Best Career Jobs For Scorpio Moon!

Scorpio Moon natives have a strong sense of ego and intuition. Yes, they’re highly emotional individuals but they’re also assertive and determined. These moon natives are very much aware of the dark side of life because they’ve experienced it themselves.

Either they had a troubled childhood or there was a traumatic experience that forced them to grow up early. They also pretty much have scorned or complex relationships with their mothers which forced them to act tough.

In a professional setting, Scorpio Moon natives tend to be quiet and emotionally reserved. These individuals are there to work and do just that only. They refuse to spend chatty time with their coworkers. They’re focused and determined which makes them accomplish their goals easily. 

Scorpio Moon natives are powerful and commanding. They’re also highly emotional and sensitive which makes them understand human emotions on a deeper level. This makes them expert psychologists, detectives, therapists, and undercover agents.

Scorpio Moon natives are known for their driven, determined, focused, and intense personalities. They know they’re highly sensitive so they have to put up a facade that can intimidate people. Alongside that, they’re grounded and tend to live below their means.

These individuals resent the superficial and as such they focus more on financial stability such as managing their earnings, and savings and having one or two important investments. 

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Scorpio Moon, Career, Job Opportunities, and Working

Scorpio Moon natives are powerful and assertive even if they’re quiet or reserved. Evolved Scorpio Moon natives tend to be calm and respectful despite having a powerful aura while unevolved Scorpio moon natives tend to look aggressive and intimidating.

This is why many Scorpio Moon natives tend to thrive in career professions that can accept their somber and gloomy attitude. Alongside that, these individuals tend to be highly interested in taboo subjects which they can monetize later on in life.

Scorpio moon individuals know how to manipulate and make the situation favorable to them. They’re highly observant and can think outside the box which can make them excellent crime investigators or detectives.

Scorpio moon natives have generally tough lives than the rest of the moon signs. Many Scorpio Moon individuals have to deal with a traumatic experience that happened at home. 

Because their environment lacks emotional, physical, or financial security. Later as adults, they become habitually controlling of everything including their finances. They already ingrained in their heads that the only one they could rely on is themselves.

This is a hard pill to swallow for Scorpio Moons, they want someone to take care of them and someone they can trust genuinely. However, their overall experiences do not let them. This makes them aloof and out of reach.

This attitude shows in how they work and how they accomplish their daily tasks. They are persistent, career-oriented, and ambitious. They’re also mostly known for their hard-working and efficient nature. They’re the ones to finish a task that seems hard and challenging to everyone.

Scorpio Moon natives are also known to take any jobs available to them. They’re not picky and to them, money offers a sense of power and control in their lives that they desperately need. Later on in life, they can become wealthy due to their enormous amounts of savings.

Scorpio Moon natives can also inherit wealth from their family members that have died. Remember the 8th sign of the zodiac rules death which can mean literally and figuratively. Acquiring great wealth can happen through family inheritance with these individuals.

Later on, they can use this money to invest more or buy potentially good assets that they can profit more. Scorpio Moon natives are wise savvy investors and they use their intuition on where to put their money. 

As a Scorpio moon individual, you can also acquire wealth or affluence through partnership or marriage. Having a Scorpio Moon in your birth chart can indicate you will marry someone prosperous and lucky and this partnership can bring forth financial security.

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Scorpio Moon Key Professional Traits:

  • Strong-minded
  • Cunning 
  • Determined
  • Ruthless
  • Courageous
  • Detective-mindset 
  • Intuitive
  • Commanding
  • Powerful
  • Strategic
  • Persistent
  • Fixed
  • Self-confident
  • Reserved
  • Deep-thinker
  • Passionate
  • Tenacious
  • Charismatic and persuasive

Scorpio Moon as a Coworker

Scorpio Moon as a coworker is someone who likes to get the work done and then proceed to another. They’re determined and focused workers because they love being in control of the situation. 

They put their hearts and minds into the task they’re working on. They also like to work independently and despise chatty or gossipy coworkers while at work. They like to do their work in a focused manner.

They may also like to be in charge, they become irritable when someone bosses them around. However, they can hide their emotions very well and may appear calm or composed even in the most stressful times.

At work, you tend to be cold and aloof, this aura makes you unapproachable or intimidating. If you are a Scorpio moon then you must practice appearing to be warm and approachable as it can help you lighten up with your peers. 

If you are a Scorpio moon native then you are deeply spiritual and intuitive, you may not show it but you judge your coworkers with the vibes they give off. You may also be very reserved and only tend to speak unless spoken to. 

As a Scorpio moon individual, you are focused, determined, and driven and you tend to be motivated by your innate desires. Whether it’s the salary pay or the feeling of fulfillment after completing a task. You are emotionally driven.

As a Scorpio Moon native you must learn how to open your heart and become more optimistic in the process. Learn how to use your intuition for the better and inhibit any somber or negative thoughts that come from your head.

Positive energy breeds positive energy. If you want to bring forth more happiness and luck into your space you must learn how to be in a positive mood. This will help you get through the day better.

You might develop feelings for your coworker who are genuine and altruistic. You also tend to fall in love with passionate individuals and as such passionate, sexually-charged, and charismatic coworkers excite you.

Scorpio men and Scorpio women express love differently and can flirt in numerous ways. Although their similarity is that they can show their feelings with intensity, passion, and deep complexity. 

Best Career for Scorpio Moon

Detective, Undercover agent, or Police Officer

Forensics and crime are usually heavy topics that a Scorpio moon native can take on. Scorpio Moon natives understand a person’s motivations and this can make them great as detectives or police officers! They understand human psychology and can think like the mind of a killer. 

Because of that these natives tend to be well-suited in careers or professions that deal with solving cases or crimes. Scorpio moon natives are ruthless and cunning and they can use these attributes to solve a case that needs answers.

Pharmacist or Chemist

Scorpio is known as the alchemist of the zodiac. Transmuting the energy from lower form to higher form. Similar to the spirituality of Scorpio. Being a Pharmacist or a Chemist is a suitable job for a Scorpio moon as you deal with chemicals that must be changed.

Being a Pharmacist or Chemist requires accuracy, precision, and patience. Traits that many Scorpio Moon individuals naturally exude!

Being a Pharmacist would mean that you are in a role where you will prepare prescription medications while educating them about the medications and necessary precautions while taking them. 

These jobs are highly fulfilling for many Scorpio Moon natives. These professions are also highly demanded in the market and can be equitable to high salaries and wealth.


Many Scorpio Moon natives can thrive well as a psychologist or counselors. The healing energy that many Scorpio Moon natives possess can be used for the greater good by helping other people who require their services. 

As Psychologists, these Scorpio Moon individuals can investigate and make sense of human personalities and behavior. They can offer help and a sense of guidance to people. 

Alongside that, becoming a Psychologist can make you affluent through doing purposeful studies that can be made known to the public. Scorpio moon natives are seekers of truth and they will do whatever is necessary to uncover it.

Sex Therapist

Scorpio Moon is the most sexually-charged moon sign next to Aries. It comes as no surprise that many Scorpio Moon natives are knowledgeable of the human body and its intrinsic need for sexual pleasure and intimacy. 

As a therapist, you are deeply helping people who have troublesome issues with their intimacy and you can offer them healing and some insights into the relationship problem that they may have.

Being a therapist can be boring for some but for many Scorpio Moon natives, they can find meaning even in the most mundane tasks of being a therapist. 

As a Sex therapist, you become the keeper of the secrets of many troubled individuals. You also help patients with developing and restoring their self-confidence about sex which rids them of any shame or guilt they may have!

Occult Teacher or Practitioner

Having a Scorpio moon in your birth chart can highly indicate that you can very much work with spiritual energies that are unseen and unfelt by many people. 

As a child, you might have a deep interest in occult practices such as witchcraft, philosophy, and the use of herbs or crystals. To you, as a Scorpio moon native your keen awareness and knowledge of the occult is something that is born in you.

This deep interest in the occult can grow more later in your life and this in turn can be your spirituality. Whatever you might believe in, you can monetize this knowledge by making it known to the public.

Many known Christian evangelists, Hindu spiritualists, and other practitioners who collectively share occult knowledge on the internet have Scorpio moon or other prominent Scorpio placements in their birth chart.

This proves how successful Scorpio moon natives are when they publicly share their spirituality and occult practices online! 

If you are aspiring to create a business by teaching the occult or any spirituality you must be wary and not let money carry your whole business. Be true to yourself and what you teach. 

Scorpio Moon: Job and Career Options Final Thoughts

Scorpio moon natives are emotionally driven and complex individuals that are capable of deep emotional intensity. This makes them understand human psychology and why a person would do something. 

They’re natural detectives who can use their emotional intelligence to their advantage. The best profession for Scorpio Moon natives is jobs that are heavily involved in taboos like sex, death, and other illicit things.

Scorpio moon individuals are highly influenced by Pluto and Mars which gives them ample qualities like strength, passion, willpower, and the ability to harness control through manipulation and resourcefulness. 

As a Scorpio moon individual, you are blessed with the determination and strong intuition which you routinely use in your line of work! You are sharp and extremely focused, you also tend to work and manage your tasks independently as it helps you clear your mind of stress and anxiety. 

Group work can irritate you and take you away from your comfort zone. At best, you are resistant to change which can make achieving any tasks or goals easy. You are internally motivated and possess a powerful aura that demands authority.

You get the point of things which makes you straight to the point. However, you should learn to not let your ego consume you and learn how to be comfortable in making friendships with other people. 

You should also learn how to effectively manage to express your stress. Having a friend or family member to confide in, will certainly help you declutter your mind from any worries at work.

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