How To Make a Cancer Woman Jealous?

In this article, we are going to talk about your Cancer woman and her jealousy issues! How does she express jealousy? Alongside that, we will give you insider tips on making your Cancer woman jealous to divert her time and attention toward you!

To Make a Cancer woman jealous you must be hot and cold. Have time to detach your attention to her so she’ll miss every time and attention you give to her. You can also show more kindness to other people except her and this will enrage her and make her jealous of anyone who gets close to you!

The Cancer woman is the fourth sign of the zodiac wheel.

She is the first water sign in the zodiac wheel and this means the infancy of her emotions can make her gullible and easy to be influenced. Nevertheless, her deeply intuitive heart and soul are her main source of power. She deeply understands, nurtures, and protects.

Like a mother wanting to love and protect her children, a Cancer woman embodies the Mother archetype perfectly! She likes building her own home and she wants it to be a haven for a family she profoundly desires to make. She is relentless in her pursuit of femininity and building a family.

Ruled by the Moon which is the closest planetary body to the earth. Moon has been long known to have a connection with the period cycle of the woman, motherhood, emotions, femininity, emotions, and the subconscious mind. The Cancer woman is the most feminine out of all the zodiac signs.

Being a cardinal water sign she leads people with her heart and instincts. Her energy brings comfort and strength to the people around her and she relishes being the “mother” type whether it’s in her friend group or family you’ll always see her nurturing all the people surrounding her!

She can feel deep emotions and she lives knowing her vulnerabilities and insecurities. She doesn’t fake it instead she is proud to have this strong set of emotions which is accompanied by her acute psychic senses. She can feel the energies of others and can be telepathic!

This is one of the superb abilities of a Cancer woman! Being ruled by the Moon can give her access to her subconscious abilities! But on the surface level, your Cancer woman is known to be kind-hearted, sweet, thoughtful, protective, well-mannered, traditional, reserved, and sometimes highly awkward to strangers or people she hasn’t met before

She is also sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, deeply empathetic and sympathetic, loving, and stability-seeking. Her deeply introverted nature makes her a natural homebody and a great partner to be with! She knows how to take care of people and run a house she is all in one!

Your Cancer woman is a deeply introverted thinker who has a lot of emotions inside of her. She loves the idea of just sitting around in the house all day, cooking and baking, feeding her pets, and watering the plants that she took care of for a month.

To her, the idea of fun depends on how comfortable she is in the situation she is given in.

In love and relationships, your Cancer woman will give all her heart and soul! She can be emotional and romantic at the same time! However, feelings of jealousy can arise and it can make her extremely possessive and manipulative. When angered her emotional outburst can be explosive!

Remember to be careful when playing around with her emotions and be sure to take extra precautions when making her jealous! Do not go overboard and make her jealous intensely as it can be hard for her to forgive you if you do!

Now let’s talk about your Cancer woman and how she expresses her jealousy! Let’s dig deep in!

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How does A Cancer Woman Express Jealousy?

Your Cancer woman is a jealous and possessive partner. She relishes the fact that you are hers and she is yours. She likes the idea of consummated love where both of you are deeply committed to one another. 

Anything that threatens the relationship will make her extremely suspicious and frustrated.

Being a cardinal water sign she will act in ways unimaginable of her character this is because her emotions can sometimes drive her to do unpleasant things just for the sake of making sure the relationship turns intact as it is. 

She will act in ways you might not know or hear of but first, when she feels suspicion and jealousy she will act cold towards you and she will be unpleasant to be with. She will be moody all over and might try to say hurtful things out of the rushed emotions she is feeling.

She will act this way because this is her way of acting when things don’t go in her way. 

This is usually an obvious sign that your Cancer woman is deeply jealous. Her body language and the way she deals with people will be off. Your interactions with her are more deeply rooted in hate and suspicion to the point that you can even start arguing with each other.

You’ll see that she is less romantic in her approach toward you.

After weeks or days of contemplating and deeply resenting you and the person, she’s jealous of she will act upon those feelings of jealousy and she will actively do that by arguing with you and generally making your day uneasy up until you realize that you need to do something to appeal to her emotions.

She will actively do this until she gets to a breaking point where she starts engaging in more aggressive confrontations and emotional outbursts where you will have to tell her the truth! She will express her anger vividly and emotionally and there’s nothing you can do about it!

Overall a Cancer woman’s jealousy will start from snide remarks to moodiness up until it reaches a breaking point where she will be emotionally out of place.

Ranting and fighting over you. This toxic habit can only be resolved by proper reassurance and conversation that involves trust and solving each other’s problems.

How to Make Your Cancer Woman Jealous!

Make her jealous by mentioning someone 

Make her jealous by mentioning someone it could be a friend, colleague, or someone you just know! Talk to her about that person and be sure to say all the admirable traits and qualities that person has you can even try saying that the person has been doing good things for you.

By doing this you are making her nosy and suspicious and she will take extra steps by asking more questions or by stalking you! This will also trigger her because there is someone out there being “extra nice” to you and for her, this is a danger to her possession.

Withdraw time and attention from her

The second step must be done properly as it is very important. One must be able to withdraw time and attention from your Cancer woman so she will genuinely miss the presence, time, and affection that you give to her. This will make her overthink things like the “extra nice” person you’ve talked to before.

With a Cancer woman, it is pretty easy to make her jealous because you don’t need much force to make her jealous.

All you need is a little push or suggestion and her mind will already do the chatty talking. The more alone she spends her time with the more she will overthink you and the situation you’ve got with the person you’re referring to!

This will also give you ample time to see how she will react when you withdraw your time and attention from her. The more she spends her time without you the more she will contemplate you and the relationship she has with you.

Be thoughtful towards other people but withdraw your kindness to her

This selective ignoring is the next step in making her jealous. Be approachable and friendly towards other people but do not have the same approach towards her. Be a little cold, neglectful, or sometimes professional in your ways of talking and handling her this will enrage her and make her more jealous than ever!

By being thoughtful and friendly to someone or people around you and not to her you are setting up this emotional boundary that she can’t enter. This will either make her rethink what she did wrong to make you feel this way about her and make her act up or she will focus all her energy on gaining your attention.

Alongside that, this will make her rethink and she will get slightly mad at the people who get close to her. This little jealousy she has will just make her more clingy and attached to you! However, remember not to overdo this as this can be an incredibly toxic tactic to use against her!

This will make him rethink and this will make him incredibly jealous of just about anyone who smiles, talks, or even gets close to you. The more you do this the more jealous he is going to become and this can make his outbursts more aggressive and emotional!

Be hot and cold

At home be cold then passionate and romantic the next.

This way she becomes confused about your actions and she will overthink again about the situation you have with her.  By being hot and cold you deprive her of the attention she needs fully and she will seek it in any way possible no matter how susceptible she might seem.

Tell the things you used to “like” about her

Compare and comparison tactics will also help put doubt and jealousy in her mind.

When talking to her say the things you used to like about her or the things she did before that made you happy this will bring feelings of nostalgia to her and in turn, she will draw all efforts to please you or to bring back whatever thing or quality you used to “like about her”.

Proper communication and release of emotions

Mind games will put stress on you and your Cancer woman this is why you mustn’t go full-in when making her jealous because this just gives her enough stress and problems in her life.

When done properly the steps will be effective in drawing attention from her towards you and this will give her enough energy to talk things out with you!

Remember that your Cancer woman might forgive you but she will not take the mind games lightly.

She will be likely to hold on to an emotional grudge after everything you’ve done to her which is why it is important that whenever you two are ready to talk you let her release whatever steam of emotions she’s been holding up to.

Let her talk angrily, if she cries understand that you have some fault in your doing. When making her jealous it is important to be willing to take calculated risks and accept which consequences you might face later on.

When both of you have cleared out each other’s heads be sure to talk properly about how you can resolve whatever issue is blocking you from having a happy and passionate relationship. This will help the relationship stabilize in the long run.

Making A Cancer Woman Jealous (& how to draw attention from her!), final thoughts…

Your Cancer woman is an emotional and loving woman she may be moody at times but she is one of the most genuine and loyal partners you could ever have. Her sensitivity will be over the top to the point that she will be triggered by just about everything!

Remember when the mind games are over it is best to talk things out with her because this is the only way you can resolve the problem in the relationship completely. Reassure her and prove your loyalty to her.

At the end of the day by loving a Cancer woman you are supposed to give her your whole heart and soul.

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