7 Effective Ways To Get A Leo Man Hooked

If you are trying to get a Leo man hooked, then you must prepare all the strength you have for it. When it comes to relationships and social interactions, Leo men love the thrill. To help you out, here are the ways how to get a Leo man hooked.

To get a Leo man hooked, it is important to give him space and be independent as well. Moreover, you must avoid spilling everything all at once and be appreciative of him generally as a person. You must be independent and it is also important that you should understand and support your Leo man’s passions.

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That said, before we get into the ways to get a Leo man hooked, it’s important to know what he’s like when he has a crush and how to seduce him as well. Let’s go!

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When A Leo Man Has A Crush

Leo men enjoy physical contact and show adoration for their crushes. You may notice that your Leo man gives you a lengthier hug or grazes you on the arm to emphasize a point.

His way of connecting with you and letting you know how he feels is through physical touch, so match your Leo man’s attention and affection levels. You are a part of him if he likes you more than a friend, and when you are the center of attention, he is as well.

A Leo man will not make you the center of attention if he simply likes you only as a friend.

To Seduce A Leo Man…

Praise and attention turn on a Leo man like nothing else. It’s no secret that the fiery Leo men of the zodiac have enormous egos, which you can take advantage of by lavishing compliments all night.

Because a Leo man thrives on praise and adulation, showering him with compliments will have him coming back for more.

Make sure other people can see how much you adore him which means that you should stay hyper-focused on your Leo man all night and ignore every other handsome guy in the room if you really want to rev his engine.

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7 Effective Ways To Get A Leo Man Hooked

Be mysterious

Give your Leo man room to move since he enjoys the excitement of the chase. You can’t be in all his social circles and expect him to chase you down; Instead of texting or phoning, wait for him to contact you.

He’ll wonder what you’re up to if you’re a little distant and if you’re in a group with the Leo man, don’t bother following him around. You can converse a little, but you don’t want to appear clingy and you may even depart early and say you’re going somewhere different.

If you don’t reveal too much, your Leo man will be curious because he’s probably surrounded by people who always want him around. Those people possibly share too much in an attempt to catch his interest in them—nothing bores a Leo man more.

Instead, keep to yourself to have a Leo man hooked on you. Sure, you can respond to your Leo man’s questions but don’t give him too much information in the beginning. Don’t offer your Leo man a long list of all the things you enjoy doing and why you enjoy them.

Be appreciative

You must compliment and appreciate a Leo man if you want him to get hooked on you. Make him feel unique because he secretly craves the approval of others and he could be one of the most difficult signs to please.

However, making a Leo man feel like a king is the simplest approach to winning his heart; making him feel important in your life will pique his interest in you. Because of how strange you make a Leo man feel, he’ll come to appreciate your company over time.

The more you value the small things, the more inclined a Leo man will be to spend time with you and eventually want you in his life.

Again, you should be conscious of a Leo man’s big ego if you want to make him get hooked on you and make him feel like the king he so desperately desires to be. If you confront a Leo man or show disapproval, he will push you away.

Approval of a Leo man’s words and behavior, on the other hand, will quickly win him over.

Have genuine intentions

It may be difficult to persuade a Leo man to love you since he hides his feelings to appear more masculine. Even so, a Leo man may be more interested in the spotlight than in developing meaningful relationships.

As a result, if you want a Leo man to love you, you must make your intentions clear. A Leo man may appreciate your efforts toward him, but they will only be useful after he understands your motivations. With that said, you should try to express your sentiments while also making your Leo man feel special.

A Leo man may appear emotionless, but when he falls in love, he becomes paradoxically lovely and tenderhearted. He is uninterested in being in a meaningful relationship, but when he does, he is passionate and loyal to his lover.

Furthermore, a Leo man is vocal with his feelings when he is at ease, but will immediately withdraw if he believes you have betrayed his confidence. If your Leo man suspects that he can’t trust you or that you’re having an affair with someone else, he’ll quit chasing you.

Be independent

A Leo man likes having a strong woman as much as he values feeling liked. In a relationship, a Leo man is self-assured and confident, and he seeks these traits in his partner; it will gradually turn him off if you rely on him for everything.

Despite your support for a Leo man, you must be aggressive and know what you want. It’s critical that you’re not clinging, otherwise, he’ll think of you as a responsibility rather than the prize he’s won.

You may agree with a Leo man the majority of the time, but you should also have your own viewpoints.

He’ll be more attracted to you if you can exhibit alpha feminine characteristics while still praising and appreciating a Leo man; you’ll have him in your arms if you can balance these two features.

Because Leo men are self-assured and enjoy associating with persons of a similar caliber, confidence is a magnet that will make them fall for anyone.

Understand his passion

A Leo man is driven by a higher cause and is proud of it. Although communication may be difficult for a Leo man, he sure enjoys talking about his hobbies. Being curious about his goals is a wonderful technique to get his attention; discover what he likes, and he’ll be more interested in you.

If you can make a Leo man feel special about his ambitions, he’ll want to see you more.

Because a Leo man enjoys splurging, partaking in what he enjoys will instantly put you on his good side. The most important thing to remember about a Leo man is that he enjoys being noticed.

The more you show interest in his personal life, the more compassionate he will become toward you. By inquiring and listening, you can show a Leo man that you care about him. Spend time with your Leo man and learn about what makes him special.

Give him space

This strategy may seem counterintuitive, but you must give a Leo man his space. Although Leo men usually appreciate being in the spotlight, they do not want to feel restricted by their surroundings.

He fosters and grows his ego like a lion by choosing who he spends his time with and if you intrude on his privacy or space, a Leo man will disregard you. Giving him some space will make him appreciate and treasure your presence; more importantly, the time you spend together will be more deliberate and meaningful.

It’s important to note that a Leo man is difficult to converse with because he takes his time warming up to individuals because he isn’t always looking for a long-term commitment.

Don’t be forceful or try to control him if you want to win him over and this is important since a Leo man has strong opinions and will withdraw if you are overly aggressive.

Be romantic

A Leo man may look chilly to others because he has a concealed nature. He is affectionate and romantic in a serious relationship, and he is enamored with love and romance and is not hesitant to go out of his way to display it.

As a result, being romantic is a simple method to express your feelings to a Leo man. A Leo man will want to bond with you more if you can successfully explain your sentiments.

When a Leo man becomes close to someone, he has a brave and daring nature, which implies he isn’t scared to demonstrate affection. Because such a man desires to be loved, expressing his feelings is the simplest method to win his heart.

These people appreciate it when someone goes above and beyond to make them happy and because Leo men are drawn to affectionate acts, you’ll get him hooked this way.

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7 effective ways how to get a Leo man hooked, final thoughts…

To get a Leo man hooked:

  • Be mysterious
  • Be appreciative
  • Have genuine intentions
  • Be independent
  • Understand his passion
  • Give him space
  • Be romantic



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