannot, at least support her and help her with things. But the best thing to do to make him feel loved is to come up with a plan to make his dreams a reality.

He is going to be head over heels for you when you do that. He needs to know that there are people behind them that believe in his vision and have faith in what their dreams are.

With these being said, know that the love language of your Pisces man is acts of service and quality time. If you make him feel that you are going to be a very big help in her life, he will definitely feel loved.

Remember that he is also a dreamer, and he needs someone to share those dreams with. You need to be someone he can have some alone time with.

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What A Pisces Man Likes

A Pisces man is mysterious, dreamy, and emotional. So, he gets very appreciative when someone embraces this emotional side of him. I mean it is very unusual for men to get sappy and emotional but know that your Pisces man is not like the rest.

He likes it when someone does not make him feel that he is too much and dramatic. He wants to feel embraced and celebrated. He likes it when someone makes him feel that he is awesome and cool for expressing his emotions really well.

There is no doubt that your Pisces man can be one of the nicest people you have ever met. I mean they are big on empathy and can sense what other people are feeling. And so, he also likes it when people get empathetic over someone or something.

To get a Pisces man to like you, you need to be the kindest version of yourself.

Your Pisces man can be one of the most creative people you have ever met too. He is very in tune with poetry and music, and he definitely expresses himself well through it.

He may be using the finest words, and you can take advantage of this by sending him poetries that you just randomly read or songs that remind you of him.

What A Pisces Man Dislikes

Some people think that Pisces people are somehow crazy for thinking that they can do something for the world. That is one thing that a Pisces man hates, being judged. I mean he understands that people are fighting different battles, but the sad truth is most people do not think the same way as a Pisces man.

He also does not like cold people and gets a little bit scared when he thinks people are emotionless. I get that he can express his feelings very well, but this is not the case for most people. He does not like it when people show their true emotions and resort to just ignoring him.

He needs to be leveled with his feelings.

Another thing that Pisces man does not like is when people do not give him space to escape and refresh his mind, body, and soul. Every once in a while, your Pisces man is known to ghost everyone for a couple of days.

He does not like it when people do not understand that about him. He hates it when you get too demanding of his time.

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5 Ways To Love A Pisces Man

Sugarcoat some hard truth

I’m just going to say it straight – your Pisces man cannot take a brutal truth.

You are just going to stress him out or maybe let him overthink. It’s not always advisable to tell him the truth. This is because reality checks do not work well with your Pisces man. Again, he needs someone supportive of his dreams and is willing to live in them.

Instead, slowly reveal these truths. You have to find the perfect time to let him know what is happening. You cannot go and tell him to live off his dream world because this will totally piss him off. Instead, if you don’t want to sugarcoat things, find a way to tell him carefully without hurting his feelings.

Practice empathy

Remember when I said that your Pisces man can be one of the kindest people you have ever met? This is true. And when you are dating one, you should be kind to all things breathing and living.

You need to show how sensitive you are to other people’s emotions. Show him that you have compassion for everyone and everything on this planet.

You can do this by thanking the waiter or helping a senior cross the street. It does not have to be fake because he can spot fake. Help a lost puppy in the area and bring him to the shelter. You can do literally anything to make him feel that you are a good Samaritan.

Express yourself freely

I know very well that deep inside you, there is something unique about you. This is the perfect time to assess yourself and ask yourself about the things that you find different from other people.

When you are with a Pisces man, it is very advisable to show him who you truly are. You should always remember that your Pisces man likes different cultures and norms. He likes people that do not fit in. He likes everything that does not fit in the box that could impress society.

Be romantic

Again, your Pisces man lives in his own little dream world, and when you are. Remember that he has high expectations in relationships, and he likes to think of this whole thing as a scene in a movie. He will definitely like getting on a couch and watching romantic comedies.

Do not ever think that these things will be corny for a Pisces man. He likes corny, and he will definitely feel loved if you get to show him this side of yours. You can plan a whole vacation out in a rural area, riding your bikes and picking fruits from trees.

Plan a picnic or get his mom flowers – literally anything to make him feel as if he is the main character.

Show vulnerability

We have learned that a Pisces man likes it when you reveal your true self. Let’s go even deeper! Let down your walls and let him see what’s inside. Show your past hurt and trauma.

Because to him, it does not matter how strong-looking you are, he will always look for that soft and emotional side of you. Tell him a sad story in your life. Know that this is his way of connecting with people.

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5 ways to love a Pisces man, final thoughts…

To love a Pisces man:

  • Sugarcoat some hard truth
  • Practice empathy
  • Express yourself freely
  • Be romantic
  • Show vulnerability



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