How To Get A Libra Woman Obsessed With You?

Are you looking to attract and mesmerize a certain Libra woman in your life? Do you want to make her obsessed with you? Do not worry! Because in this article we are going to tell you exactly what to do to get a Libra woman obsessed with you!

The Libra Woman is the seventh sign of the zodiac wheel, beginning the fall-winter season in the northern hemisphere, women who have a star sign in Libra were born from September 22 up to October 23. These women are incredibly fair and diplomatic being an air sign ruled by Venus.

Venusian aspects of beauty, harmony, balance, and peace are the certain energy traits that you’ll feel whenever you’re around your Libra woman.

The sign of Libra is represented by the man holding scales. Loving, kind-hearted, pleasant, friendly, and charming around other people the beauty of a Libra woman comes not just from her looks but from her heart!

The women who fall under this zodiac sign have impeccably good looks and the beauty and charm of Venus which is their ruling planet. Women born under the sign of Libra are known to succeed in business and markets where beauty is highly valued!

As such careers involving modeling and acting highly suits them.

Your Libra woman is known for her good interpersonal skills because of this there can be many people secretly attracted to the charm and wit of a Libra woman. Her aura screams magnetism softly and romantically.

Bubbly and carefree around her friends she is an exciting lover, understanding and compassionate yet flirtatious and wild!

In love and relationship, your Libra woman is easily excitable, this makes her incredibly naive in love. She tends to fall hard and obsess about a man she deems to be beautiful yet she lacks the decisiveness to pursue a committed relationship!

Being a cardinal air sign with Venusian energies. Your Libra woman will fall hard for any guy who tries to flirt or show romance to her. Alongside that, the fact that she’s craving romance and love will be a problem as she will endlessly chase it to the point of being foolish….

With that said, let’s talk more about your Libra woman and her obsession tendencies, what does she look for in a man? What are the things that make her attracted to the man she deems the love of her life? What does she do whenever he gets obsessed with someone?

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Libra Women and Obsession Tendencies

Your Libra woman starts her obsession with someone with a simple crush. She will be all over the guy she’s interested in, like a little girl begging for someone’s attention, she will flirt, talk and try to win over the guy’s attention.

Stalking will be moderate to none your Libra woman just lets the conversation go and flow with the man she’s attracted to.

In weeks or months leading up to it, she will be incredibly romantic to the man she’s interested in you.

Daydreaming, lots of social media stalking, and heavy eye contact will happen with your Libra woman. Nevertheless, she will not ask the guy out and she will be indecisive about it because, at the end of the day, she still wants to be the one who’s pursued.

Your Libra woman will first be attracted to looks! As shallow as it sounds being ruled by Venus isn’t fun and all as the planet is heavily associated with hedonistic pleasure and shallow desires such as sexual lust.

This means that a guy whose above-average tall, muscular, and sculpted jawline will be at the top of her list.

Whether it’s a beautiful face or a beautiful body. Looks will be an important factor in attracting her. After all, a beautiful woman like her believes that she deserves a beautiful man to have around. She is also attracted to a man who displays a high level of confidence.

However, do not get discouraged! As much as looks are important in the attraction game attitude, confidence and personality are what make a woman stay in the attraction game. You must embody a charming, friendly, and sociable personality when trying to attract her!

An intimidating, stoic, cold, or even clingy approach wouldn’t suit her.

Remember that a Libra woman is attracted to a wholehearted man who loves life and loves romance. Being a die-hard romantic is also an attractive trait you should incorporate as your Libra woman is a fan of sweet talks, roses, and romantic getaways!

How to Get Your Libra Woman to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Work your hot body!

The first key step in attracting your Libra woman is that you must first appear aesthetically pleasing. The most likely physical change a man can ever make is hitting the gym and getting a well-rounded physique! Although don’t get too obsessed with the idea of getting bigger!

The most attractive body for women especially your Libra woman is a nice toned body with broad shoulders and nice arms. You can achieve this by starting to exercise regularly and eating the right amount of food.

Always reach out for help if you need tips from a professional, remember there are millions of men out there also looking to improve their physique! You are not the only one! Do not get discouraged or be fearful. 

Remember that when you are building your body the more people are gonna be attracted to you because having a nice toned body is the main idea for masculinity today! Surely your Libra woman will notice you!

2. Practice gratitude and positive affirmations

Law of attraction, positive self-talk, positive thinking, or the law of assumption. Whatever mainstream media calls it the first critical step in attracting anyone or anything you want in life is by believing in yourself!

That’s why is very important that you have a positive concept about yourself and your well-being.

Always start your day with positive gratitude, talk to yourself, and be thankful for something in your life, you can also do meditation or yoga. Self-improvement is one discovery that you should do on your own.

Remember the more positive your energy and aura are the more you’ll attract bubbly and positive people like your Libra woman! Alongside that strengthening, your self-concept increases your confidence which is incredibly attractive to your Libra woman!

3. Be a gentleman

The third step in making sure your Libra woman is obsessed with you is that you must build a positive relationship with her. Whether she’s your office mate, an acquaintance from school, or a neighbor you must reach out and do simple gestures that would make her day.

Open the door for her, carry out her groceries if she has one, and offer your help if she needs it. By acting like a gentleman you are already distinguishing yourself from the 99% of men around her! The more you engage with her the more chances you have of winning her over…

4. Be Masculine and Dominant

The fourth key step in making your Libra woman obsessed with you is that you must try to show off your masculinity to him. It is good that you engage in masculine-related sports or activities as this incredibly attracts your Libra woman.

Your Libra woman is an incredibly feminine sign and this makes her drawn to masculine men. It is important to start building a habit of appearing dominant and masculine especially when you’re around her. The more she feels feminine next to you the more she’s gonna be attracted to you!

5.  Show her you’re wanted and loved by many

This can be a tough one but with wit, charm, and social skills you can build a network of friends who will know and love to be with you! Whenever she’s near you must show her that you are an attractive man who has plenty of friends around him.

Have an entourage and surprise everyone with your presence! The more she sees that you are loved by many the more she’ll fall for you like no other! You can also try showing wonderful pictures of your life on your social media and see how she’ll react!

6. Flirt in chat

Sexting, playful banter, and random flirting can happen when both of you are in chat. Many believe that social media chatting is an incredible tool to attract a lover as it is easy to navigate and express your feelings more!

Because of this, it is good to stay connected through social media where both of you can still talk and express your feelings.

It is also important to take note that your Libra man loves texting and it could be a way for you to still flirt with each other while you’re away.

Start playfully teasing her, calling her nicknames, and endearments that only you both know this way the more you call her by the nickname you’ve given her the more she’ll get butterflies in her stomach.

Be sure to turn up the jokes! Always remember to be casual when texting her and not get too clingy or emotional as it will otherwise destroy the attraction game you’re putting up with her!

7. Be the best confidant she’ll ever have

As much as she loves going for the looks there’s nothing she wants more than to have a lover who is also her best friend.

As such it is important to be a great friend to her especially when she needs someone to talk to, as perfect as her life seems to be there will be moments of weakness in your Libra woman’s life that she will need someone to hug, chat and talk to.

When this happens be there for her and offer a warm hug. Encourage her and support her or better yet invite her to do fun things with you! It is highly possible that she can form an emotional attachment to you which will then turn into infatuation.

Remember consistency is key and be sure to be genuine when offering a helping hand to her.

Libra: The Beautiful and Charming Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Libra woman is a charming, beautiful, clever, wonderful friend and lover she represents beauty, justice, peace, and harmony and she seeks to see the beauty in people regardless of how vile and evil the world can be. She loves to love and be loved, romance is a powerful motivator in her life.

When you embody romance, you make her life 100% better than it was before! Remember to follow the key steps aforementioned above and you’ll surely have your Libra woman’s heart in the palm of your hands!

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