Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

We all already know that in, especially, western schools of astrology, the Sun’s position is seen as the most important to portrait the person’s character. However, the Moon reveals much more about the individual’s soul and psychology. And as such is extremely significant.

Moon in Capricorn person will act a bit cold, due to the fear of being hurt and mostly rejected. The Moon in the sign of ice and stones, like Capricorn, is, doesn’t feel so good and, of course, it’s not free to express itself fully. This ultimate female principle is forced to think in a manly or controlled manner.

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Capricorn Moon Man

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

Capricorn Moon man traits will always revolve around control. He won’t welcome any excess emotions and that could even seem humiliating or disrespectful for his taste.

The core reason for this kind of behavior will be seen, as always, from his relationship with the mother, motherly figure, or all-powerful female figures that shaped his early childhood.

It’s not that he didn’t receive the love, it will be more that this special woman, or women around him in general, didn’t have the time to fully engage with him simply because their living conditions were so hard that there was not enough time for warm tenderness.

Or, on the other hand, if he comes from an affluent circle, then he surely had to go through various hands of nannies and be physically separated from his mother in that way, that he never truly developed the feeling of closeness and emotional belonging.

This is why Moon in Capricorn Man will value law and order above anything else, and will always strive to have a “tidy” life in all of his areas, even at the cost of never experiencing passionate feelings.

He won’t look or feel so good while young, and the moment he starts the second part of his life, he will gain inner and outer strength, organize his life at last, and feel satisfied.

He will have a bit darker complexion, and his skin will always seem dry and tired. His dark eyes will have a deep glance, and he will never look with approval toward any “new” fashion trend when it comes to males.

Who is the Moon in Capricorn Man attracted to?

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon in Capricorn Man is strongly attracted toward the vulnerable and nurturing partner.

And what is interesting is that the moment he finds that special person he has to take care of and who will ensure that they have a safe, warm, and calm home and family, his life will automatically lift, and he can quickly find success in his career, too.

The best match for a Capricorn Moon man will be with the person who has their natal Sun, Moon, or rising sign in Cancer. And they will successfully fulfill all of their inner needs. Honestly, they will need some substantial time to open up, but once the connection is established, it will never be broken.

Also, Capricorn Moon Man will have good matching with all earth signs, like Taurus, Virgo, or the other Capricorn. With those signs, he will find stability and easily reach his professional and financial goals.

And, Moon in Capricorn man will find true and lasting love with all water signs, like Cancer again, Scorpio, or Pisces.

Capricorn Moon Woman

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

A Capricorn Moon woman will always appear elegant and controlled. It will be as if she is sustained from expressing her true emotions from an early age, and when she gets older and wiser, that will be the natural part of her character.

This can take place due to two reasons. She could come from a humble family or environment, humble in the sense of wealth or financial security. From a childhood age, she will learn how to behave properly and with fine manners in order not to appear rude and plain.

Therefore she will learn how to wear her hair and makeup discretely if any, and she will take utmost care of her clothes and choose classic pieces because they never run out of fashion.

If she comes from a wealthy family, and in most cases, this will be an “old money” family or some family striving to look like they are the “old money”, her life will basically look the same.

She will be taught to be a lady all the time, to dress up modestly, and not to insult or humiliate those who are “under” in a financial sense.

This is why the woman with her Moon in Capricorn will be well-mannered, practical, hard-working, pragmatic, and highly intelligent, but discreet. And of course, she won’t parade with her knowledge and skills at all, until the moment her guidance is needed.

She will have a smaller and naturally thinner stature, especially in the second part of her life. More than any other Zodiac circle woman, she will age so gracefully, live the longest, and keep her clever and lively spirit until the very end.

Who is the Moon in Capricorn woman attracted to?

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

The Moon in Capricorn woman will be magnetically attracted toward a person who is home or family-oriented with a strong sense of patriotism. This can be someone sensitive and with a nourishing character, so she can feel at peace and rested in the presence of such an individual.

In a way, this person will remind her of her mother, motherly figure, or herself.

In her youth, she will look for someone steady, formal, and most likely wealthy. However, when she reaches a certain level of maturity, she will have a weak spot for those sensitive, traditional, and family-oriented types.

Among all other Zodiac wheel women, a Capricorn Moon woman will achieve the greatest happiness when it comes to pre-arranged marriage.

She and her partner will be fully aware that falling in love is just a matter of hormonal fluctuations, and that the “real” love can only be accomplished through mutual efforts and devotion, and that takes time.

Also, the moment she gets married or starts a really long-lasting and fully committed relationship, her life will bloom in many other areas, career, and social circles the most.