Why is your Scorpio Woman Jealous?

In this article were going to tackle Scorpio women and their jealousy issues. We’ll also tackle some of the proper ways in which you can handle the situation well without her going ballistic on you! So let’s get started!

First and foremost, your Scorpio woman is the eighth sign of the zodiac wheel. Incredibly powerful and magnetic. Emotions run deep with your Scorpio woman and her intensity knows no bounds. She can be the kindest person in the room or the opposite there is no in-between.

A fixed water sign gives a Scorpio woman some sort of control over her own emotions which makes her strategic and stable. Being ruled by the icy Pluto she holds the Plutonian energies which can be considered heavy. Things such as the occult, magic, transformation, death, and trauma often interest her.

In a romantic relationship, she is incredibly intense. She’s your ride or dies. She gives you all of her and she wants you to do the same. She’s incredibly passionate, soulful, and intense. She can be a wonderful life partner but you also got to be aware of her jealousy!

The intensity of emotions that the Scorpio woman feels is impeccable it almost seems it’s dangerous to play with it!

Now let’s tackle more on how Jealous your Scorpio woman can be and what can you do to safely talk to her without ruining the relationship.

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How Jealous Can Your Scorpio Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 11/10

Your Scorpio woman’s intensity knows no bounds! That includes her jealousy issues! Your Scorpio woman is ruled by the most intense planets in astrology – Mars, and Pluto. Expect your Scorpio woman to get vicious and dangerous once she starts to feel a certain amount of threat that could ruin the relationship!

Your Scorpio woman’s intuition is through the roof and she can detect lies and secrets at any moment! Alongside that, she will be incredibly suspicious to the point that arguments may turn volatile and dangerous!

Remember that your Scorpio woman is an intense sign and that she will do everything in her power to stay in the relationship!

For her, the jealousy that comes out of her heart is an instinct that she needs to follow and she’ll do things just to get what her heart wants. She’ll also be incredibly emotional when she expresses her emotions to you so expect the communication to be rocky sometimes…

With all of that said, let us now move on! Let’s find out the most obvious and the most flat-out signs that your Scorpio Woman is jealous and what ways you can help her get out of it!

Let’s jump right in!

Signs Your Scorpio Woman Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She is vindictive

The first sign that your Scorpio woman is jealous is that she will turn vindictive towards the person she’s jealous of!

Whether it is her becoming incredibly mean to the person or she would give dirty looks. Everyone would know that she dislikes the person and this is the best sign to stay away from that person she’s jealous of!

2. She turns to her dark habits

The second sign that your Scorpio woman is jealous is that she will in some way turn “darker” than she usually is. Maybe she’s an alcoholic before or maybe she has a bad habit that can be self-destructive. Whatever that is whenever she can’t control her jealousy she will turn to her bad habits just to cope.

3. She plots revenge

Whether it’s real or imagined, jealousy will always be a real and raw emotion for her. Scorpio’s well-known negative trait is being jealous! With all of that in mind, she will do everything to make sure she gets revenge on the person she dislikes and is jealous of!

4. She becomes more possessive of you

The next sign that your Scorpio woman is jealous is that she will make sure that she owns you and that the relationship is safe and guarded! If you notice that she’s becoming more possessive of you then it is a sign that she is guarding you of something!

5. She’s gonna spy on you 24/7

If she’s spying on you 24/7 like checking up on where you are or what your schedule is like or who friends you are hanging out with then it can be a sign that she is deeply worried that someone will take you away from her!

If you’re noticing that she’s extra suspicious of you lately then it is best to talk things out with her!

6.  She interrogates you!

The other sign that you will notice when she is jealous is that she will ask you deeply personal questions about you and your relationship with that person! She will ask if you like her and she will probably ask you questions that will answer the questions on her mind!

If you’re noticing more interrogation on your part between you and the person she’s jealous of then it is a good sign to reassure her!

7. She uses intimidation to push boundaries

Last, but not the least, the last sign that your Scorpio woman is jealous is that she will use unhealthy and sometimes toxic tactics to scare away the person she is jealous of! She’ll use intimidating body language and might even give the person a direct warning!

Whatever it may be it’s a pretty obvious sign that she’s jealous and as her partner, you need to do something about it!

How to stop your Scorpio Woman from Being Jealous!

To stop your Scorpio woman from being jealous you must show her that you have been faithful all along and that there’s no need to worry because you have been devoted to her and the relationship. Reassure her by speaking the truth instead of making up sweet words to confuse her!

Remember that she knows and she’ll always know the truth no matter what so honesty will be the best policy. Whether or not you had something with the person she’s jealous of before or if you are also noticing that the person is making advancements towards you it is best to let her know.

While communicating with her you must also promise her that you will make sure that you will block the person in your life. She’ll appreciate it more and she’ll feel safe that you are making sure her emotions are taken good care of!

Also, you need to incorporate plenty of sexy time and romantic gestures in the relationship! Be as passionate as possible and go show her that you deeply love her! By doing all of these things you are making sure that you are curing her jealousy!

Scorpio Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

Your Scorpio woman is a true lover! She is passionate and sacrificing but can be overbearing sometimes, you’ve got to understand her psyche more to have a more fruitful and long-lasting relationship with her!

Remember that your Scorpio woman is incredibly emotional and that you’ve got to understand that no one is perfect! Every zodiac sign will experience jealousy in their unique ways and this can be good or bad depending on how these couples manage the situation!

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