How To Make A Libra Woman Jealous?

Are you worried that your Libra woman might be straying away from you? Are you seeing less from her every day and do you want her attention to divert back to you? Worry no more because in this article we are going to tell you how to make your Libra woman jealous!

We will also give you an insider on how a Libra woman expresses her jealousy while in a relationship!

Let’s get started!

To make your Libra woman jealous you must show her you are living an attractive life and that you do not need her to have fun and explore the pleasures of life! Look attractive and elegant to attract others and this will make her jealous!

Alongside that, you can also give her the subtle silent treatment to make her overthink and jealous.

Your Gorgeous and soft Libra woman is the seventh zodiac sign in Astrology. She is mesmerizing and alluring due to her ruling planet Venus – the planet of love, desire, beauty, aesthetics, and pleasure. She comes off as sweet, and innocent but seductive, playful, and incredibly beautiful!

The Libra woman is represented by the scales and just like the scales, she represents fairness and justice. To her, she wants equality and equity for everyone and this can make her a desirable leader. She rules with her heart and mind as opposed to her ego.

This woman is known to be diplomatic, intelligent, fair, sociable, and extroverted which makes her popular and liked by almost everyone.

Your Libra woman is cardinal air and this gives her leadership qualities some “chill” to it. Unlike Aries who is her opposite sign and leads people with a fiery attitude, de a Libra woman leads people by persuasion. This makes her an incredible politician if used properly.

Being a Venusian sign can also make her life seem seemingly lavish and pleasurable.

On the surface level, she seems to have the most perfectly balanced life. With good friends and good social life, a seemingly perfect family life, and easy-to-come romantic relationships which is due to her being deemed as beautiful by other men but this is far from the truth.

To a Libra woman, her indecisiveness can create inner conflict 

Libra woman is known to embody beauty, harmony, and peace. She is the personification of the scales or the lady justice if you may see fit.

Her overall personality and outlook in life are dedicated to bringing justice and goodness to everyone around her so no matter how shallow or fake or indecisive she may appear to be her energy provides goodness to all people around her.

Your Libra woman knows how to compromise, merge and create a balance. This in turn makes people love her so much more because not only she is beautiful on the outside she thinks and cares for the people which makes her instantly a winner in people’s hearts…

Your Libra woman is interested in and idealizes a well-balanced personal life. She strives for career success but also strives for her interpersonal relationships to be good as well. She wants her friends and family to thrive and she wants her lover to thrive as well.

Whether it’s work, career, or passion she wants all aspects of her life to be well, successful, and also meaningful.

At best your Libra woman is peace-seeking and seeks to provide solutions to conflicts that do not involve any form of confrontation. She is a fair and good lady who aspires to embody the idea of “goodness”. She uses her power and influence for good and this brings her good karma in her life.

The Venusian and air element makes her a hivemind, a socialite, and a mediator all at once. She is friendly, refined, charming, elegant, cooperative, sociable, and beautiful! 

At worst this obsession with embodying goodness can make her a pushover and an anxiety-fueled people-pleaser. Alongside that, she can also show shadow traits such as gullible, self-indulgent, flighty, indecisive, gossipy, hesitant, and escapist.

Remember all zodiac signs have their light and shadow side so it still depends on the person and their choices in life whether they choose to better themselves or stay in the dark.

With all of that said let’s tackle more on your Libra woman and her jealousy issues. Let’s find out how does a Libra woman express jealousy and how does she act upon it? What are the obvious signs that she is jealous? 

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How Does a Libra Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Libra woman’s jealousy is hidden and repressed masked by her fake complacency and smiles. She tends to brush the jealousy off as something her irrational mind would say to her so she deems it unworthy of being entertained.

With this in mind, you already must know that your Libra woman does not get easily jealous unless she is presented with facts that can make her check the faithfulness of her partner.

Like other air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) your Libra woman doesn’t get easily jealous they rarely ever get jealous because air signs, in general, are “chill” and rational. They don’t take things personally and aren’t that sensitive about it compared to fire or water signs who take things personally.

Your Libra woman is considered to be one of the most intelligent, analytical, and rational zodiac signs in the zodiac wheel and that means she will not get carried away by her emotions real quick instead she will think about it first before acting on the perceived danger in the relationship.

Alongside that, the rational mind of a Libra woman will be able to actively distinguish offset emotions before acting upon them.

Your Libra woman can also sometimes be too “positive” minded to look for wrongs in the relationship or to her partner. Sometimes she thinks instinctively that people are there to have good intentions which sometimes can cause naive and gullibility on her part.

The only thing that would make her jealous and act upon it is if she sees her partner is actively playing a role in the downfall of the relationship.

Alongside that when developing feelings of jealousy. Your Libra woman will try as much as possible to subtly ask questions about you and the person she is suspecting to be flirting with or making advances toward you.

She will be fake-friendly about it and will try as much as possible to hide the fact that she is jealous. 

She will gossip and ask things to her friends for information. This is her way of acting upon the jealousy she is feeling. The more she continues to know about the person the more frustrated and angry she will be but she will not show it to anyone.

Whether it’s the straying away or lack of passion or flat-out disrespect like flirting with other people is the thing that will make your Libra woman jealous. At first, she will not think about it too much but she will have second thoughts and doubts about it. 

She will repress those unwanted and unpleasant feelings by putting on the facade of being happy and positive all the time.

No matter how unpleasant the thoughts and feelings she is currently experiencing you will never see her mop her eyes out or do irrational and impulsive things. She will act cool about the situation she is in. She might even turn to her passion or career instead of being emotional about it.

The growing jealousy will be in a seething way, she may act all good in two shoes but inside her mind, she’s already losing her patience and wants to do something about it.

Her anger may not be the same as the rage an Aries or Taurus has but it will be there and the more she gets angry the more she turns cold and spitful.

When she gets spiteful you will already notice that she no longer is hiding the unpleasant emotions she is feeling and she might say mean or hurtful things to the person she is jealous of. She might also act less interested in you by providing you with cold answers and distance.

This is how a Libra woman expresses herself when she’s jealous and angry.

She becomes cold and ruthless. She is the embodiment of the phrase “Do not get mad. Get even.” Her anger and showing how frustrated you are will not lead you to things and it will just make her look pathetic and vulnerable.

Instead of going out to show how frustrated, she is, she gives a silent treatment that is colder than Antarctica.

This means you will notice that she will be less romantic and talkative towards you and she will be unavailable most of the time often “ghosting” you for periods. Unlike other signs who are confrontational and explosive, her anger is cool and cold.

You’ll surely notice day by day that her silent treatment and aloofness go worse. Your Libra woman doesn’t like arguing or fighting it will be up to you to chase her and take the initiative to properly talk things out with her whenever she gets jealous.

Overall your Libra woman’s jealousy is cold, silent yet deadly. Her silence speaks louder and she will not hesitate on cutting you off if she ever feels disrespected in the relationship. Only proper communication and understanding from both sides can heal and resolve the conflict.

Now that we have talked about your Libra woman and her jealousy! If you want her attention back on you we will give you the most efficient way how to make your Libra woman jealous!

How to Make Your Libra Woman Jealous!

Have well-off friends or acquaintances you can hang out with!

If you’re trying to make her jealous we’ll assume you’re doing it because you feel that you are getting less and less attention from her! If that is the case you can make her jealous by showing her you are part of an elite circle of people who are doing well in life.

When you hang out with the elegant crowd you are also deemed as sophisticated and elegant by your Libra woman so show her that you do not need her to have a good social life. Broaden your horizons and get acquainted with everyone you meet.

Also, try as much as possible to look expensive in your clothes and have the right posture and body language when meeting with people. Pick the right scent of perfume that matches your personality and always be casual about it.

Do not try hard to look rich or elegant as you may be deemed unfit by other people and your Libra woman.

Look hot and sexy!

To be an attractive and sexy man you must have the right mindset first! Work on looking hot and sexy by working out and building the dream physique you always want! If she’s straying away instead of chasing her away focus on working on the things you can control!

Exercise and hit the gym!  Eat healthily and go buy clothes that will make you cool and updated! By looking hot and sexy you let her chase you instead of you chasing her!

Tell her the girls crushing on you…

Mention the girls in your work or school crushing over you! This makes her think that you are attractive enough to pull other girls to the sidelines and this in turn makes her more interested and focused on ensuring that you are hers in the relationship!

Mention it casually during a talk you have with her and by chance make it more exaggerated so she can be jealous! The more she realizes that you are an attractive man who can pull other girls the more you will notice her coming back towards you!

Be unavailable so she can remember you

The next step in making your Libra woman jealous is that you need to be unavailable and aloof so she will wonder about your whereabouts and what you are doing in general. Creating a sense of needed commodity will make her want to be with you more!

You need to be unavailable so she can value the time and attention you give to her before.

When being unavailable it is best to focus on improving yourself and your life as a whole. Be so busy that she starts wondering what you are doing in your time and she will start asking what she has done that made you change your ways. 

Cut down the sweet gestures and compliments

Your Libra woman thrives with words of affirmation so sweet sayings and compliments will make her heart contented and fulfilled.

The moment you start withdrawing it the more she will crave it from you. When you start cutting down the compliments you give to her and withdraw any sweet gestures you did before the more she’ll miss the old relationship you have with her.

This will give her enough ample time to overthink and pursue you more or even just talk to you. Remember try cutting down the sweet gestures and compliments but do not be mean to her. Hurtful words will just make her unwanted the relationship instead follow this tactic so she can miss you more.

Do Selective Talking Tactics in front of him

Selective talking will make her jealous to the core! When you talk and positively interact with other people while she’s beside you or in front of you shows that you are having more fun with other people than her will make her unhappy and angry.

Focusing on other people instead of her in a social scene will make her feel threatened and jealous at the same time this goes to show that she isn’t the center of attention after all and that other people including you can have fun without her.

You can do this tactic in a big crowd such as an event or party be with her physically but go and make friends with the people you meet. Make the conversation fun and exciting and look like you are having the best time with them while excluding her! This will make your Libra woman incredibly jealous!

Making A Libra Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Libra woman is a wonderful individual who might have some faults but in the end, she is good, kind-hearted, and seeks to see the good in everyone and every situation. She is diplomatic, intelligent, sociable, and analytical. 

Making her jealous by playing mind games with her will make her divert her attention back to you but it will not resolve any deep-rooted issues you have in the relationship.

Your Libra woman will deeply understand anything if you properly talk things out with her! She is a diplomatic air sign after all so the best way to mend things with her is to talk to her! It is best to still show how much you care and loves her while still reassuring your loyalty to her. 

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