How To Tell If A Pisces Woman Is Lying

Since a Pisces woman has a reputation for being extremely secretive, it is not easy to catch her hiding the truth. If you want to know the signs when a Pisces woman is lying, you have come to the right place.

A Pisces woman is lying to you when she starts to push you away and completely avoids you. She will also become irrational and act immature so that you won’t see right through her. A Pisces woman will also intentionally hurt your feelings and become rude for no reason.

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Weaknesses Of A Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman tends to worry excessively in addition to being scared. That’s why it is sometimes hard for her to establish a relationship because she worries that the person she likes won’t be a good match for her. A Pisces woman does not want to cause harm to anyone and does not want to let down the one she loves.

A Pisces woman’s potential is being held back by all these concerns. If she would simply unwind and let things happen, she could find her true love. A Pisces woman may, however, wind up concealing her emotions, which might result in a lot of unrequited love. She may prefer to work alone and be independent, but this is all because she is hesitant to put her trust in others.

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5 Signs A Pisces Woman Is Lying

She avoids you

A Pisces woman won’t approach you to explain all the lies she said; she will stay away. When it becomes obvious that you are getting suspicious that she is lying, she will be concerned about how you will react. A Pisces woman won’t be able to stand seeing you since it makes her realize that she will eventually let you down.

A Pisces woman rarely is able to handle the truth, even if you are more than competent at doing so. She prefers to sidestep issues rather than confront them head-on, so she will simply shun you when you approach her about it. It may be that a Pisces woman is unsure of how she can face you if she claims that she is lying but still can’t manage to tell you directly.

She pushes you away

A Pisces woman will take action to push you away if she is lying to you. You’ll get her encouragement to socialize with others and she might even nudge you to go out with other women. If a Pisces man is hiding something from you, she will start to push you away and she’ll come up with excuses to break your plans.

A Pisces woman will engage in particular behaviors if she thinks her lies are becoming more apparent. Because lying is not her style, she will make every effort to avoid being overly forceful. Instead, a Pisces woman is more likely to nudge you in that direction, try to skirt the underlying issue, and do anything but come clean about her lies.

She acts immature

A Pisces woman naturally has a nice, innocent, and lovable side. However, this sign might appear quite immature when she is accused of lying. She might be doing this on purpose to frighten you off or perhaps she just doesn’t care enough to behave properly. A Pisces woman will purposefully engage in mind games, and she might even make you think like a whiny kid.

This is a blatant indication that a Pisces woman is hiding something from you. If she has nothing to hide from you, she will entice you with her innocent curiosity. A Pisces woman will act immaturely when she is lying in order for you to leave her alone.

She becomes irrational

A Pisces woman who is unsuccessfully trying to trick you could become rude, irrational, and snarky. She doesn’t normally act like this but because she is hiding something from you, she will try to cover it up by acting irrationally. If a Pisces woman is lying, she’ll make you worry if she’s lost her mind and started acting crazy.

A Pisces woman who believes you are questioning her will start to build walls around her and start acting differently. She might think that you are wilfully disregarding her boundaries which gives her enough reasons to act rudely.

She becomes rude

It’s crucial to realize that a stable, healthy Pisces woman would never wish to use this as his first option. She will go out of her way to avoid offending anyone since she doesn’t want to put herself in that position. But if she believes that nothing else would work, or if you’ve convinced yourself that she is lying to you despite the fact that she denied it, she might feel compelled to express her disinterest in you.

When all else fails, a Pisces woman will only consider attacking your weak emotions to be a viable alternative. She’ll intentionally hurt your feelings in an effort to make you defensive and lessen your interactions with her. Even if a Pisces woman will feel bad about it, she still will continue to do so if it means protecting herself.

Signs A Pisces Woman Is Not Interested

She doesn’t make time

Spending time with the people she genuinely cares about is a common way for a Pisces woman to show her interest. The amount of time this sign spends with her partner often borders on suffocating because it is one of her love languages. Hence, if your Pisces woman isn’t seeing you as frequently or as much as she used to, it’s an indication that she’s over you.

The sad part is that a Pisces woman won’t say it directly to you. She’ll make up an excuse, such as that she’s busy or that he needs more “alone” time, to get away from you. A Pisces woman feels that lying is preferable to stating the truth and hurting you with the truth since she is an empath.

She is distant

A Pisces woman enjoys taking time for herself. Yet, after her desire for isolation is met, she’ll return to your arms, still in an amorous mood. Sadly, once she starts to distance herself entirely, it’s clear that she’s not interested in you. A Pisces woman will also remain emotionally and physically distant from you if she is done with you.

A Pisces woman won’t be as close to you as she previously was, even after she has finished recharging her social batteries. Often, it burns slowly and is only apparent after it’s too late. A Pisces woman may feel that you are too dependent on her, which is why she wants to take a step back.

She discourages you

A Pisces woman is actually very aware of all the methods to irritate you or destroy your delicate emotions since she observes your inner desires and emotions well. She is never going to want to utilize this for herself. A Pisces woman will purposefully press your buttons if she attempts to push you away and you still remain.

Nonetheless, a Pisces woman will if she feels compelled to. In an effort to discourage you, she will start to act rudely and purposely make you feel annoyed. A Pisces woman likes to appear as though you stumbled over your own feet by pulling the rug out from under you.

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How To Make A Pisces Woman Fall In Love With You

A Pisces woman suffers from poor self-esteem, therefore she is instantly attracted to someone who can boost her ego and make her feel better about herself. This is why a few words of encouragement or thoughtful comments can do wonders in making a Pisces woman fall in love.

Make a point of complimenting a Pisces woman’s attire or attractiveness and expressing admiration for her interests in hobbies or professions. Yet, be careful not to overtly show that you’re trying to flatter her since if you do, she can feel patronized and denigrated.

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How to tell if a Pisces woman is lying, final thoughts…

If a Pisces woman is lying to you:

  • She avoids you
  • She pushes you away
  • She acts immature
  • She becomes irrational
  • She becomes rude



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