Do Sagittarius Women Come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

Do Sagittarius Women Come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

If you date a Sagittarius woman, you’ve probably discovered, by now, how exciting and full of life her life is. What happens when the relationship goes away? Will she come back? And will you be able to win her back?

Your Sagittarius woman will come back to a relationship if you begin to expand your horizons of making her life more fun, wild and adventurous. However, if the breakup happened due to you controlling her own choices, her personal space, and her freedom, she will not come back to you.

The Sagittarian woman is a freedom-loving individual who demands freedom at all costs, she is wildly energetic, jovial, fun, and sociable, her nature involves everything that is all about exploration and higher aspirations in life, she is a traveler, a wonderful friend, and a great companion to be with.

Alongside the other fire signs (Aries and Leo), Sagittarius brings in the heat in the room, their energetic and lively aura is bright and inspires others, Sagittarius aspires for their greater purpose whatever it may be.

However, the difference between how passion is shown is different, Aries and Leo individuals tend to show their passion for materialistic or personal things, while Sagittarius often shows their passion in their morals, philosophy, and spirituality. 

This is what makes Sagittarian women more in tune with their spirituality, they are those people that seek the brightest star only to find out that there are even bigger stars than the ones they’ve found.

The centaur trail is hard to encapsulate, she is hard to track or even pin down, she is the kind of girl who would give you the most thrilling of experiences, her wild adventurous side attracts many and she is a lover excited as you take her in.

The planet Jupiter influences good luck and bounty giving, these make Sagittarian women generous individuals who have good hearts, they may be detached and out of place but their actions mean well.

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What if you broke up with your Sagittarius woman?

Do Sagittarius Women Come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

You’re deeply in luck! Your Sagittarius woman is deeply indecisive and goes around the flow of life pretty smoothly, she is a philosopher by heart who believes in the essence that what happens, happens.

As such her idealist nature and flair for romanticism can make her feel like jumping on to any decisions that she feels necessary if you show her that you can ignite her free-spirited nature by showing her your wild and adventurous side she will come around and get back at you.

Sagittarius women are the free-spirited souls of the zodiac who live for new experiences and travels, as such their running feet may not comprehend controlling behavior, be sure to not let her going freedom be swept away as she might disappear from your hands swiftly. 

During a breakup, you will never see them cry or mope around just because you broke up with her, more likely, she’ll be on the go and have fun in different places at once, she numbs her pain by being as happy as possible, no matter how painful the breakup was, she’ll do her best to get back to her most fun, lively life. 

Sagittarius women: In Love and Dating style

A Sagittarius woman in love is a candid person, she will be direct and blunt, you’ll know she likes you the moment you start talking to her, she will be talkative and will ask you everything she wants to know about you. She will be exceptionally good at flirtatious teasing, she may even challenge you lightheartedly.

Alongside that she will be fun around you and will be inherently generous, she will show you how she executes her freedom. The defiant edge among her is to find friendship in you.

She will want her relationship to be jovial, she wants her partner to be just as free-spirited and open-minded when it comes to traveling and looking for new exciting adventures.

In matters of dating, a Sagittarius woman is at the forefront of making others feel breezy as possible, she would rather tell a sickening story about her most recent travels rather than talk and share her emotions, her surface-level dating style showcases her wild curiosity but once in love she will be loyal and will try to make you happy in any way she can. 

She is an optimist and she will be your strong moral support during hard times, she will be generous with words of affirmation or gifts and she will even try to be blunt with you about problems you’re facing.

As such Sagittarius women are deeply and heavily attracted to fellow fire and Air signs who take things lightheartedly.

However, do not be fooled by her lighthearted nature! Your Sagittarius woman is a wise sage, she reflects the wonders Jupiter holds and as such, she will be intelligent beyond her years.

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6 Ways you can win your Sagittarius woman back

These will likely only work if you broke up with her!

Assuming that you two have had some time away from each other, you can eventually get her back if you follow these guidelines.

Do Sagittarius Women Come Back

Show off your adventurous side

To show off to her the adventurous side you need to make your life seem more interesting than it may seem to be, acquire a new culture, travel somewhere, and be open to new experiences and new social groups.

Recreate social connection

Get reacquainted, try to win her over by being friends with her first, try to be as friendly and kind as possible, and explore new topics, any range of topics can be good as long as you can make her mentally challenged and stimulated.

Keep in mind to talk about things that excite and make her adventurous side come around, be up for friendly debates and show your intellectual side as much as possible, this will make her pursue you more like a friend which will make her rethink twice about going back with you. Be Blunt, Open, and Honest

Sagittarius women like straightforward men who are upfront about their thoughts and won’t be making them guess around, be open in terms of communicating and be honest about your own experiences.

Apologize and Make amends

Do Sagittarius Women Come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

Sincerely apologize for your past mistakes, this sign is known for being friendly, positive, and light-hearted and holding onto the past and resentment isn’t a part of their vocabulary.

She will wholeheartedly accept your apology and might even apologize, by apologizing for the past actions, both of you are starting fresh and creating better growth and development for both your relationship and yourself.

Travel with her!

Sagittarius women are restless and as such her wild enthusiasm for travel and adventure enables her to seek independence and freedom from all places, seek her friendship as well as her passion back at you by sparking it as you travel together!

Whether it’s a foreign country, an exotic paradise, or a museum full of beautiful, timeless pieces, traveling with her makes you grow with her more, because Sagittarius is a sign of friendship and traveling, women born in this sun sign will value friendships more than anything else! 

Mix these all together and you’ll have a perfect recipe to make a Sagittarius woman fall in love with you even more!

Will a Sagittarius woman come back after a fight?

Yes, most certainly she will, Sagittarius women are an overall benefic sign that can be confrontational and aggressive sometimes but will come back after their short-lived anger, their anger burns out pretty quickly and she might only need a space to calm herself down. 

If you’ve had a serious fight with her due to regarding things such as infidelity or betrayal, she will completely block and cut you off, she doesn’t like drama and will most likely try to forget about you after. Sagittarius is known for ghosting and running away from their problems pretty well until it turns to dust…

If you however only had fought on due to some light offense, she might just need her personal space to readjust and collect her thoughts.

If she, on the other hand, wants to break up with you, most likely she found the relationship boring or she may find some other man more interesting than you, she is light-hearted by nature and wouldn’t take it seriously.

She will be direct and confrontational about the breakup which might be seen as a little insensitive or harsh, but she means it well, she doesn’t want to beat around the bush and would like to break free from any constraints given to her,

What do I do if my Sagittarius woman dumped you?

Do Sagittarius Women Come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

If this is the case, there can still be possible chances of reconnecting, Sagittarius is a mutable sign which is noted for its indecisiveness and changeability, there are still chances she will be back if you make the right decisions and accept the fact that she free-spirited nature shouldn’t be contained in any way.

Because she is ruled by Jupiter which is the planet of gambling and risk-taking, she can have idealistic tendencies that might make her return to your relationship, she sees your relationship as a game she can play and risk all her bets in as such, this woman is more likely to get back with her exes more than any other sign.

3 Reasons why your Sagittarius woman won’t return

Sagittarius women have plenty of options!

During and after your breakup with a Sagittarius woman, she will tend to be more detached about her feelings, she will not sulk in her room and feel all her emotions, yes she will feel bad for a while but her optimism and her eye to see the good in every situation will make her runaway more than any other sign!

She might relentlessly travel, experience a new culture or even go to every social gathering there is in her area and as such she will meet people everywhere she goes and she will have a hard time choosing who is who, Sagittarius alongside their friendly nature are incredibly flirtatious and fun to be around!

Be sure to see them being around plenty of people they haven’t even met.

She is a social butterfly after all…

Sagittarius women live for new experiences

Do Sagittarius Women Come Back? (After a Breakup, No Contact)

Sagittarius is a sign of traveling and expansion, unlike other zodiac signs such as Cancer, Capricorn, or Taurus, these women born on these signs live for the newness of life, they know that there is a greater horizon to be discovered and that life is an endless place full of beautiful destinations yet to be seen.

They are passionate individuals who are open to change and wonderful experiences brought by different things in life, the same thing happens in their relationship…

Your Sagittarius woman is an individual who seeks the newness of life itself and as such, they do not bother making their life dark or full of drama, instead, they try to see life in a positive and mundane way that can make them feel lively, your relationship can feel like friendship at the same time.

As such, they may not or may never even dwell on their past relationship at all which goes the same for your Sagittarius woman, she is blunt and detached to a point that you may never even know if she ever cared about you, in most cases they do, they just understand that life is a cosmic joke and they would like to live their life to the fullest.

Your Sagittarius Woman may or may not have loved you at all

Sagittarius men and women are prone to not settling because of their free-spirited gypsy nature, as such they may only settle in for the people they truly love as such, their level of detachment after their breakup depends on how much you truly mean to them.

If she ghosts or cuts you off completely without you ever noticing it without hesitation or remorse, it might be because she never truly felt attached to you at all.

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Get your Sagittarius woman back, final thoughts…

A Sagittarius woman is the type of woman who loves exploring and challenging herself as an individual, she is the fun and jovial type who loves to seek new experiences through learning different philosophies and traveling, to win her heart you must be able to arouse her fiery and adventurous passion, be confident and dynamic and be her friendly companion who challenges her from time to time.



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