How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Is Lying

An Aquarius man is one of the best liars in the zodiac, so it will be hard for you to find out because he does it naturally. If you want to know the signs when an Aquarius man is lying, you have come to the right place.

An Aquarius man is lying to you when he tries to avoid you and also discussing emotional conversations with you. He won’t make an effort to listen to what you have to say and you will realize that you can never really rely on him. An Aquarius man will also start to lash out at you and become irritable.

In this article, you will also learn about the signs when an Aquarius man is not interested and how to make him fall in love with you again. Read on!

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Weaknesses Of An Aquarius Man

Being an air sign, an Aquarius man is all about communication, intellect, and social connection. Hence, this sign can easily step back and see things from an objective point of view. Nevertheless, an Aquarius man’s practical and logical approach to life can sometimes make him appear emotionless or detached from his emotions. Moreover, an Aquarius man is extremely independent and only believes in himself when making particular decisions.

Since he doesn’t want to rely on others, an Aquarius man can sometimes make hasty decisions. This makes him extremely obstinate, uncompromising, and self-righteous about his opinions or points of view. An Aquarius man is headstrong, so it’s hard to make him back down or admit he is wrong. Due to his stubborn personality, when in a committed relationship, an Aquarius man often causes unnecessary controversies.

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5 Signs An Aquarius Man Is Lying

He avoids you

An Aquarius man will avoid spending quality time with you like the plague if he is busy doing something else behind your back. He won’t feel the need to spend some time with you because he already has someone else to do it with. When an Aquarius man is lying to you, he may also avoid looking at you or any type of physical contact.

An Aquarius man always has enough time to let you know that he’ll text or call you later. Even when he is currently busy, he does have time to reassure you that everything is alright; but he won’t. An Aquarius man doesn’t feel the need to keep you updated about his whereabouts and where he is because he doesn’t want you to find out.

He is irritable

If he genuinely cares about someone, an Aquarius man typically doesn’t attack them out of the blue. If he does, he won’t even bother to activate his propensities for empathy and understanding. An Aquarius man may not be particularly concerned about how his actions affect you if you observe that he continually criticizes you or becomes irritated by seemingly insignificant things you do.

An Aquarius man’s terrible behavior toward you is motivated by his harmful intentions. No matter what this sign does or says to you, he does not feel regret. This is because an Aquarius man only focuses on how to push you away so that you may not find out about his lies. You may tell him that his actions make you feel bad, but he will merely dismiss you and say that you are being overly sensitive.

He avoids discussions

If you try to discuss more intense subjects or emotions, an Aquarius man will brush them off or disregard them completely. Something is off if he’s not probing and analyzing in conversation, even during small talk, since this sign loves to do so. The fact that an Aquarius man won’t go into detail strongly suggests that he might be hiding something from you.

You will notice that an Aquarius man will probably be isolated physically as well. As a result, watch to see if he turns his body away from you, crosses his arms, or adopts any other position that feels physically uncomfortable. An Aquarius man merely wants to maintain his distance from you so that you may not see right through him.

He is unreliable

If an Aquarius man doesn’t truly care whether he follows his commitments or not, he may not be sincere in you. He just considers himself to be important and he couldn’t care less that what he is doing behind your back could affect you. When he is hiding something from you, an Aquarius man frequently alters his plans with regard to you. This sign can claim that he is constantly busy or that there is an emergency.

An Aquarius man might avoid you for days or weeks if he breaks his commitments. And if he does talk to you, he will do so in a cool, noncommittal manner. If he does this, an Aquarius man may truly be busy with something. However, his time may be devoted to another person and doing unforgivable actions behind your back.

He doesn’t listen

If an Aquarius man has nothing to hide from you, he would initiate intellectual conversations all the time because it’s in his character. He is aware that he cannot be with someone if he does not share his views on these issues, so he might do this on purpose. You can be sure an Aquarius man is wasting your time if he doesn’t assess your intellectual compatibility.

While secretly considering new strategies to get what an Aquarius man wants from you without having to work for it, he pretends to be listening to you. He obviously doesn’t appreciate or support you, which are the two biggest indications that he is not being sincere with you. If an Aquarius man really appreciated you, he wouldn’t make you doubt things.

Signs An Aquarius Man Is Not Interested

He is closed off

An Aquarius man is highly secretive and does not readily share details of his private life with others. He can use this in all of his interactions, including those with his friends, families, and significant others. Hence, you should take it as a sign that an Aquarius man is not interested if he is closed off.

The fact that he won’t strive to include you in his private life is one of the most telling signals that an Aquarius man is not into you. This sign will completely disregard you because he doesn’t want you to be involved in his life. The simplest way to know if an Aquarius man is not interested is when he doesn’t want you to be involved in every aspect of his personal life.

He doesn’t flirt

When it comes to an Aquarius man’s courting strategies, he is not the most cliched individual. You should watch out for any attempts on his part to flirt with you, whether it be through comedy or other means. It is clear that an Aquarius man is interested in you if he makes an attempt to flirt with you.

An Aquarius man isn’t particularly flirty, so he will only make an effort to do so when he is genuinely interested in you. On the other hand, it is not a good sign if an Aquarius man makes no effort to crack even a practical joke when he is near you. He can end up having no interest in you if he doesn’t make an effort to make you laugh or make you blush.

He ignores you

If you keep wondering why the Aquarius man keeps ignoring you and you’re not getting his attention, it’s not because he’s not interested in you. He doesn’t see the point in making an effort to get your attention because he sees no potential in your relationship. An Aquarius man could not be attracted to you at all.

The fact that he won’t try to make an effort to talk to you for very long is one indication that an Aquarius man doesn’t like you. He is simply not interested in you, and you would be better off moving on with your life as a result of this behavior.

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How To Make An Aquarius Man Fall In Love With You Again

You’re already a great match for an Aquarius man if you enjoy learning. This water sign enjoys profound, thought-provoking conversations. Tell him if you don’t understand what he’s talking about, and pay attention when he tries to enlighten you. An Aquarius man will be drawn to you by your genuine curiosity.

It’s acceptable to not know everything, but as your level of expertise increases, so does your interest. Also, don’t be afraid to impart your knowledge because he will appreciate you more. An Aquarius will be intrigued rather than intimated, like other guys.

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How to tell if an Aquarius man is lying, final thoughts…

If an Aquarius man is lying to you:

  • He avoids you
  • He is irritable
  • He avoids discussions
  • He is unreliable
  • He doesn’t listen



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